Celebrity Real World

MTV has a show called The Real World where seven normal strangers are put into one house and cameras follow them around to watch them live their lives. So what happens when seven celebrities are asked to participate? The celebrities being Harry Styles, Jayden Sierra, George Shelly, Jake T. Austin, Kaya Scodelario, Lucy Hale, and Phoebe Tonkin.
Find out when they put their celebrity life to a halt and live together. *disclaimer! Some of the facts presented in this story will not be true* Copyright © 2013


18. Night 19

Kaya woke up, her eyes still felt heavy and she wondered what time it was. The soft murmurs coming from the hallway is what made her wake up.

"I bet she thinks she is so special," she recognized Phoebe's voice. "Like so what you slept in Harry Styles' bed. He left you in it by yourself. You aren't too special."

"Well," Lucy said peeking her head in but Kaya's back was toward the door. "Harry and Jake both like her."

"Harry doesn't like her. It's just for publicity," Phoebe's snobby tone was getting on Kaya's nerves. "It's just like when he dated Taylor Swift."

"I don't know," Lucy sounded annoyed by Phoebe. "I gotta go though. Jayden and I are having dinner by the pool tonight."

"Whatever," Phoebe rolled her eyes. "He just wants a bigger American audience Lucy. Fall for the stupid tricks."

Lucy sighed knowing there was a possibility that Phoebe was right but just walked away. There was no point in arguing. She would just have to find out for herself.

Kaya sat up on the bed, stretching her sore muscles.

"Ow!" she said as her shoulder made a sharp popping noise.The pain shot through her shoulder blades and then proceeded to shoot down her spine. "Fuck," she sighed.

The footsteps coming up the stairs grew louder and Kaya could hear the heavy sigh Phoebe made as the door was kicked the rest of the way.

"Harry," Phoebe put on a pouty face and a flirty tone. "Do you think you could help me move my bed in a little bit? I tried but it's just too heavy."

"Um," Harry looked into the room. Kaya was neglecting to look at him as he talked to Phoebe. "I kinda already have plans. Maybe tomorrow if it's still raining."

Phoebe let out an overrated huff and stormed down the hallway. This only made Kaya want to laugh but she decieded against it. Harry walked around the bed with a long, silver tray in his hands and a cheeky smile on his face.

"Hello beautiful," Harry smile only got bigger as he set the tray on the nightstand beside the table. "Did you sleep okay?"

"Ehh," Kaya felt the pain in her back once again. "Just really sore."

"Oh. Well, I could give you a massage?" Kaya gave him an oh really look and he soon jumped on his defense. "Whoa, not like that Kaya. Just thought it would make you feel better."

"I'm sorry, first reaction."
"I understand. But I brought you some soup and bread," Harry said motioning toward the tray.

"Thanks," Kaya felt the rumble in her stomach from the lack of food.

"Sorry we're out of crackers though."

"It's fine," even though Kaya felt hungry the pain in her shoulders and back made her not want to eat anything.

"Wait here a second," Harry exited the room leaving Kaya a bit confused.

After a few moments Harry returned with a wash clothe in his hand.

"It's the next best thing to a heating pad," Kaya laughed and accepted his token of genorisity.

She placed Harry's makeshift heating pad on her shoulder and winced.

"Is it too hot?" Harry asked moving closer out of concern.

"No," Kaya took a deep breathe. "I'm just really sore."

"Well here," Harry took the pillows off of George's bed and combined them with the pillows on his bed. He made a back rest for Kaya and took the wash cloth from her laying it on a pillow. "Lay back," he instructed. "Now you can eat too," Harry said grabbing the tray.

"Harry," Kaya said. She waited until he looked up at her before saying anything. "Thank you for being so sweet."

"It's nothing really."

"No, it's something," Kaya smiled while Harry stirred her soup.

Harry picked the spoon up and offered it to her. Kaya accepted the spoon in her mouth and smiled as the hot liquid ran down her throat. The soup tasted like a fine cuisine and Kaya was surprised.

"Did Lucy make this?"

"No," Harry looked down. "Actually I made it."

"I didn't know you could cook," Kaya said as Harry fed her another spoonful.

"Yeah, just something I like to do."

Within ten minutes the entire bowl of soup was gone and Kaya was nibbling on her bread. Her back was a little less tense and the rumbling in her stomach was subsiding.

"Harry?" Kaya asked as Harry gathered up the tray.

"Hm?" he asked not looking at her.

Kaya reached for his hand, almost missing. Once her cold hand was placed overtop his warmth she smiled as he looked over at her.

"Yes love?" Harry smiled when he saw Kaya's.

"Do you like me?" she asked and instantly felt embarrassed for even asking.

"Of course I like you," Harry sat down beside her. "You're beautiful and smart. Hard-working and funny. What isn't to like?" Harry grabbed the blankets and began to tuck her in.

Kaya was feeling like a small child now. Harry was being protective over her and insanely sweet.

"Well," Kaya whispered. "I just wasn't sure."

Harry scooted a little closer to her, and ran his fingers up the bed until they met hers. Slowly, he captured her hand in his.

"Did you not hear what I told you before you fell asleep?" he asked staring at their hands.

"I did not," Kaya confessed.

"I said," Harry stopped, drew in a deep breathe. "I said I was falling for you Kaya."

Kaya blinked rapidly because she wanted to make sure this moment was real. Then Phoebe's voice ran through her mind over and over again.

"Harry doesn't like her. It's just for publicity."

Phoebe's sharp tone finally seized when Harry tapped his index finger on the back of her hand.


"Sorry," she looked down as her face got red.

"Kaya, I like you a lot."

"I know Harry."

"Just tell me know if you don't like me," Harry said drawing his hand away. "I don't want to ruin a friendship."

"It's not that."

"What is it then?"

"Just," Kaya bit her lip and gripped the bed beneath her. "I don't know if you really like me or if you just want this for the show."

"Kaya," Harry got closer, right in her face. "I like you. Show or no show. I wish I could have met you sooner. You're wonderful."

Harry tucked a stray hair out of her face and behind her ear. Kaya bit her lip once again, feeling her entire body heat up. Slowly, Harry leaned in close to her face.

"Kiss me," he whispered centimeters away from her lips.

"I don't know if I can," Kaya whispered back.

Harry ran his hand down to the small of her back.

"Kiss me," he repeated.

"Harry," she could feel his hot breathe on her lips and it was quite a turn on.

"Kiss me," Harry moved a little closer making it hard to tell if their lips weren't touching.

Kaya couldn't resist anymore. Everything in her mind told her not to kiss Harry, but everything in her body was screaming yes to kiss him. She closed the tiny gap between their lips and wrapped her fingers up in his curly locks. Harry's warm hands were soon on her waist applying a strong pressure.

Before Kaya could react she was on her back and Harry hovering over top of her. With his right leg placed in between her legs and his left just outside of her right leg. Millimeters separated their bodies as Kaya and Harry's breathing increasing.

Harry took the risk and ventured his kisses down her neck, still applying a strong pressure to her hips. Kaya wanted to moan but feared someone would hear and interupt their love fest.

"Harry," she whispered, with her fingers bound tightly in his curly hair.

"Yes love?" Harry's hot breathe on her neck.

"The door is open," Kaya said with all her strength not going into laughing but soon Harry chuckled and she couldn't contain her laughter. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay," Harry said getting up and closing the door. He peaked out into the hallway to make sure nobody was around eavesdropping before shutting it.

"Can we just lay together tonight?" Kaya asked as Harry jumped back on the bed beside her.

"Of course," Harry said pulling her next to him.

Kaya could already feel the muscles in her back and shoulders relaxing as they were pressed against Harry's tight and firm chest.

"Sweet dreams love," Harry spoke quietly into her ear before kissing her neck once more.

Kaya began to fade into sleep even though she had slept the day away. Kaya knew this was the beginning of an amazing time here with Harry.

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