Celebrity Real World

MTV has a show called The Real World where seven normal strangers are put into one house and cameras follow them around to watch them live their lives. So what happens when seven celebrities are asked to participate? The celebrities being Harry Styles, Jayden Sierra, George Shelly, Jake T. Austin, Kaya Scodelario, Lucy Hale, and Phoebe Tonkin.
Find out when they put their celebrity life to a halt and live together. *disclaimer! Some of the facts presented in this story will not be true* Copyright © 2013


12. Night 8

The five roommates who had all spent the day carrying water up from the river returned to the house at six completely exhausted. The guys had insisted that Kaya not help and they could handle it but she didn't want to be labeled weak or useless. 

Kaya had blisters on his legs from the boots and George had gotten burnt from the sun. Jake and Harry looked ten shades darker than when they arrived. Jayden, who was use to heat, only was feeling an extreme burn in his arms because of all the carrying and his legs were sore from the hiking up the hill. 

None of the five would have guessed how hard it would be to carry that much water continuously up the hill. It was like hiking for them but with far more obstacles. Around four they all abandoned the idea of the cart and decided to each carry two jugs. The jugs had handled and similar to a milk jug but still difficult to carry. 

The roommates who had spent the day working were covered in dirt. They all wanted showers immediately but there was only three. Phoebe was still upstairs arguing with one of the producers so they thought it would be best to not even attempt to go up there. 

"I'm leaving! I didn't sign up for this!" Phoebe yelled at Dan. "This is just stupid! And those five idiots who spent the day down there, ha I pity their careers."

"Phoebe you can't leave though," Dan said trying to stand tall against her yelling. "You signed a contract that said you would be here for a minimum of one month."

"That was not in the contract! My lawyer read it thoroughly! You are lying!"

"I'm not Phoebe," Dan pulled out a stack of papers that would be the contract. He flipped a few pages and pointed at a section that had a yellow page marker next to it. "Do you want me to read it for you? And that is your name printed there and your signature on the last page."

"Give me that!" Phoebe yelled as Lucy stood behind her trying to peak. 

The other roommates remained downstairs wondering what was going on. They were only hearing Phoebe's screams so they knew something was happening. 

"I, Phoebe Tonkin, agree that no matter the circumstances presented to me in the house I have agreed to live in for three months will remain there for a minimum for one month. The only case of leaving would be to be removed from the house."

"To be removed from the house one of the following infractions will have to occur. 1. Physical violence to another roommate or myself. 2.  Inappropriate use of substances. or 3. A mishap in the house where all roommates will be removes."

"The only exception to this clause would be a family emergency in which a producer or crew member will escort you out properly after explaining to you the circumstance for your departure."

Phoebe finished reading the piece of paper and threw it back into Dan's face. 

"I want my lawyer here! I'm leaving this house!" she pivoted on her foot and grabbed her bags from the bed. "I'll be at the nearest hotel and we can take this to court if you want!"

"Your lawyer is already here Phoebe," Dan said allowing a short man to walk into the room.

"Hello Phoebe," the man, presumably her lawyer, said in a small voice.

"James! How lovely to see you! Please tell them that I can leave?" 

"I'm afraid you cannot Phoebe. Unless you want a multi-million dollar lawsuit against you that you will be sure to lose because they have the contract. And as I have access to all your finances as well I suggest that you do not leave."

Phoebe's face dropped as well as her bags. 

"What are you saying James?"

"You are hear for at least a month. Thirty-one days and then I can come get you. You only have twenty-three more days left," James continued to look down and avoid eye contact with Phoebe. 

Phoebe let out an over dramatic scream that made everyone cover their eyes. The scream lasted almost a minute as the rest of the roommates rushed upstairs to figure out what was going on.

"Is everything okay?" George asked. 

"You don't look okay Phoebe," Jake noted.

"What happened?" Jayden asked. 

"I'm stuck here for twenty-three more damn days! That is what happened!" Phoebe said throwing one of her bags against the wall. 

Kaya smirked a little bit but quickly bit her lip to avoid laughing. Harry on the other hand couldn't help himself. 

"Well Phoebe, looks like we'll get to see just how dirty you can get," Harry winked at her as she picked up her other bag and launched it toward him. Harry, of course use to things being thrown at him, dodged the bag. 

"See ya later Phoebe," Kaya smirked as her and the boys headed back downstairs. 

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