Carnival Fun - A Louis Tomlinson Imagine

this is your first date with Louis Tomlinson, and you both had a great laugh and a fun filled date. A funny imagine of Louis the Tommo Tomlinson.


1. Carnival Fun - A Louis Tomlinson Imagine

Louis Tomlinson Imagine

Carnival Fun:


Today was you and Louis' first date, today was the day you've been looking forward to all week. You and Louis met when Harry, your best friend from the band One Direction introduced the two of you, and you instantly clicked. Louis never actually told you where you were going, saying it was a surprise, but to wear something fun and casual. You chose your favourite graphic tee with the funny picture and saying (your choice). Along with some short jean shorts and cute ray ban glasses, since it was a hot sunny day out today. You have just finished putting your hair up in a high pony tail when you hear the door bell ring. 'that must be Louis' you thought as you make your way down the stairs to open the door. Your heartbeat quickens as your hand holds the door knob, you fix your hair, shirt, and shorts and take a good look at the full length mirror beside the door before you open the door. You open the door to reveal Louis, he is dressed in a casual white and blue striped shirt, with khaki shorts, black ray bans and blue toms. Casual, just like he said. You haven't realized you were checking him out for so long, until Louis clears his throat. You snap your head up to meet his eyes, and a smirk playing on his lips. You blush, embarrassed.


"Like what you see?" Louis teases.


"Maybe I do." You tease back. You both laugh.


"Are you ready to go, love?"  Louis asks.


"Yeah, let me just grab my purse and we'll be on our way. Just one sec." you say then rush off into your room to grab your Vegan style summer purse. You meet Louis back at the door, he bends his arm in a teacup handle position.


"Shall we?"


you giggle at his cuteness and put your arm around his.


"We shall." You smile up at him, and he leads you to his car. He opens the passenger door for you, and motions for you to get in. You get in, and he closes the door for you, then makes his way over to the driver side. Louis starts up the car, then starts backing out of your drive way.


"Louis, where are we going?" you ask


"You'll see when we get there."


"But Looouuuiiiissss! I wanna know now!" you whine.


" Your going to have to be patient darling, because I'm  not telling you, it’s a surprise." He smiles. You huff in defeat, and look out the window. Louis laughs, knowing he won. It was quiet until you approach a stoplight and Louis breaks the silence.


"Oh wait, I almost forgot, I'm  going to need you to put this on." Louis says, pulling out a blind fold from his pocket.


"But why?" you ask stubbornly.


"Either you do it, or I do, one way or another (hehe see what I did there? ;D ) this blindfold is going to be covering your eyes." He says. You snatch the blindfold from him and cover your eyes.


"No fair, why does he always win? I'm gonna beat his ass in a competition soon and make him cry like a girl." You whisper to yourself. But he heard, and laughs.


"Aww, love, I always win cuz I'm  just that good! I'm the swagga masta from donacasta! And no you will never beat me, and even if you do, I WON'T cry like a girl!" He screams. You both laugh. Then you feel the car stop.


"WERE HERE!!" Louis screams.

"Louis I don’t know where HERE is! I have a blindfold on me!" you whine.


Louis laughs and says. "Oh ya right! One sec."  you hear the car open then shut, then your car door opens, and you feel the fresh air hit your face. Then a hand holds yours and pulls you out of the car, you feel the ground come in contact with your feet, then the blind fold is taken off your eyes, and you see the bright light of the sun, making you shield your eyes from the brightness. Louis takes your hands off your eyes, and you see a….. Carnival! Louis has taken you to a carnival! A carnival has always been your dream first date! (lets just say it is.) you just stand there in Aw.


"Are you just going to stand there and admire it or do you want to go inside?" Louis sassed. You just glare at him. He laughs and pulls your hand towards the entrance. Louis pays for both your fees and even buys tickets to play games.


" So where do you want to go first? Pick anywhere, its my treat." He smiles.


"REALLY?!! Aww! Thanks Lou!" you say then pull him towards the biggest roller coaster. There was a pretty long line, but Louis seemed to not mind the wait, you killed time by talking about each others lives, and seeing things you had in common with each other. Turns out you both have lots in common, you both are pranksters, love making other people laugh, and are up to try new things. You both even had your parents divorce. He has a step father and you have a step mother. When it was finally your turn, you both got to sit at the front. And as the rollercoaster climbed up the big drop Louis whispered in your ear, "If your scared, I'll be right here to protect you, you can always cuddle in to me." You smile up at him, and are grateful for the offer, but know you wont be needing it, you are actually a real dare devil, nothings scary for you, especially roller coasters. When you reached the peak of the drop, you look over at Louis, and see he has pure terror written on his face. You laugh and comfort HIM. "Don't worry babe, if your scared, you know I'm here to protect you." You mock him. He glares at you, then screams like a girl when you drop. He grasps your hand tightly, nearly breaking it off, as the roller coaster goes on. You see his face turn green when you go around the loop-tee-loops and you just start laughing. When the ride finally comes to a halt, you see Louis' eyes are blood shot. He staggers off the ride, looking like a drunk person and you have to put your arm around him to keep him up. You take a seat on a near by bench, and let Louis relax for a bit.


"I'm sorry babe, I didn’t know you were that afraid of roller coasters. I'm  here for you." You comfort him as you rub his back. When Louis was finally ok, you go to play some games. You find the cutest teddy bear ever and point it out to Louis, it was for this ladder climbing game, where you have the climb to the top of the ladder, without falling off, press the red button at the top, an alarm will go off and you win a big teddy bear of some sort. (A/N I saw this game at Canada's Wonderland.) Louis said he wanted to try and win it for you, so you let him. It was funny watching him attempt to climb the ladder but fall off the first 4 tries, you video taped some footage to show the boys later. He looked so determined to win the teddy bear for you that in his 5th try, he actually got to the top, and won. The attendant asked what price he wanted and he pointed to the teddy bear that you wanted, then shouted out "I won this teddy bear for my beautiful date, (Y/N)" the crowd aww'd as Louis jumped off the ladder and ran up to you with the teddy bear in hand. You blush and smile up at him, as he hands you the teddy bear. You both continue walking and talking about random things until you see a bunch of pigeons on the ground, eating crumbs that had probably fallen off foods from people the people eating. Louis didn’t seem to notice the pigeons, he was too busy going on and on about the time he and the lads went lazer tagging and how Niall got lost in the lazer tagging place where its dark and they found him crying in a corner. But when he did notice the pigeons he screamed "KEVIN!!" and ran towards the bunch of pigeons. You laugh as you watch him trying to catch a pigeon while shouting "KEVIN COME BACK TO DADDY! DON’T LEAVE ME!" you video tape some footage again to show the other boys later on. You watched him act like a 5 year old for a while, it was actually really entertaining. You texted the boys the video of Louis, and when you look up you see Louis standing in front of you, smiling like a mad man with a pigeon in his hands. He holds the pigeon up to your face.


"Look! I found Kevin!" he says, smiling like a five year old who just got a puppy for Christmas. The poor pigeon was squirming around in Louis grip trying to escape.


"Louis, let the poor pigeon go! Your killing him." You scold him, then take the pigeon from his hands and let it fly off.


"NO KEVIN! DON’T LEAVE ME!" Louis screams running after the flying pigeon. You laugh and go after him.


"C'mon Louis, lets go play some games, we'll find you another Kevin after wards!" you tell him. He pouts and looks at you with puppy dog eyes. "My Kevin is gone!" he exclaims, then starts fake crying into your chest, you rub his back awkwardly, not really knowing what to do in this situation, a couple of people give you weird looks as they walk by, you just smile at them and say "sorry, he's got some….issues."


"I DO NOT HAVE ISSUES! ITS YOUR FAULT KEVINS GONE!" Louis screams, obviously done fake crying. You laugh and pull him to the next ride you had in mind.


The day went by with the two of you stopping to eat an early dinner, which was pizza for you and…… carrots for Louis, that boy had a really weird obsession with carrots, and when you would force him to eat some pizza, he would reply with "NO JIMMY PROTESTED!" the kid's really weird, but you like him anyway! After dinner you went on a few more rides, played a few more games until you came to your last ride of the day. It was the Ferris wheel, a very tall one at that. Louis had saved it for last because he said it would be a great view of the sunset. And he wasn’t kidding, when you got to top, Louis signalled something to the attendant below, and all of a sudden the ride stopped right at the top, with a beautiful view of the sun set. You sit on the seat facing the sunset, cuddled up to Louis while you hugged the teddy bear. Then Louis suddenly stands up, he asks you to stand up as well, you didn’t want to because, you were a bit afraid of heights, even though you were a dare devil, you were still afraid of heights. Louis looked you in the eyes.


"(Y/N) its alright, nothing will happen to you, as long as I'm here, you'll be fine." Louis assured. After he said that, you seem to come down a bit and grow the confidence to stand up. You face Louis, your right side facing the sunset. He takes your hands in his and looks you in the eyes.


"(Y/N) I know that this is our official first date, but I like you a lot and every moment I've spent with you before, even when the boys were around, I felt like you are the only I want to be with, no else in the room matters, just… You. So would you please, be my girlfriend?" Louis nervously asked. You giggle at him, knowing you just made THE Louis Tomlinson nervous.


"Wait a second, did I just make THE Louis Tomlinson nervous? What happened to the swaga masta of doncasta?" you asked playfully. Louis chuckles.


"I guess it’s the affect you have on me. So what's your answer." Louis asks eagerly.


"Well Louis this is our FIRST date, and I've only spent so little time with you and-" he cuts you off, and you see his face fall, he looked like a lost puppy, he had such a sad expression on his face.


"so your answer is no." he silently says, it was barley a whisper.


"Wait, you didn’t let me finish, Its our first date and I've spent so little time with you , although it was the best time and first date of my life. So yes, I will be your girlfriend." You conclude. You see his face light up like a Christmas tree. And then he smashes his lips against yours, you hear cheering and pull away from Louis to see what's going on. Below you, you see a crowd has formed and has probably heard everything you said, and was now cheering, obviously celebrating the fact that you said yes. You look back up at Louis and kiss his lips passionately.


A/N hey! Hope you like this Louis imagine I wrote! Please comment me what you guys think, and if I should make other imagines for the other boys! Thanks for reading!!



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