Celebrity Real World

MTV has a show called The Real World where seven normal strangers are put into one house and cameras follow them around to watch them live their lives. So what happens when seven celebrities are asked to participate? The celebrities being Harry Styles, Jayden Sierra, George Shelly, Jake T. Austin, Kaya Scodelario, Lucy Hale, and Phoebe Tonkin.
Find out when they put their celebrity life to a halt and live together. *disclaimer! Some of the facts presented in this story will not be true* Copyright © 2013


9. Morning 7

At the end of every week all roommates agreed to be interviewed. The roommates will be interviewed one at a time and no other roommate will see another interview until after the show has ended. Some interviews will be longer than others.


Harry Styles

Interviewer: How are you Harry?

Harry: Oh I'm alright. *laughs*

Interviewer: That's nice. So how has your first week been?

Harry: It's been alright. Was pretty much exactly what I was expecting.

Interviewer: So nothing surprised you?

Harry: Well, *laughs* the drama that emerged on the first night with Phoebe and Kaya was shocking. I know girls are more drama like than guys but didn't expect something the first night.

Interviewer: Well, since you brought it up why did you decide to take Team Kaya?

Harry: Is that a real thing now? Team Kaya? Wow, that's crazy. It was already decided between Kaya, George and I that we'd stick together just because we were all British. Plus, I think she handled the situation a lot more mature like than Phoebe.

Interviewer: That's reasonable. Well, how was the kiss with Kaya?

Harry: *rubs his lips* Um, it was nice. *scratches head* I think there was definitely a little spark between us.

Interviewer: Do you think there is a possible relationship there?

Harry: Right now we're just getting to know each other but I do think she is the type of girl I would date. She's real and genuine so that's a plus.

Interviewer: And she's older so that's good too.

Harry: *laughs* Yeah, I guess.

Interviewer: Okay so time to get to know a little bit more about the house aside from the drama. Who is the messiest?

Harry: So easy. George. George by far is the messiest. It's quite annoying.

Interviewer: Do you wish you had a different roommate now?

Harry: No, no. George is great just needs to clean up a little bit.

Interviewer: Alright. *laughs* Well, what other couples do you see happening?

Harry: I really hope that Jayden and Lucy get together to be honest. You always seem them flirting but then Lucy backs off.

Interviewer: Well, thank you for your time Harry and I'll see you next week.

Harry: My pleasure.


George Shelley

Interviewer: Hello George, how are you today?

George: Tired. *laughs*

Interviewer: So, we're just going to jump right into the questions then alright George?

George: Fine by me.
Interviewer: So, have you developed any crushes?

George: I'm surprised I haven't. I mean, Lucy, Phoebe, and Kaya are all great don't get me wrong. But, I see them only as friends.

Interviewer: How did you feel about the fight between Phoebe and Kaya?

George: It was surprising. Really, I didn't think something was going to happen for awhile. The fact it happened on the first night was extremely shocking.

Interviewer: Why did you take Team Kaya?

George: Team Kaya? Can I get a shirt that says that? *laughs* I mean I don't know what all was shown to everyone but Harry and I talked after we moved into the room. Said Brits stick together. We weren't going to turn out backs on each other. Then after we met Kaya we told her the same thing.

Interviewer: Alright, well who is the messiest in the house George?

George: I'd like to believe I'm not the messiest but I know that I am. It's pretty bad. Harry actually yells at me almost every morning. It's not like crazy yelling but he does seem a little angry because I don't clean up.

Interviewer: Well try to clean up some time George. I'll see you next week.

George: If we all make it that long.


Phoebe Tonkin

Interviewer: Good morning Phoebe.

Phoebe: How are you?

Interviewer: I'm good, how about you?

Phoebe: Just another day in paradise.

Interviewer: I bet you already know the first question I'm going to ask.

Phoebe: Yes, all about Kaya. All I'm going to say is she's fake. I'll fake nice because I'm an adult unlike her and I won't let someone who wants to act like a child affect me while I'm in this house.

Interviewer: So you don't think you you were in the wrong at all?

Phoebe: Absolutely not. Like I told her, she just wanted attention. She's not that famous and she just trying to use this show as a way to up her fame. I'm sorry but I would never do that. I came here to experience a different lifestyle and to hang out with people. Not to start petty fights with someone who isn't in the same league as me.

Interviewer: Do you think you'll ever become friends?

Phoebe: I don't think she would ever be my type of friend. She seems fake and it's not the type of friend I look for.

Interviewer: Okay let's get away from that tension. Have you developed a crush for anyone in the house?

Phoebe: I think I may have but we'll need some more time to see how feelings set and plus we're barely getting to know each other.

Interviewer: Can I ask who?

Phoebe: I don't think I need to tell because he's been flirting with me so I think it's obvious.

Interviewer: I have no clue, who is it?

Phoebe: Harry, *laughs* you haven't noticed?

Interviewer: I guess I'll have to pay more attention. Well I will see you next week Phoebe.

Phoebe: Bye!


Lucy Hale

Interviewer: How are you today Lucy?

Lucy: Today's a good day.

Interviewer: Okay, so how was the first week?

Lucy: Aside from the early set drama I believe we all had a pretty good week.

Interviewer: What's your opinion on the fight between Kaya and Phoebe?
Lucy: *covers face* I knew you were going to ask that. Okay, well the thing is Phoebe has been my friend for awhile. We met awhile ago. I never met Kaya but the truth of the matter is even though Kaya decided to pick on me, I guess that's what you would call it. I was fine, yes I was a little embarrassed by it at first but I didn't even get a chance to express myself. Phoebe automatically jumped in her face about it. I only took Phoebe's side because I would have looked like a terrible friend if I hadn't. She was defending me but I think she did go about it in the wrong way.

Interviewer: Has Kaya moved back into the room with you and Phoebe?

Lucy: I think sometime this week she will. It's a little hard because I feel like we aren't fixing anything by her still staying in the other room.

Interviewer: Well how is Phoebe as a roommate?

Lucy: Phoebe is a great roommate. We're both messy so it kinda works out a little bit because neither of us are complaining.

Interviewer: Have you developed a crush on any of the guys?

Lucy: *laughs* Um, do I have to answer?

Interviewer: I think you should.

Lucy: Well, okay. I'm not going to lie, I have a big crush on Jayden.

Interviewer: Do you think you'll develop an actual relationship with him?

Lucy: I really hope we can. I just want to get to know him more first.

Interviewer: Alright, thank you for your time. I'll see you next week.

Lucy: Thank you for embarrassing me.


Jayden Sierra

Interviewer: Good morning Jayden.

Jayden: Really early for an interview.

Interviewer: It's almost eight in the morning.

Jayden: I still have jet lag. It's hard to deal with it. *laughs*

Interviewer: Okay, I'll try to make this short for you then.

Jayden: That would be great.

Interviewer: Alright, what was your take on the Phoebe and Kaya drama?

Jayden: I didn't even really understand what happened but for some reason I felt roped into being on Phoebe's side. We're both Australian and then Lucy is her friend. Well, it's pretty clear I have a huge crush on Lucy so it was just like guess I'm Team Phoebe.

Interviewer: So you admit your crush on Lucy?

Jayden: Of course. I've had a crush on Lucy since the first time I saw Pretty Little Liars. I was like Aria yeah that girl is mine. *laughs* Do Americans not do that? You sit around with your mates and if it's a mainly girl cast you all pick your favorite. Like, don't girls sit around and look at boy bands with their friends picking who they get if they ever meet them?
Interviewer: Yes, girls do that. Anyway I think I need a break from these interviews now. Thank you Jayden.

Jayden: Thank you.


Kaya Scodelario

Interviewer: Good morning Kaya, how are you?

Kaya: I'm good and you?

Interviewer: I'm good, thank you. So let's just go ahead and start off with the question I've been dying to ask. What happened with Phoebe?

Kaya: Phoebe thought she was the top girl right from the beginning. I didn't like that because she didn't know all of us. I didn't like the disrespect. Like, I thought we'd have a simple game of truth or dare. Not let's turn this into make everyone jealous.

Interviewer: What do you mean?

Kaya: I think Phoebe thought all the guys were immediately going to fall for her. Then when Jake started showing some attention toward me she got jealous. That is why she dared me to kiss Harry.

Interviewer: Well, how was your kiss with Harry?

Kaya: It was a kiss. I'm an actress and I kissed a lot of people on Skins. So that's how I thought of the kiss with Harry.

Interviewer: So you don't feel anything for Harry?

Kaya: Not really. Harry is just a friend.

Interviewer: So what about Jake?

Kaya: *bites lip* Jake is a little cutie. I do like him as a friend right now. Maybe in the future something else will come out of it.

Interviewer: Alright, last question. Do you plan on moving back into the room with Lucy and Phoebe?

Kaya: I feel like I might later on but I think staying in the other room is better because I don't feel like the whole problem has been fixed.

Interviewer: Okay, thank you for your time Kaya. I'll see you next week.

Kaya: Thanks.


Jake T. Austin

Interviewer: Hello Jake.

Jake: Good morning.

Interviewer: You seem tired Jake?

Jake: Jayden called Australia at like 3 AM this morning. It was a little annoying but he's cool. I understand he misses home a lot. He is all the way across the world.

Interviewer: So Jake, tell us a little bit about your relationship with Kaya?

Jake: *blushes and laughs* Um, I like her. Let me be honest here though. I did like Phoebe at first but then Phoebe seemed to be different than what I thought. When I talked to Kaya it was like we had a lot more in common. She seemed to be more my type.

Interviewer: So are you jealous that Kaya is in George and Harry's room?

Jake: A little bit, but I mean I think she chose their room just because they are friends.

Interviewer: What do you think about your roommates?

Jake: Well I like Kaya, as I've mentioned. Harry and George are so chill. Also, they're fun to hang out with. Jayden is cool but he keeps to himself a lot. Phoebe just seems like the mean girl from high school. And Lucy, she's been like a sister to me for awhile so I still think the same of her. I just wish she wasn't following Phoebe around like a lost puppy.

Interviewer: Do you see any relationships happening soon?

Jake: I think Lucy is going to get with Jayden soon. If not then she'll go for George because Phoebe has staked a claim on Harry even though he doesn't seem interested.

Interviewer: Well, if you could pick any other celebrity in the world to join the house who would it be?

Jake: That's really hard. I don't think I could pick. Hopefully it would be someone to help keep the peace though.

Interviewer: Alright Jake, well thank you for your time.

Jake: Thank you for questioning me. I'm going back to sleep now.

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