Just an average pilot story, gonna try to include all the crap that teens and young adults like to read ;)

1. Chap.1

A horrid noise came into Melanie's focus. It is not incorrect to describe it as entering her focus, because although that sort of wording usually describes something relating to eyesight, she was really only focusing on one of her five senses at the moment, that of which happened to be her hearing. The noise, she deciphered with closed eyes, (and regrettably open ears) was her alarm clock. One stormy eye lined with smudged mascara opened up, and immediately upon locating the treacherous thing, she leaned across her bed to her bookshelf, grabbed it, and squeezed all the buttons at once. This was her super efficient technique of a no-fail-guaranteed way to turn her alarm clock off. Squeeze all the buttons at once, and one of them is going to silence it. The idea, she admitted, was actually pretty genius. She settled back into the understanding memory foam of her bed, and dozed off. Suddenly her eye burst back open, the white of it now irritated to a bright pink hue. Cursing passionately, she blinked violently until the chunk of mascara toppled out of her eye, skimmed over her cheek, and made it's home somewhere in her bed sheets. Mascara, in Melanie's mind, was the enemy. She had thoughtlessly grabbed the cheapest container of it at Walgreens a couple Tuesdays ago (in all honesty, it may or may not have been a Tuesday, and in fact it probably wasn't, but Melanie had a viciril hatred of Tuesdays, so she just assumed that everything bad happened on a Tuesday) and had not known the depth of the statement "waterproof". Her first date was the night before, a Friday night, and she had piled the stuff on. Having natural beauty of which she was well aware of, she had absolutely no makeup products in her possession. Long story short: makeup remover is absolutely needed to remove waterproof mascara, and water only helps to smear it. So, naturally, Melanie had forgotten about it until the very moment. She sat up, now fully awake. Her long oval mirror hung on the wall across from her. She blinked a few more times, her eye trying to erase the memory of mascara in it. She was pretty lucky, and she knew this. In her opinion, she really didn't need any makeup at all. It was her mother who had told her she needed to look more like a girl. "Melanie, now that you are a young lady, you need to act like one. That means that I will not let you go out with that nice young man without looking proper. Go run to the store and get some makeup to fix yourself up for tonight." That is what Melanie's mom had told her the night before. She had felt like telling off her mom, Cynthia, but instead she just nodded obediently. It simply was too much work, she had told herself, to waste her breath trying to explain why she didn't want to wear makeup. Adam was a nice boy, she would give him that, but she had only gone out with him so as to not hurt his feelings. She was almost positive that one date with him was enough to tell her what she needed to know: they had absolutely nothing in common, and she was not going to call him back. She dug her fingers into her bed. It appeared she was fainting. The mirror landed on her face. She was still sitting on her bed though. With one hand cupped under her nose to control the bleeding, she used the other to push the giant mirror aside. Weird. She hadn't fallen on to the mirror, but the opposite. It had fallen onto her, which meant she hadn't actually fainted. Fully awake now, she laid back on her bed and tipped her head up to stop the bleeding from her nose. After several minutes, some dust fell down on her face from the ceiling, at about the same time as she heard a few loud, deliberate banging noises from the same area in her ceiling. Nobody lived in the apartment above her though. She jumped out of bed and tripped over her swim bag on her way to her closet door. She stumbled over to it and ripped it open. "Shit", she thought. All of her clothes were dirty except some sundresses. She hated wearing dresses. This wasn't so much because she didn't like the way they looked, in fact, she liked looking pretty in dresses. The reason she hated wearing dresses was because her mother would always snap at her to keep her legs shut. That's what really got to her. She chose a silky textured robin's egg blue dress which reached just above her knees, and a wide-rimmed sunhat with a few daisies woven in to it to complete the outfit. She had recently developed a love for sun hats, and already had about five of them in her closet. A couple of pairs of sandals were strewn about the floor of her bedroom, but she didn't take any of those with her. "Shoes are so overrated", she thought to herself. Melanie exited her bedroom and burst out of her front door. She lived in the middle apartment of her unit, so her front door was located in the middle of an enclosed concrete staircase, leading to the other apartments. She padded across the landing and leaned through the cut-out window, peering up above to see what she could. The toolbox of a maintenance man sat on the ledge of the open window above her. "Melanie! Come meet your new neighbors!" Melanie spun around and looked down to the ground below, where her mom and dad were standing, conversing with a middle-aged man and a boy who appeared to be about sixteen. Melanie's age. He looked up and smiled at Melanie.
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