Striped Pyjamas

I finally found someone I truly care about. The downside is sh's supposed to be the enemy...


1. Chapter 1

Germany is in the middle of a war. A war against the Jewish. This devastating crusade is lead by my vindictive step father, Adolf Hitler. He is sick and twisted. Hell bent on punishing the Jewish in the most painful and deceiving way.

His latest discovery; lock two hundred plus Jewish in a big dark metal room stark naked and drop a canister of poisonous gases through the roof killing them all instantly. Tricking them and saying it's a shower. It's cruel and horrifying. I knew he was evil long before my mother fell in love and married him. I did not take his last name in fear that I'd turn out like him.

My name is Jonathan Clark and I am Hitler's son. I have dark brown hair and green eyes. I am determined to stop my stepfather's torturous ways. I do not understand why the Jewish are so terrible, what they have done to offend us so much.

As I walk down the worn dirt path I ponder on this thought for the thousandth time today. I find the electric fence and stand still for a while and listen to the hum of it's electric current and impending doom. I sigh and scuff my brown leather shoes around in the dirt. This is as far as I go each day. Until I see the ancient oak tree.

What if...What if I followed the dirt path all the way to the end? The thought both terrifies and excites me. I will risk it. I hesitate slightly before I realise my feet are moving cautiously down the path without my minds consent. I do not stop them instead slightly quicken my pace.

I know that I am close to whatever horrors lie in wait at the end of the path as the once very faint and distant gunshots and screams begin to get louder. The screams ring and echo in my ears. Taunting me with a faint edge of blame. Teasing me. It's all your fault the screams would say late at night.

I shudder as I watch a middle aged Jewish man get shot in the head. His blood spilling out of the gaping hole and staining the already dirty ground. The tinkling of the bullet as it hits a stray piece of metal deafens me through the silence.

As much as it pains me to say I do not turn away. The image of the deceased man burning itself onto the back of my eyelids. The solider that shot the man walks away. I stay standing, watching for a little while longer before I make my way over to the boundaries of the concentration camp.

What I see shocks me more than any death I have ever seen. A girl with matted dirty blonde hair sits cross legged with her head facing the muddy blood soaked ground. She wears nothing but a pair of striped pajamas. I slowly walk up within an inch of the fence.

The girl's head shoots up and a look of absolute panic and fear fills up her beautiful chocolate brown eyes. "Do not be afraid. I will not harm you. I am not like them." The look doesn't disappear from her eyes as she follows my every move with her eyes. I sit down mirroring her position.

"How old are you?" I ask. "Sixteen." She replies in a tinkling angelic voice. "I'm seventeen. What's your name?" "Kelsey Marie Williams." "It's a pleasure to meet you Kelsey. I'm Jonathan Timothy Clark." Kelsey visibly relaxes. "The pleasure's all mine." She replies sweetly.

I smile At her and she smiles a dazzling bright smile back at me. We sit facing each other in a comfortable silence before the unmistakable crunch of boots on gravel courses through the silence. The scared panicked look returns to Kelsey's eyes.

"Run." She hisses. I slowly shake my head. "Run. Or we'll both get killed." Her tone is hushed and frantic. I get up and as quietly as I can move swiftly back behind a tree. Kelsey watches me. Tomorrow I will come back. I mouthed to her before I turn and move back down the path. As I walk hurriedly back down the dirt path a ghastly thought enters my mind. What happens if Kelsey is not there tomorrow? What if something happens? No. I tell myself forcefully. She will be ok. Never have I been so wrong...




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