Percy Jackson's fall into Tartarus

This story is for Heroes of Olympus fans, who like Percy as the focus character. I thought up this story to entertain fans while they wait for the House of Hades to come out. Spoiler Alert! If you haven't read The Mark Of Athena, then this story will give away the ending. This is my first story, so please give me feedback to improve! I do not own any characters or content. All content belongs to Rick Riordan. Cover art belongs to


5. Hauled Away

Percy continued his steep climb. He had misjudged the terrain, and the loose dirt slid downward under his sneakers. As he looked around, he saw nothing but the ground that was illuminated by the celestial bronze weapons. Beyond that, all was black. That wasn't going to help him at all, but Percy didn't see anything he could do about it.

From above him, a soft hiss greeted his ears. Raising Riptide in his right hand and Annabeth's dagger in the other, he glared into the darkness. He could hear the gravel grinding together as something stalked him unseen. The noise moved back and forth, as if it was pacing, but Percy kept his eyes in it's direction. Then, the walking stopped dead. Not a sound.

Annabeth's cry broke the silence like a whip, "Percy, look out!"

From his right a shadow lunged into his vision. He spun to defend himself, but he was knocked sideways onto his back. The ugly creature landed on top of him, and Percy jabbed upward with Annabeth's knife. It sunk in up to the hilt. With a wretched squeal, the huge animal backed off far enough for him to get a good look that he wished he had gone without.

The thing was basically a enlarged black widow, with a woman's face; except it wasn't a human face. Pincers protruded from the corners of her mouth and two eyes sprouted from her temples, giving her four eyes total. Her body was huge, but eight hairy legs supported her easily. She stumbled about screeching, trying to reach the blade. Under normal circumstances, this would have disintegrated a monster and sent their spirit here. But with her already being here, Percy had no idea what would happen. The spider managed to wrestle the dagger from her abdomen, crying out as she did so. Her face looked as if she was in pain, but the only proof of injury was a black powder that dripped from the cut.

Archniae hissed, "Stupid mortal! I cannot die here. This is where I will dwell until my patron calls. You, however, can perish the same as you do above." With that, she lurched towards him with amazing speed. Percy dove to his right, rolling and spinning to come up facing the spider. She spat at him, then charged again. He tried to dodge left, but as she flew by she shot web straight towards his chest. He tried to avoid it, but it caught his right arm. Once the spider noticed she had got him, she bolted up the slope. Hitting the ground hard, Percy lost his grip and his sword thudded to the dirt. His hands pawed at the web, but he knew he couldn't cut it without his weapon. He had no plan anymore, and all he could do was thrash and try to lessen the damage he was taking. Being pulled unwillingly, uphill, over hard soil, by a oversized, ugly, hairy black bug? Not fun.

Percy really missed Riptide. It should be in his pocket soon, but now would be great. His arm felt like it was being ripped from it's socket as he trailed behind the evil creature. She seemed to be taking him somewhere, and as the floor leveled out, he knew they'd emerged from the pit he'd fallen into earlier. You're too far from Annabeth. He spun to reach his pocket, relieved to find Riptide had reappeared. He tore it out and removed the cap. Percy sliced through the silk before his sword had even grown to full size.

The ground continued to slide by beneath him even after the web was gone. He hadn't realized how fast the spider could travel. Percy wanted to take a nice little break and lay there for awhile, but he knew he couldn't. He forced himself up, struggling to see into the gloom. With his sword in his grasp, he turn back the way he had come. He'd heard Annabeth's voice warn him, so she couldn't be unconscious. She was back on the hill somewhere, and she had let any monsters nearby know where she was for him. Just that made Percy feel lousy. He hadn't even killed the monster.

He began running as quietly as he could. The spider had to be following him, to kill him or try to drag him away again. Once Percy finally came upon the downward slope, he was careful to keep his footing. He studied the ground before him as he jogged, and came to a halt when he saw a lump in his path. He approached cautiously, but went to pick it up when he realized it was a backpack. Not just a random one, either. It was Annabeth's. The one she had lost to the pit before they had taken the fall. Driving Riptide into the ground, he scooped up the bag with his now-free hands. Percy un-zipped it, squinting to see in the half-light. Inside, Daedalus's laptop was in surprisingly good shape after the trip to Tartarus. On one side, it had a large dent in the corner, but that was the only damage the computer took. Other than that, there was a bottle that was about half full with nectar, some colorful string, and a strip of leftover bubble wrap. Well, that's very helpful. Percy slid the backpack over his shoulder and pulled his sword from the ground. As he stepped to continue after Annabeth, a disturbingly familiar voice echoed through the darkness. The voice of an older woman, with a middle eastern accent. It was oozing triumph and false sympathy.

"Oh, my dear! What might a sweet orphan like yourself be doing down here?"  

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