Celebrity Real World

MTV has a show called The Real World where seven normal strangers are put into one house and cameras follow them around to watch them live their lives. So what happens when seven celebrities are asked to participate? The celebrities being Harry Styles, Jayden Sierra, George Shelly, Jake T. Austin, Kaya Scodelario, Lucy Hale, and Phoebe Tonkin.
Find out when they put their celebrity life to a halt and live together. *disclaimer! Some of the facts presented in this story will not be true* Copyright © 2013


23. Night 20 Part 2

Harry grabbed Kaya’s arms as she started for the stairs.

“Don’t,” she muttered, shrugging him off without any care.

Kaya ran down the stairs and out the door after Jake who was heading toward the fields. Jake was walking at a fast pace and Kaya was keeping a steady jog but it still took a minute for her to catch up to Jake.

“Jake, please stop,” she called after him but he chose to ignore her.

Jake continued past the fields toward the river where he sat in the dirt. He picked up a pebble and threw it into the river.

“Jake,” Kaya sighed once she realized he had finally stopped. “Can we talk?”

Jake laughed, and to Kaya’s surprise it was a real laugh. Nothing like a fake laugh, this laugh was real and coming from his obvious humor in the situation.

“You just chased me down to ask ‘can we talk?’ Well where am I going to go Kaya? I am stuck in a house with you. And the six other people so it is not like I can run away but so far.”

Kaya realized he was angry, not by his tone but his obvious frustration with the situation.

“Kaya,” he started again, “I don’t want to be an asshole. But could you please just leave me alone?”

“Jake,” she reached toward him but he shrugged away.

Kaya chose to sit a few inches away from him. Jake stared off across the river as Kaya collected her thoughts.

“Jake,” she tried again to touch him but he pulled away.

“What do you want Kaya? Tell me please. Were you acting with me? And then you realize Harry is the real guy you could no longer act around? Tell me,” he stood up walking closer to the river.

“Jake. No that is not it. I don’t know why but something inside this fucked up mind of mine told me Harry.”

She barely had let out Harry’s name when Jake started laughing again. He turned to look at her but couldn’t stop laughing.

“If you would listen to me you would get the answers you want Jake,” Kaya rolled her eyes.

“Why? You want me to listen to this crap. Sure Kaya. Please tell me more about how you couldn’t just tell me it was Harry. How long has it been Harry? Were you going to tell me before I saw the two of you kissing? This is ridiculous. I’m leaving,” Jake went to walk by her but Kaya was not about to have that.

She grabbed him and pulled him down onto the ground with her. Kaya climbed on top of Jake pinning him to the ground.

“Kaya,” Jake said attempting to push her off but couldn’t do it without force and possibility of hurting her. Jake threw his head back onto the ground. “Please get off of me.”

“Not until you listen to me Jake.”

“It’s getting dark outside,” Jake mumbled. “We need to get back to the house. We can talk all you want there,” Jake spoke in a flat tone, mainly because he was lying. He just wanted Kaya to let him go.

“No. You are going to listen before we go anywhere!” Kaya sighed. “I didn’t mean to yell at you. Please just listen to me.”

Jake sighed, “Fine. What do you want to say?”

Kaya took a deep breathe knowing that what she was about to say was going to be a lot.

“Jake. Something in my fucked up mind was telling me that it was Harry. And if you would have listened to me earlier we could have avoided this but here we are. But, something in my heart is telling me you. A lot of the times I take the easy way out and listen to my stupid mind even when I know it is wrong. I did that this time. And as for the kiss you witnessed back there, that was all Harry.

“I don’t know what I am going to do between the pair of you but I know one thing is for sure jake. I have feelings for both of you. Some of my feelings need to be contained. I don’t know who I should pick because who is to say that this isn’t just you boys idea of getting more exposure because this is a television show that will be showed to your fans.

“I really cannot say whether or not you or Harry is who I want to pick. I guess we will have to wait and see.”

Kaya got off of Jake and walked over to the river. Jake sat up and looked over at her.

“So what you are saying is you don’t know?” Jake asked.

“Yes,” she replied. “I don’t know Jake. And until then I am not going to do anything about it. Maybe after the show is over then we may try something but who really knows. I don’t right now.”

Kaya cleared her throat and quickly wiped away the tear that was forming in her eye. She turned to face Jake and tell him her last thought.

“I’m sorry Jake,” she walked over to him.

“Kaya, do not be sorry,” Jake said as she ran her hand through his hair.

“Just to be fair,” she whispered as she pulled him close and kissed him gently. “Again I am sorry.”

Kaya left Jake sitting there by the river with a million unanswered questions and a slight chance of hope. 

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