i kidnapped my boyfriend

when jewels bf decides he has had enough of her she does the only thing she can do to keep him close


3. awesome present

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when lunch starts i sit at an empty table and start eating, then someone covers my eyes with their hands and i hear people sitting down, when they uncover my eyes, five boxes are lying in front of me, and my five best friends including my boyfriend are sitting at the table

"happy birthday" they shout as Jason hugs me

"love ya baby" Jason kisses me on the cheek as i grab a random box, its from kylie, my closest girlfriend

"aawww kylie, lets see what amazingness i get from you" she laughs as i rip open the wrapping, its a new necklace with have of a heart on it, i look at kylie to see her wearing the other half

"aawww, thanks buddy" she smiles, i grab another one, its from anna, i open it to find a really expensive i phone speaker i have been wanting

"omg thanks anna" i put it in my backpack as Jason puts my necklace on for me

"which one now" maya asks eating her fruit

"this one" i pick the smallest one, its from maya, i laugh and open it to see a mood ring in the shape of a heart with an arrow through it, "aawww, thanks" i smile and put it on my middle finger, it turns purple

"your in love" maya says looking at Jason taking a big bite of his burger, he pauses confused why everyone is looking at him, we laugh and i grab another box, it says from Anthony on the top, i open it to find the hunger games series, the hunger games, catching fire, and mocking jay, i hug the friend known as Anthony next to me and look at the last box, then to Jason, he smiles as i grab it and rip it open to see a beautiful charm bracelet with thirteen charms on it, i hug him

"thank you so much, all of you, i love my presents" we all get up and group hug until the teacher tells us to take our seats

when lunch is over Jason walks me to my classroom and then walks to his, everyone is assigned a new seat, so i find my name on the table, i look up to see jake and sam, the two guys who hate me the most at the table im sat at, and im in between them, i slowly take my seat and pull out my notebook and a pencil, both boys scoot so close to me we are practically touching

"get away from me" i say, not in a good mood all of a sudden, the come closer and squish me between them

"why, this is fun....for us" they both start laughing, i keep drawing, its a picture of a lost puppy lying on the street in the rain, when i finish i see them staring in awe, like they have never seen a better drawing

"what" i say confused

"that, that picture is so good, i didnt know you drew that good, draw me something" sam begs holding onto my arm

"ok" i stammer, not believing what im seeing

"me too" jake says like a little kid, i nod and he grabs my other arm

"ok, i will, just let go off me" they hug me and sit back after they realize people are staring, the class goes on as i draw sam a dragon, and jake a girl on a bike, when the class is over i have given them their pictures and they are just staring at them, i meet Jason in the hallway, sam and jake hug me one more time and Jason looks a little jealous and confused

"its not what it looks like, i just drew them those pictures they were holding and they don't hate me anymore" he lightens up and laughs

"good, cause you, my baby girl, are mine" i smile and he hugs me, when the final hour starts Jason and i sit together in art, he wanted to become a better drawer so he could draw me things, i was happy when he told me that

"good afternoon class, today we will be drawing portraits of one person in the room, who would like to volunteer to be drawn" no one raises their hand, so Jason  hand and raises it for me

"ah, miss wason, step forward please" she waves me to her, i look at Jason as he laughs, and he mouths i love you to me, i smile and walk to the art teacher, she puts me into a model pose, one hand on my hip, and the other on my head, she moved my long brown to one side of my head

"draw" she commands, i stare at the wall behind everyone, at least i wouldn't have a problem standing like this, Dillon and Mitchel make me stand in one place for hours at a time so the can sculpt a statue of me, they are really good too

"can we draw different clothes on her" i hear Jason's voice

"certainly" the teacher says, i look over at him without moving my head, he smiles as  he draws, he is so cute when he is concentrating, i look back at the wall, for the rest of the class i stand there, thinking about what im going to look like on Jason's paper when he is done, is he going to put me in a bikini, a swimsuit at all, what im wearing now

"time to pack up, who is close enough to done to show our patient model" half the kids raise their hands, most of them are boys, which makes me a little uncomfortable, she has a total of five girls show me them first, they look exactly like me, its amazing, do i really look that beautiful

"Jason, quit messing around" the teacher snaps, i laugh as the boys start coming up to me, the majority of the boys drew me in a dress or tank top and really short shorts, Jason is the last one in line, when he gets to me the teacher gapes about how beautiful he made me

"oh my Jason, this is just.." she stops covering her mouth, i take the picture and sit down in the closest chair, he even colored it, i have my long brown hair flowing in the wind, im in my pose, in a beautiful purple and white dress, im wearing a purple flower hat kinda like a crown, and my big blue eyes looking right at him, my eyelashes outlined black, and red lipstick, all i can do is stare at it in awe, he notices and laughs, i think i see a garden behind me, beautiful roses, tulips, macadamias, its so beautiful, a tear rolls down my cheek

"let me see it dear" the teacher says as Jason walks behind me and starts rubbing my shoulders, she projects the picture on the wall so the whole class can see it, they all stare in awe, the same way i did

"Jason that's wonderful" says feline, she is crying, she is the only girl jealous of me, and when i look to her, she looks at me angrily like i stole her perfect boyfriend

"yeah, amazing" Greg claps, he is jealous of Jason, i look at him, his picture was the best when i saw it, but when i saw Jason's, it was perfect, he leans down and whispers into my ear

"this is how i saw you in a dream once, i can still remember every detail" i smile at him as he wipes away another tear from my cheek and continues to rub my shoulders

"i love it" i choke out, the class looks at me as the rest of the class claps for jasons drawing, i stand up and clap too, today was the best birthday ever

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