why me

When Emily's best friend Niall Horan leaves for the X Factor he forgets her. Will he ever remember her? Will they be friends again?


3. New Year New Life

      Emily's POV  

       ****2 years later****  

" Haley please I really don't want to go to their stupid annoying concert" I said to my bff Haley. I told her about Niall. She loves One Direction. I despise them they took Niall from me. " Uggghhh whatever." I said. '' REALLY THANK YOU YOUR THE BEST!!!!!" She said. This better be good. Oh yeah and she gets to meet and greet them which means I have to talk to Niall who I haven't talked to since he left. Maybe if I dye my hair he won't notice. I'll go dye my hair right now to red with black tips!!! Yea that sounds good!!! *next day* Today we have to go. I wore my hot pink crop top with a white heart on it with jean shorts and my black vans and some makeup. Not to much though here we go and I drove off. This will be fun.

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