Never Again *Liam Payne Fanfiction

Danella is a normal girl untl she encounters Liam Payne at a concert. He basicaly turns her life around. But, when he goes on tour hecheats on her with a fan. Or so she thinks. Should she belive Liam or the Papparazzi? Read and find out.


1. Ordinary Day

     I sit in my room. Tonight my big brother, Lucas, is taking me to a One Direction Concert. We also have backstage passes. I'm soooo happy. I get up from my new Newsprint Lazyboy Chair and walk over to my nightstand. I look at the clock 3:00pm. We have to leave by 6:00pm, so I should probaly get ready. I walk across the hallway and start a shower. I undress and hop in.I start humming More Than This and before I know I'm singing it at the top of my lungs. I turn the water off and wrap myself in my bathrobe. I take my towel and rub it againgst my wavy black hair with purpule tips Which is my favorite color. I walk across the hall to my room. I sit down at my vanity. I grab my black eye shadow and brush it over my eyes. I put it down and grab a purple and brush it over my eyes. I set it down and grab a black eyeliner. I drag it around my eye. I have grey eyes so I do this everyday to make them look fierce. I quite tall for a girl. I'm 5'10. So, I never wear heels. I stand up and walk to my closet. I just moved to London with my family. My dad gets transvered alot so I know 10 different languges fluently. I grab a long sleeve purple and Black Polka doted shirt, black scarf, skinny jeans, and Black boots. I grab my phone from the chargerand my purse from my hook. I slip through my door. I run the stairs and plummet on the couch. My dad looks up at me from his newspaper. He lowers his paper. He takes off his reading glasses. He uncrosses his legs. He sits up straight. He gets a look on his face. On I know all too well. He gets look on his face everytime we move The "Dissaprovel" face. I'm abot to get a lecture. Again. I always just wear purple and black on the first week. But I just like my 2 favorite colors.

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