Striped Pyjamas

I finally found someone I truly care about. The downside is sh's supposed to be the enemy...


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

First thing in the morning I dress and clad my feet in my shoes before I head to the kitchen. Mother sits at the table sipping her tea. "Good morning mother." I smile. "Good morning dear. Any plans for today?" "No mother. None at all." the lie rolls easily off my tongue. "Well that's good you won't mind picking up a few things for me dear." "Of course not mother." "Good. Good. From the markets I need some grain, oil and goats milk."


I bite into the apples juicy flesh and let the tart juices slide down my throat. I hum in approval at the taste. I walk down the streets of the town. I stop and watch a cluster of boys run round and kick a tin can. Ah the beauty of youth. The innocence of children oblivious to the deception going on right under their noses.  


I sigh and continue on my way eating my apple. I begin to make my way to the out skirts of town to find the old worn dirt path. I follow the trail and throw away the core of my apple as I walk at my leisurely pace. My mind wanders yet again to Kelsey. Nothing has happened I tell myself repeatedly.

I stop once I'm in viewing distance of the boundaries. No Kelsey. A horrible sinking feeling erupts in my stomach. Suddenly a loud bang goes off and a multitude of screams burst from the quietness. I hold my breath as I duck quickly behind a tree.

Kelsey appears out of no where with a tear stained face yelling such profanities that can not be written down or repeated for the sake of the readers innocence, at a soldier. My eyes widen. The soldier slaps Kelsey.

"HEY!" I yell. The solider turns to face me and his eyes widen in recognition. "Master Jonathan!" "Leave her alone! Do not harm her or her family!" "To late." The soldier snickers. "I will report you and you will be shot for your insolence and disobedience!" "No! I will harm this girl or her family." "Good. Now go." The soldier took off wordlessly.

Kelsey turns and looks at me with a look of shock sadness and disbelief written across her face. She walks to the fence. "Who are you?" She asks not believing that I am indeed the boy she met yesterday. "I just.. My best friend's father is the General." "Ok." Kelsey replies. I can tell she doesn't believe me. "Are you ok?" I ask changing the subject.

"No.. Well yes I am. But I cannot find PaPa. I asked around to see if anyone knew where he was. They fear that he was killed." I gasp. "Kelsey, I'm so sorry!" "It's ok. It's not your fault." If only she knew the amount of guilt I am feeling at this present moment. A pregnant silence fills the air.

"Yesterday you said to me that you would not harm me, that you are not like them. Yet you dress like the rich children, talk like a rich man and care like a rich mother that can give her family anything. I can see you are hiding something. Jonathan I hope that what ever you are hiding is for the good of the people and not some silly childish secret that will keep us all guessing."

Am I really that easy to read? Oh dear that's not good. I silently gulp. "I have to go." Kelsey says ducking her head as she walks away quickly back into the sound of gun fire.

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