"No! nobody was ever supposed to find out!" I come crashing to my knees and burst into tears as the meaning of the words of this human finally hit me. I look at him with my pained eyes... "You cannot tell anyone... ever." He shakes his head and walks over to me. I somehow feel like I can trust him.... No! You can never trust a human! They are selfish, cruel, despicable creatures! But... maybe, he's different.

Annabel Creasure is different than most people. Everybody believes she's a freak. Everyone but one. Alexander Shade sees something in her that he just can't shake. Will the secrets of Annabel ruin everything, or will it only bring them together?


5. 5.

How could I let this happen? I should've understood what they meant. Now Alex is going to be gone for good. I rush outside to go back to my house when I run into Alex's mother. "Annabel?" She asks. "What are you doing here?" I take a deep breath. Trying to calm down enough to make out some words. "Do you know where Alex is?" my voiced was paniced. She looked worried by my tone, I dont blame her. "He went with another girl. I said it was okay, I thought you two broke up, is everything okay?" Her voice was starting to get more curious. "I need to tell him about this girl, she is just using him..." I lie making up a story on the spot. "Do you know where they went?" She nodds. "She said that they were going to the museum..." I nod. What could that mean. "Thank you!" I start walking away as I thank her. I get to my house and run upstairs to my father's room. "I need to use the car," he looks at me confused. "It's Alex, he's in trouble. They have him." His face suddenly turns to shock as he tosses me the car keys. "Do you know where you're going?" He yells to me. "Not really!" I yell back. But before he can ask anymore questions I'm already downstairs. I get in the car and start driving. "A museum... What kind of museum?" I ask myself. "That's it!" I say. I have heard of an old museum that the witches now use as a sanctuary, as the head counsil, that's where everyone who is in trouble in any way goes to. That's probably where they are taking him. Luckily when I was younger, but still old enough to remember the way, my father took me there to talk to Madeline. That was the first time I met her, it was a few years after my mother died. After an hour of driving and panicing I finally get to a large building. It looks abandoned on the outside, but if it is as I remember, it is beautiful on the inside. I step out of the car and walk inside. As I get further into the building I hear voices. I start to follow them down a long hallway. "What do you want from me?" Alex? I start walking faster "Oh dearest, don't worry, it'll be all over soon..." Madeline. I scowl at the thought of her name. She has Alex. Suddenly I hear struggling of some kind. "Oh no use struggling, you'll never get out." Says Madeline. "You are all aweful! Annabel is so much better than you!" He yells. I can't believe he said that, after all of this, after what I said to him... He still loves me. "Awe, you hear that girls, sounds like he's in love." Little chippers of laughter are heard after that. Suddenly I hear cries of pain comming from Alex echo through the halls. "ALEX!!" I scream, running as fast as I can to find the room. "You mortals," Madeline scoffs "such fools, always seeing the good in people! You are all the same, filthy" I hear a scream again. "Little" Another scream. "Maggots!!" And another. "NO!!!" I scream this time, on the top of my lungs. Finally reaching the room. When I get there I see Alex chained up and spread tightly. "Annabel!" He sounded relieved. "Annabel?" She asked confused. "Let go of my boyfriend you witch!" I yell at her. "He know's too much! You are a disgrace to our kind!" She scoffs. "No." I say. "You are the disgrace." I keep talking getting closer. "You kill, and that's more than the humans have done to us. Sure that before they were bad, but look now. Don't you see that if he is the only one who knows, we'll be okay? Apparently you don't. You people sicken me. I'm sure that this isn't the first human you've tried to kill... Is it?" Silence. "IS IT?!" Her face is blank. "You think you can talk down to me?!" She finally answers. "Yes. I think I can, actually, I know I can." I lift my hand up, lifting her up in the air. I then throw her accross the room into a bookcase. "You are the filthy maggots!" I yell. She runs at me, in mid run she freezes and grabbs her throat. and trys to gasp for air. I am holding my hand out, choking her. "I think it's time a new generation takes over..." And with that I snap my fingers and she falls to the ground. I stare at her as she shrivels up to the old hag she really is. I turn around to see three other woman behind me. They're her minions, brainwashed into thinking the way she does. Sadly, there is no way to turn their brains around. I snap my fingers again and they turn into thousands of butterflies slowly. Starting at their fingers going up from there. I deccided that they desserved to be something beautiful, because it wasn't all their fault. I stand there, realizing what I've just done. I turn around to see Alex, still chained up. "Alex!" I yell running over to him. He smiles at me. "You saved me..." He said astonished. I smile, walking over to a lever that lets him down. When he's finally unchained I answer back. "That I did." I smile back. "But, you said you didn't love me..." He said questioning. I looked down ashamed. "I know." "Why?" He asked. "You wouldn't have let me go if I told you I was breaking up with you because it was unsafe." He looked at me, I couldn't tell his emotion. "But you said..." "You have no idea how hard it was for me to say those words. It tore me apart inside, every word felt like another tear to the hole in my heart. I did it because... because I couldn't stand spending one day risking your life. I thought that if I broke up with you... if I ended it, then everything would be alright. I did it because I couldn't stand thinking that for one day I could never see your face again. I did it because if I had to be away from you to keep you safe, then so be it. I did it, because I love you." Alex looked at me and smiled. "I thought I was going to die hoping that I would hear those words again, but knowing I never would..." After that, he leaned in and kissed me. It was a perfect kiss, the way his lips moved with mine. "Annabel Creasure," He began, "I love you." I just laughed and kissed him again.

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