It wasn't a miracle, it was a lie

"It wasn't a miracle I found you... It was just a big pile of lies that led me to where I am now. "

What would you do for one more chance to get back the person you thought you lost a long time ago? When a girl loses her best friend to a divorce how does she feel, when 11 years later, they meet again.

Join them on their journey through drama, love, heart ache, fights, jokes and unexpected experiences as these two individuals find love.... Again!


2. 11 years later... Or so

"Lissy get your butt down here now" my mum yelled. 

Ugh why, why me. What did I do to upset the world so much that my mum is waking me up at this ungodly hour. 

I pulled myself out of the confinements of my warm bed and dragged myself down the stairs towards the kitchen, where my mother stood with a very evil look on her face and a smashed bowl... Oh now I remember!

"Care to explain how this got smashed?" She asked in a weird way. 

"Erm, magic pixies having a little fun?" I said sarcastically. 

"No... Ugh, why don't you just tell the truth. When you break something just tell me and I won't be angry with you, I might be upset, but not angry" she said, sounding a little put out. 

"Alright mum, I'm sorry and I promise I won't break anything again... But on the off chance I do, i shall tell you immediately" I said, a little more energetic than I was 5 minutes ago. 

"Alright, now go upstairs and get changed, we are going out" she told me, a little excited I think. 

"Why do we have to go out, it's the holidays and I just want to sleep." I moaned. 

She smiled sympathetically and for a moment I thought she was gonna let me off. 

"Not a chance, go get changed" she said and walked straight past me and up the stairs to her bedroom. 

I stood there for a few moments a little shocked, I just got played by my mum... 

"Son a birch tree" I said to myself and trudged off to get myself ready for whatever my mum had planned for me this excited Tuesday morning. 


20 or so minutes later I was changed and ready to go out... Wow twenty minutes... That's gotta be some kind of record for me... Nice. 

If you haven't learnt by now I'm a little on the weird side, and not a lot of people like weird but hey it's their loss, I'm just too awesome for them. *winky face* haha.

So anyhoo, I headed down stairs again and found my, very impatient mum standing by the door, tapping her pedicured little foot impatiently. 

"Calm ya calm mother I'm here now" I said, trying to lighten the mood a little. 

"Oh why couldn't I have a normal daughter" she complained to... I'm gonna guess god, but it looked like the ceiling was her pair of ears. 

"So are we going or not...?" I questioned, snapping her out of weird daze. 

"Yes, sorry, let's go" she said, and grabbed my arm literally chucking me out the front door, and locking it behind her. 

We got in the car and I immediately switched on the radio, music is what calms me down, don't exactly know what I need calming down from right now but, oh wells ;)

we drove for around... Crap I don't know time... Lets just say 6 x 3:45 minute songs, give or take a few seconds, when my mum snapped me out of my thinking trance. 

"So I have a surprise for you" she said, getting all excited herself. 

"Yeah? What is it?" I asked, acting as if I was excited myself. Now I'm not an arrogant person, and I love my mum, but the last surprise she got me was a frog, and I HATE frogs. 

"Well lets just say its been a while since you saw it/them" she replied, trying to be all conspicuous and kinda unfortunately succeeding. 

"Ok then, how far away are we" I asked, now literally curious. 

"Around 5 seconds, were here" she smiled, and brought the car to a hault, making me fly forward a little. 

I looked out my window to inspect my surroundings and was bloody shocked to say the least. We had just pulled up outside a flipping mansion, like a proper bloody mansion.

"is my surprise that we suddenly became extra rich and bought a big house" I asked, kinda getting my hopes ups. 

"Hahaha.... No" she laughed, killing my mood a little. "We're visiting an old friend, who just so happens to have moved into this amazing house" she added, huge emphasis on the; AMAZING. 

"Alrighty then... Well lets go inside then shall we, or at least get out the car so we can ring the door bell" I smiled. 

She nodded and we both exited the car and made our way up the very, very, add another maybe two verys and your there, long drive. 

Mum ring the bell and we stood there waiting for someone to open it, a few seconds later a guy opened the door. Ok I'm not fibbing or exaggerating, but he looked exactly like Jeeves from, haha.

"hi, I'm Bree Raen, you're expecting us" my mum said, sounding overly formal. It was kinda funny to watch and I had to stop myself from laughing. 

"Of course, right this way Ms. Raen" he said allowing her to pass, haha, like Gandalf. 

"Oh yeah I'm her dude" I said, making my mum smack her forehead and shake her head also in disbelief. 

What? I'm not formal, I'm not girly, I'm a tomboy and yeah, so what. 

"Of course, please come inside" he said, finally letting me 'pass' too. 

He led us both to a room that looked bigger than my room and bathroom and closet put together. And I have a big closet. 

Pew sat down and he excused himself, saying he would fetch who ever it was we were here to see. 

"Mum, I feel like I'm out of place here" I said quietly to her. 

"Not to be mean, but you look out of place too" she said quietly back, looking like she was gonna laugh as well. Dissed by my own bloody mother, great...

The doors opened again and in came 'Jeeves', a woman who I have never seen in my life, a man who looked oddly familiar, and a boy... A boy who reminded me so much of someone I used to know....


A/N: ok so this is my new story, I hope you like it so far, even if it is kinda short. I like writing story's on here because everyone is so nice and supportive and story's actually get looked at :)

well this was the first proper chapter and it took a while to write so thanks for taking the time to read it and get ready for the next chapter. 

Oh, please comment what you think, I love reading your comments, gets me all excited like a rainbow... If that makes any sense ;) 





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