Percy Jackson's fall into Tartarus

This story is for Heroes of Olympus fans, who like Percy as the focus character. I thought up this story to entertain fans while they wait for the House of Hades to come out. Spoiler Alert! If you haven't read The Mark Of Athena, then this story will give away the ending. This is my first story, so please give me feedback to improve! I do not own any characters or content. All content belongs to Rick Riordan. Cover art belongs to


6. Torture

Percy felt a chilling blade run down his neck. He couldn't believe he was that unlucky. Meeting her down here, when there were so many other monsters to encounter. I wonder if her eyes will still turn me to stone.

Medusa ran the knife back up to his hairline. "You seem to be losing your nerve, my dear!" She cried. "Let me put you at ease."

Percy shut his eyes tight and turned away as she leaned closer, thinking about his chances of getting away without being stabbed. He didn't like them, seeing as the moment he moved Medusa only had to jab forward to stick him right in the head. He heard her snakes hissing at him, laughing as if they were waiting for him to be made into a statue. Medusa gripped his left arm, cackling, "Drop the sword, puny hero. Maybe I'll find a way to take your gnome back to my garden, hmm? " She hissed and tightened her grip. Percy did the same on Riptide. He slashed upward, trying to slice her leg, but she launched herself straight at him. Waves of pain rolled over him as she slashed the metal of the blade down his right side, cutting the strap off Annabeth's backpack and making him drop his sword. Medusa dragged him to the ground like a football player, flipping him to his back with great speed... too much speed for an old lady.

Percy had only enough time to close his eyes again before she had the knife under his chin. He could feel her sour breath on his face as she spat at him. "Sweet, stubborn orphan. Why are you so violent? Just open your beautiful eyes. Why should you continue to labor for Olympus? You've done enough. Open your eyes, I want to see them!" She dug the blade deeper into his skin as he struggled against her. Percy's  side was burning from the long wound, and it was bleeding heavily. He could feel it soaking into his shirt around his backpack. She sat over his stomach, carefully pinning both of his arms under her knees. He thought quickly. He couldn't see anything, but he figured if he was able to run he wouldn't be able to see in the darkness until Riptide came back. He brought up his knees into Medusa's back in an effort to throw her off. She lurched forward, but that only drove her hands toward his face. Percy had no warning until the dagger cut a fair-sized gash from under his chin and across his left cheek.

Medusa regained control during his shock, and sat down hard on his stomach, squeezing the last of his breath from him. "You try and try, but you should know by now it's hopeless. Gaea has given up on you. You are to be painfully executed, but I can save you from that. Open your eyes, hero." Percy continued to struggle. He didn't know what he was hoping was going to happen, but he did know he wasn't going to be another one of Medusa's statues. But this was the first he'd heard of Gaea giving up on him. Did that mean that she didn't want him as a sacrifice anymore? Maybe Medusa was lying.

She got up closer to his face, try to coax him into looking on her, but soon became impatient. She pushed the edge of the switchblade into Percy's right shoulder. Slowly, pain seeped to life where she cut him. "You think I won't make you? Silly boy, for every ten seconds you keep your eyes closed, I'll gift you with one of these." Quick as a flash, she pulled the knife back sharply, making Percy cry out. He couldn't help it. He never fully understood why torture was so horrible, and he'd never wanted to find out. But he knew now. It wasn't so much the pain, although it was terrible in itself. No, the worst was the anticipation, the thought of the agony that's on the way, and not knowing when or if it will ever stop.

Medusa worked to keep Percy under control. He writhed under her dagger, in a haze of pure terror. He couldn't see, he had three decent injuries, and no hope of getting away.

"Calm down, my dear. This doesn't have to happen. Just show me your eyes!" She told him. For a split second, Percy considered it. The mere thought scared him, but it would be easier, wouldn't it? Whoa. No way. He had Annabeth. Annabeth! He'd just have to hold out until she found him. Once she did, all he needed was a small distraction. You can do this. You have to.

Suddenly, the knife ripped down his arm again, not an inch from the last one. Percy whimpered behind his teeth, but didn't yell. Then, he thought up an idea.

"MEDUSA!" He screamed as loud as he could. He didn't want Medusa to know about Annabeth, and Annabeth needed to know not to look at their enemy. But, unfortunately, the enemy did not like his outburst.

"Shut up! They will come, and they will kill you. My way is much better. Now, I want to SEE YOUR EYES!" She screeched. Lashing out with her weapon, she drew it strait across his chest. Agony stretched across his whole body, making his vision turn red. Percy's mind started slowing down, not able to focus on anything that might save him. Struggling, kicking, and yelling, he continued his hazed panic. Without warning, a loud smack and a shriek sounded above him. The weight of Medusa disappeared from his stomach, and he could finally breathe again. Gasping for air, he tried to steady his pulse. He kept his eyes closed, but he could hear Medusa screaming for mercy.

"No! I was trying to help! I'm saving him from their terrible plans." She begged as Percy's head  began to clear. Annabeth's voice reached his ears, unforgiving and furious.

"All you were going to do is kill him. For that, I'm going to kill you." With a sickening thwack, Medusa stopped talking.

Percy heard Annabeth's footsteps as she approached, "Percy! Percy, are you okay? Look at me, you're safe now." She continue to convince him until he slowly forced his eyes open. There she was, gazing down on him with love and concern as she pulled her backpack out from under him. She slid it open to take inventory while speaking softly to calm him down. As she pulled out the nectar, she looked down at him, searching for his injuries. "You need to be ready to go, Percy. We've got bigger problems than grandmothers that want you for their garden."


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