Percy Jackson's fall into Tartarus

This story is for Heroes of Olympus fans, who like Percy as the focus character. I thought up this story to entertain fans while they wait for the House of Hades to come out. Spoiler Alert! If you haven't read The Mark Of Athena, then this story will give away the ending. This is my first story, so please give me feedback to improve! I do not own any characters or content. All content belongs to Rick Riordan. Cover art belongs to


12. Discovering Aftermath

When Annabeth woke up, her head was swollen and sore. Her ankle throbbed like she'd twisted it. She lay on her front, splayed out like road kill. Her knife was lying just out of her reach above her head. Not a good sign. Medusa must have chosen to leave it there, but why give Annabeth her weapon? Possibilities rushed through her mind, struggling to come up with her answer.

Suddenly, she realized she was wasting time. She sprung to her feet and scooped her dagger off the dirt. Percy had been drug off somewhere by Arachne, and she had no idea how long ago or which direction to head in. She spun in circles, looking a sign... of anything, really. Closing her eyes, she prayed to her mother, or any other god that would listen. Mother, please. She doubted Athena would be able to help her, even if she was willing to. Annabeth stopped at random, and forged ahead blindly. When she opened her eyes, she could have sworn there was a faint light, pale and red, glowing ahead of her. Is that an... owl? Her eyes must've been fooling her.

Despite her disbelief, she started running in that direction. Everything was black outside her small circle of light, and she couldn't help thinking of how much darker it was without Riptide, Percy's sword. Pushing those depressing ideas aside, she tried to formulate a plan. Planning normally calmed Annabeth down, allowing her to put aside issues and focus on the future, but this just made her realize how incredibly dark her knowledge was. She had nothing to help her, no details to depend on. Gods, she didn't even know if there was a way out of Tartarus. Nico was the only mortal to ever go into the pit and he barely escaped with his life, even being the son of Hades. He had said something about the doors of death, but could she find them? Was that even possible? Would she be able to find Percy in time to seal them? On that optimistic note, a strangled scream echoed from up ahead. Annabeth poured on the speed to reach it.

She was guided by sound alone. No light surrounded the creature. At first, Annabeth had assumed it was Percy, but when her knife's light reached it, she gagged on her own vomit and flinched away. The girl wasn't yelling anymore, but her labored breathing was enough to tell Annabeth she was very much alive. She probably wished she wasn't.

She looked like any regular girl, about fifteen years old with light brown hair and pale skin. She had to be a demon, but nothing apart from her injuries looked demon-like. She might have once been pretty, but she definitely wasn't now. She wore a greek chiton, though it hung in shreds from her shoulders. Her body was mangled, sliced up and down. Monsters didn't have blood, so her body was blanketed with black powder that poured from her injuries. Her face looked like it had been smashed with the grip of a sword, and her skull caved in slightly over her right eye. The horrid image branded itself into Annabeth's mind, never to be forgotten.

And her mother's owl had wanted her to see it.


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