My life

Hey I know I have haters but I don't care what they think..... I won't lie so ill tell you guys I cry allot and I hide from people who hurt me. This is my life as in a journey telling you guys how I feel about people and things that have been going on.

Love you<3


1. Dear friends

Hey this is to my friends!! I love all of y'all you guys help me get through the hardest times so you come before any guy if they hurt you then they will have to deal with me. My friends I'm sorry if I can't tell you everything it's hard to talk about some things but I want to tell you but I don't have the courage...

but since I have you guys and my fans I don't need to let the haters get to me they are just jealous and want attention so Imma ignore them.

Thanks you guys for being there for me a supporting me i love you so much!!!



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