Celebrity Real World

MTV has a show called The Real World where seven normal strangers are put into one house and cameras follow them around to watch them live their lives. So what happens when seven celebrities are asked to participate? The celebrities being Harry Styles, Jayden Sierra, George Shelly, Jake T. Austin, Kaya Scodelario, Lucy Hale, and Phoebe Tonkin.
Find out when they put their celebrity life to a halt and live together. *disclaimer! Some of the facts presented in this story will not be true* Copyright © 2013


10. Morning 8

As all the roommates were asleep after staying up most of the night acting crazy yet again in the house, but luckily no more fighting had occurred. The crew responsible for the seven celebrities were busy prepping the surrounding area of the house for their even newer lifestyle change. None of the roommates knew what the crew was up to but inside their were seven letters. All addressed to each of them. 

The crew finished setting up the new yard within a few hours. Rounding out at ten o'clock they were finally finished with the new yard. They finished just in time as Harry and Kaya headed downstairs for their morning tea. 

The two of them were becoming use to being the first two up in the house. Kaya was a morning person who liked to go for a walk and when she was getting up she woke Harry up. Once Harry was awake it was hard for him to go back to sleep. 

"Mind if I join you for your walk this morning?" Harry asked as they walked down the stairs.

"Do as you please Mr. Styles," Kaya joked as they stumbled upon the letters awaiting them on the dining room table. "What are these?"

Kaya shuffled around until she found the envelope with her name neatly written on it. Once she found hers she turned to Harry who was holding his. 

"Should we open them? Or should we get the others?" she asked Harry who only shrugged. He wasn't sure what they were suppose to do with these. "Let's go get the others," she said making the decision. 

After a long fifteen minutes of trying to convince the others to get out of the bed and come downstairs there they all were standing there holding their envelopes. 

"What could it be?" Lucy asked. 

"Calm down Lucy, this isn't A messing with you," Jake joked and everyone laughed. 

"I'm serious. I'm a little scared to open it," Lucy said sitting down at the table.

"Well if we aren't going to open them can I at least make me some coffee?" Phoebe rolled her eyes. She was becoming more annoyed with her roommates by the second. The roommates weren't sure if it was the envelopes or the fact she was had been woken up. 

Phoebe shook her head when nobody responded. Quickly she got up and headed into the kitchen to prepare a pot of coffee. 

"Let's just open them," George said shrugging and ripping open his envelope. 

Everyone just watched George as he pulled out a piece of white card-stock that looked to folded perfectly. As George was reading reading his letter Jake decided he would open his. 

"Whoa," George said as Jake pulled out another perfectly folded piece of card-stock. 

Everyone else began ripping open their envelopes. After everyone finished and was all big-eyed and confused Phoebe returned.

"What is it? Did you guys see a ghost?" Phoebe laughed as she sat down setting her black coffee mug down on the table to finish stirring it.

"You might want to read your letter Phoebe," George said looking at the other roommates. 

"Fine," Phoebe stopped stirring her coffee and ripped open the letter.

 Miss Phoebe Tonkin,

We, being your producers,

would like to inform you

of the following changes being made 

in the home. 

Of course, I'm sure you thought this

was just going to be

one big vacation. I hate 

to inform you but it will not be a vacation at 

all from now on. We allowed you to have

some fun. Yes, enjoying all

that the beautiful Virginia

has to offer the last seven 


Now it is time to put you and your

roommates to work. 

Are you ready?

The barn located half a 

mile off the house is now

full of chickens that lay eggs.

Also, we have your new field garden

ready to be taken care of. 

I'm sure by now you are thinking

why would you tend to the

garden when you don't have 

to right?

Well, let me just say you do. The

day before your interview, 

Friday, a local resident will come

to barter with you. You will

be bartering the eggs or

vegetables coming from

the garden. You can

ask him/her to bring something

special for the next week but it'll be

more "expensive" meaning you will

have to trade more. If you do not

barter than the only food you 

will have in the house will be vegetables

and eggs. 

Each of your roommates and

you have a plot of the garden,

either you all can work separate

or together. Either way the food you

gather will be the food you barter.

Each of you have two chickens and 

if you don't know chickens can 

be stubborn and not lay eggs.

I hope all controversy is over in the

house because you all will 

be relying on each other for

the remainder of your stay. 

I hope you are ready to work.

Work clothes are located in

the barn. 

I do suggest you start tending to the 

garden because I think 

I forgot to mention you won't 

have immediate access

to the water in the house, which

by the way is well water. 

So you'll have to hike down 

another mile to the river for 

water for your garden. Unless

you want to use all the water

in the well and be left shower-less, unable to wash

your clothes, and not have drinking


Enjoy the new adventure Phoebe.

With love,

Dan, Your Producer. 

Phoebe was nearly gasping for air as she finished reading the letter. Her eyes were seconds away from popping out of her head. Everyone was talking plans about the garden. All her roommates were taking this as a challenge. They weren't exactly happy about the new rule but they figured it was the only way they were going to eat around here.

"This is a sick joke, who did this?" Phoebe yelled throwing the letter on the ground. "Tell me right now who did this! It's not funny! There is no garden and we don't have to do this!" 

All her roommates took a step away from her realizing that Phoebe could blow any second. 

"Phoebe I don't think it's a joke," George said looking around for confirmation that it was not a joke. 

"This is a joke! I'm not doing this!" Phoebe immediately ran upstairs. 

"I'll go try and figure something out guys," Lucy said apologetic like. 

As Lucy ran upstairs to check on Phoebe the rest of the roommates sat down at the table to discuss the news. 

"Okay so it's half a mile to the garden. Then a mile to the river we need to form a plan on how to get the water there. But," Kaya took charge immediately and nobody disagreed, "I think while the two of them sort out whatever we should go see what plants we are working with. It'll be helpful because then we can come back up here and research how to take care of them."

"Good idea," Harry nodded. 

"Should we all go?" Jayden asked.

"I think we should go down there to see what we are working with, let the two of them know, then decide if we want to start carrying water from the river," Jake suggested.

"And we'll see if they have any containers to help us or if we'll have to figure that out ourselves," George put in his input. 

"Good idea guys," Kaya smiled. "Well the letter said we have work clothes down at the barn. Who wants to go tell them the plan?"

"I'll go," Harry jumped out of his seat. "Be back in a minute."

Harry made his way up the stairs quickly. He could hear Phoebe yelling from halfway up the stairs. 

"No Lucy! No! I'm leaving! Forget this! This is not why I came here! I did not sign up for this!" Phoebe yelled throwing things into her suitcase while Lucy stood there helplessly. 

"Um," Harry regretted saying it because Phoebe shot around and gave him a look that would kill. "We're going down to assess the garden thing. Just wanted to let you know."

Harry turned around to get our of Phoebe's war path but quickly turned back around. 

"Don't go Phoebe, you'll look like a stuck up, I hate to say it, bitch," he bit his lip and Lucy fake coughed to cover her laugh. "I hope you don't leave at least."

This time Harry turned and actually headed back down the stairs to meet the others. He left Phoebe in the room with a decision that was still needing to be made. 

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