"No! nobody was ever supposed to find out!" I come crashing to my knees and burst into tears as the meaning of the words of this human finally hit me. I look at him with my pained eyes... "You cannot tell anyone... ever." He shakes his head and walks over to me. I somehow feel like I can trust him.... No! You can never trust a human! They are selfish, cruel, despicable creatures! But... maybe, he's different.

Annabel Creasure is different than most people. Everybody believes she's a freak. Everyone but one. Alexander Shade sees something in her that he just can't shake. Will the secrets of Annabel ruin everything, or will it only bring them together?


1. 1.

Being a girl that moves around a lot is never a good thing, but being as different as I am, well its never an easy time in my life. Moving to this small town is definitely not my father's best move, but I guess he wanted to get away from the big cities for a while. It may be easy for him... but for a senior in high school, who doesn't know anyone at this new school in this small town, it's going to be rough. A

I walk into James Wood High and automatically feel the bad vibes. The stare downs are the worst... Have you ever felt like you just want to turn around and scream at someone? Well, that's how I feel most of the day... Everyday of my life.

As I walk down the hallway  just staring at the floor trying not to make eye contact I run into something hard and fall on my back.  "Oh my God! I'm so sorry!" Says an unfamiliar teenage boy voice. I look up to see an average height, brunet boy wearing a navy blue t-shirt and black skinny jeans. "It's fine..." I stop looking at him and hope he doesn't make a comment about my dark makeup or 'freakish' clothes.

You see, when you dress as dark as I do, you get labled. Goth, emo, scene, you name it, I've been called it. It gets rather annoying, but you learn to cope.

"Are you sure? You look a little fumbled." Says the voice again. "Oh, um yeah I'm fine... Don't worry about it." I look at him again unwillingly. He seemed worried. Worried? For me? "Are you new? I don't recognize you from around, I usually know everyone's face?" Kid's got a brain. "Yeah, I'm new... And you are?" He smiles at me. "Alexander Shade, but most people call me Alex." He extends his hand, I take it and shake it lightly. "Pleasure." I manage to force a smile onto my face. I stand there waiting for him to either let go of my hand and walk away, or say something else. "Oh," He starts, clearing his throat. "um, and you are?" I giggle a little at his embarrassment. "Annabel Creasure." He smiles again at me. "That's a beautiful name, well Annabel it's very nice meeting you."

I can't help but feel a little awkward, but yet flattered. For the first time, in a very long time, I was complimented. A real smile actually formed on my face. "Thanks." After a few moments of just standing there I look down at our hands and chuckle awkwardly. I give him a look like 'you can let go now' and he starts to blush. "Oh! Sorry. Um, who, uh, is your first class?"  He says letting go of my hand. This kid will not give up will he? I pull out my schedule and read the first name on my list and the room number. I pray that I don't have the same class as him. "Room 213 Mr. Jamersons..." Please, please, please... "I guess we're heading the same way!" Dang it! Maybe I can lose him somehow before he suggest that we walk together. "Hey, how about I show you the way." Too late.

He takes my hand and leads me to the class. I don't say a word the entire time until we get there. And even then the only word was 'thanks'. After that I quietly walked over to a seat in the back. Alex sat a few seats in front of me. He is very kind I can tell, and his eyes are heart melting. I want to believe that maybe he is good. Maybe he is someone to be trusted. But even if he is, maybe if he can be trusted and loyal... I couldn't do it. It would put him in too much danger. I'd just have to stay away from him as much as possible. Keep my distance and hope that he forgets all about me.

As the class starts to fill up I can automatically pick out the cliques. "Oh look, little miss depressed. I bet you just crave attention. Don't you?" Some blonde says to me. She looks like a Barbie doll with her little group of posse. "Oh leave her alone Emily! It's too early to listen to the piercing noises that come out of your mouth." I look back to see that Alexander is looking at me again. 

I can't let him fall for me. I can't. He is a mortal. A human. Someone who would not be safe in my world. He would be destroyed in minutes if Madeline and her crew of dark witches got to him. That is for certain.

"Butt out! She doesn't need anyone to stand up for her! That's just what her kind want. Attention, they feed off of it! They're like termites that feed off of your house, then at one point after you just keep fixing the things they do and give them more to have, you end up with nothing! People like her, don't deserve to walk on the same soil as us!" I feel my face start to burn and a lump in my throat. I cannot let them win. They do not have power over me.

"Oh, that's so cute, you think I wish to walk on the same soil as you! Breathing the same air makes me sick! When I get home. I'm going to burn these shoes. There is no way that I can disinfect these from the disease that you give off. Do you smell that? It smells like... Desperation, cruelty, and what is that? Oh I think that it's embarrassment. Do us all a favor princess, go lock yourself in a tower for a while. And don't come back." I turn around blankly. I don't want to show that that hurt me, I don't want to show that I'm happy about what I said. I just want to move on, and go unnoticed for the rest of the day.

My words seemed to make some sort of impact on blondie, she stopped talking for the rest of the class.

After school I walked home. I don't want to risk being on the same bus as either Emily or Alexander. I don't want to draw anymore attention to myself. And I most certainly don't want to talk to anyone.

As I walk up to the new house that I'm still learning to call home, I decide to go out back. The big yard is the only place I seem to get alone time. I push trough the small black gate that is in front of our house. I don't even bother to walk through the house, so I maneuver my way out back. I can hear and feel the crackling of leaves underneath my feet.

The fall is always my most favorite season, the color of the leaves, the beautiful aroma, and the cold. I love when it gets cold because that means drinking tea by the fire with a good book and a blanket.

I walk over to the center of my yard and look around. I look at the ground, all of the leaves, the colors. Each leaf so different, but yet so the same. Then I look at the Sky, blue like the summer, but yet so cold. The clouds seem to get whiter when it gets cold outside. Then I look at the trees. All of them slowly dying, but becoming more and more beautiful as they lose their leaves. But it's not sad to think of leaves and trees dying because you know they'll come back and become just as beautiful in the spring.

I stare at one specific tree and put my hand out. Slowly, the tree starts to grow its beautiful green leaves back. But just as quickly as the color came, it starts to fade into the beautiful orange red and brown colors of fall that I love so much. I continue to hold my hand out and watch the beautiful colors until I hear I rustling in the trees behind me. It sounded like running. I ran over and started towards the noise.

I run and run until I cant hear the noise anymore. "Hello?!" I scream. If someone sees what I can do. If someone finds out, everything would change. For me, my family, my entire world. Ruined. Secrets? Gone. Everything that we worked so hard to keep hidden would be exposed. And it would be all my fault.

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