Celebrity Real World

MTV has a show called The Real World where seven normal strangers are put into one house and cameras follow them around to watch them live their lives. So what happens when seven celebrities are asked to participate? The celebrities being Harry Styles, Jayden Sierra, George Shelly, Jake T. Austin, Kaya Scodelario, Lucy Hale, and Phoebe Tonkin.
Find out when they put their celebrity life to a halt and live together. *disclaimer! Some of the facts presented in this story will not be true* Copyright © 2013


6. Day 1

The girls took almost an hour to get ready just to go swimming. All the guys just imagined it was because they were truly talking about them.

"So Jake," George asked. "How do it feel being the only actor here?"

"It's kinda weird cuz all you sing and I don't. I mean but hey we're all just here to relax and have a good time," Jake said stretching out on the pool chair. His blue swimming shorts were past his knees and the sun was hitting his abs just right when the girls emerged.

"Nice shorts Harry," Phoebe teased in her white bikini covered in black polka dots. 

Harry glanced down at his pink swimming shorts and just laughed. Jake felt a little jealous that Phoebe was flirting with Harry but there really wasn't anything he could do about it. Jake's attention then turned to Lucy who looked incredible in her little bikini. 

The dark purple against Lucy's light skin tone made it pop and Jake thought she looked like a model.

Kaya sat down in the pool chair beside Jake and he noticed her slim figure. Jake swallowed hard realizing he was attracted to all the girls here. 

"I like the blue Jake," Kaya said slowly biting her lip. She pulled out her cigarettes and laid back. 

"You smoke?" Jake asked.

"No, I just occasionally put a cigarette in my mouth and look sexy," she joking placing one between her lips. "Want one?" Jake shook his head and Kaya shrugged and flicked at her lighter. The flame rose up and started the burning. All the guys seemed to have turned their attention to Kaya as she inhaled deeply on her cigarette.

"You mind if I bum one off of you?" Jayden said sitting at the end of her pool chair. 

Kaya smiled and flicked some ash of the ending of her cigarette handing Jayden the pack. Jayden slipped one out and soon him and Kaya, the two planned outcasts, were laughing as they smoked. 

"Well, I'm getting in the pool then," Phoebe said giving Kaya a glare. 

Phoebe walked over beside the pool and was just about to jump in when Harry came up from behind her picking her up. Harry's muscles flexed as he threw Phoebe over his shoulder. Everyone started laughing as Phoebe screamed, "PUT ME DOWN!" to Harry who only laughed harder. 

Harry walked to the end of the diving board, still with Phoebe over his shoulder. 

"Here's to living a fun life!" Harry screamed as he jumped into the pool with Phoebe. 

George and Lucy soon jumped in from the side of the pool joining them while Kaya and Jayden finished off their cigarettes. Jake was beginning to feel a little like an outcast. 

"Could I try one?" he asked Kaya. 

"Are you sure you want to?" she raised her eyebrow at Jake.

Jayden got up and jumped into the pool with the others while Jake and Kaya continued to talk. 

"This is a new experience. I might find out I enjoy smoking," Jake said smirking.

"Nobody who smokes enjoys it Jake," Kaya said drawing off her cigarette once again. She blew the smoke into his face, "but once you start you can't stop." Kaya sat up in her chair to face Jake. "But here, take a draw."

She handed over the burning cigarette and Jake took a deep breathe before actually taking it from her hands. Jake drowned out all the laughter that was coming from the pool and focused on Kaya's eyes. She leaned in closer to him taking the cigarette back from him.

"Here," she whispered moving the it up to his lips. He slowly parted his lips allowing her to position the cigarette just right. "Now take a slow breath," Kaya said. "You want it to fill up right about here," she ran her hands over his chest until she found a spot over his lungs. 

Jake drew in the breathe and felt the rush go through his lungs. The nicotine dragged onto his tongue and the smoke filled his whole body.

"Now," Kaya pulled the cigarette from his lips. "Slowly exhale," she whispered moving her face a little closer to his.

Jake let the breathe go slowly afraid of making a mistake and looking like a complete fool in front of her. Jake realized that Phoebe was too far out of his league, not that Kaya wasn't but she was actually paying attention to him. 

"Nice," Jake said as Kaya put the cigarette back in between her lips taking her draw.

"Let me know if you ever want to do that again," she winked and laid back down on her chair. 

Jake now had a new set of confidence, not that he wasn't confident before. Kaya was beautiful, flirtatious, and a little older which were all qualities that made him want to find out more about her. 

The five roommates in the pool were busy talking and splashing each other to have seen the recent encounter between Kaya and Jake. 

"Get on my shoulders Phoebe, come on," Harry insisted.

"No Harry. Next time don't throw me into the pool."

"I didn't throw you," he laughed as she dunked him under the water. 

Jayden and Lucy were talking in the corner of the pool by the stairs.

"Yeah I won't lie I've watched every episode of Pretty Little Liars," Jayden confessed to Lucy who began to blush.

"Really! It's always nice to meet guy fans," she bit her lip feeling an obvious attraction toward Jayden. She did think it was a little too early to start a romance in the house but talking and a little helpless flirting couldn't hurt could it.

"Yeah, all my mates are like Emily or Hannah. I've always been a big fan of Aria," Jayden said looking across the pool to Harry and George who were wrestling around like a bunch of kids. 

Lucy was blushing uncontrollably, "That's sweet Jayden."

Jayden looked up into Lucy's big, brown eyes and was just about to admit his crush on her for the longest time when Harry decided to ruin the moment.

"Hey guys! We're going inside now! I'm making tacos!" 

Lucy turned back to Jayden and smiled but still got up. She followed the rest of her roommates in while Jayden continued to sit on the stairs of the pool. Kaya was still laying out her chair and Jake was stretched out on the one beside her. 

"Mind if I get another cigarette?" Jayden walked up to Kaya and asked.

"She'll break your little heart," Kaya said shaking the pack before handing him one.

"What do you mean?" Jayden asked.

"She likes Harry. If she can't get Harry she'll go for George. Phoebe and Lucy are going to fight to the finish for Harry though. It's inevitable."

Jake leaned up and sighed. "Man, I think she's right."

"Thanks for the advice," Jayden said lighting up his cigarette. He questioned if he really wanted to be here anymore. 

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