Percy Jackson's fall into Tartarus

This story is for Heroes of Olympus fans, who like Percy as the focus character. I thought up this story to entertain fans while they wait for the House of Hades to come out. Spoiler Alert! If you haven't read The Mark Of Athena, then this story will give away the ending. This is my first story, so please give me feedback to improve! I do not own any characters or content. All content belongs to Rick Riordan. Cover art belongs to


4. Into Darkness

Percy and Annabeth stumbled and tripped as they traveled in the blackness. Both didn't have a clue what to look for, and with their lack of light they didn't know what to expect, either. The ground was mostly flat, with widely-spaced potholes and random rocks sticking up above the dirt. They could only hear their own breathing and cursing, but the emptiness around them seemed to dampen all noise they made. Occasionally, they could hear a distant roar, groan, or yell belonging to faceless demons. For all the horrors Percy had ever faced, he figured that the worst would dwell here in the black of Tartarus. He thought up many possible circumstances that could occur; none of which were good.

Suddenly, Annabeth lurched downward with a yelp. With Percy's arm wrapped around her, he was dragged to the ground as well. They both thudded to the path, making Percy's body go full fire again. Riptide flew a few feet away from him. He heard Annabeth groan beside him.

"Annabeth? Are you okay?" Percy asked, concerned beyond measure. His back burned as he sat up, but that didn't stop him. He needed to get up. Get to Annabeth.

As he moved to his knees, Percy heard a shriek from Annabeth's direction. He grabbed his sword from where it fell, and in it's light, he looked around for Annabeth. "Annabeth?" Percy called. He was beginning to panic. Stay calm. Freaking out doesn't help. "Annabeth! Where are... Whoa!" As he stepped forward, the ground seemed to disappear beneath him. He plummeted into a shallow hole, dropping his sword and tumbling head over heel till he reached the center. Groaning, he managed to right himself. Glancing around, he noticed Riptide lying not three feet from him. He walked over to it, checking for more injuries as he did so. His condition hadn't worsened much, but he probably added a few more bruises to his list of pains. Once he scooped up his sword, he continued his search. Based on the lack of response from Annabeth, he wondered if calling out was a good plan. You have no idea what's lurking down here. He decided it didn't matter. She could have been knocked unconscious, for all he knew. But she also might not have heard him as she fell into pit; Percy knew he wouldn't have.

"Annabeth?" He called out softly. All kinds of monsters could be down here, so he had to be careful. You're no use to her if you get caught by something, he excused himself. He made his way around the circle, but it was beginning to look like more of a deep channel than a crater. With no response from Annabeth, Percy assumed he was within his rights to panic. Keep your head clear. Did you respond well when you landed in this mangy underworld? His mind warred between icy calm and frantic seeking. He crouched, setting down his sword and bringing his hands to his temples. Listen carefully, he instructed himself. As he did, a loud clatter came from his left. Letting his instincts take over, he rose into a long-practiced stance with Riptide gripped firmly in his hands. He swung to face the noise, hoping for Annabeth, but only finding her dagger lying on the ground where the hill began sloping upward. He began to think as she would. Since the blade was at the bottom, it could have been dropped even thirty feet above him. Something had deserted the knife, and Annabeth wasn't talking, so either she was hiding, she was out cold, or she had been caught by whatever had dumped her weapon. She wouldn't be hiding unless there was something to hide from, and if she was unconscious then he had to find her. His best option, though there were basically no more to choose from, was to get the dagger and move up the hill to find what had dropped it. He didn't know what to expect, and he didn't really know what to do either, so naturally he made a plan. Find who threw the knife. If it's Annabeth, great. If it's not, kill it. If it's got Annabeth, kill it twice.

It sounded good enough to Percy. He scooped up her dagger and made his way up, not knowing how much he'd regret his choice of tactic.


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