why me

When Emily's best friend Niall Horan leaves for the X Factor he forgets her. Will he ever remember her? Will they be friends again?


6. At the park

              *Emily's POV *

I woke up and checked my phone. 3 new text messages from Niall. I read them 

N- Hey Emmy in was thinking can we meet at the park at 4:00??

N- Text me when your up

N- PS you will get your Nandos!

I checked the time it was 1:00!! I texted Niall then got in the shower and showered. When I got out I dryed my hair then straightned it. I put on my jean shorts and my purple flowy tank top and my black vans . I went to the park. Me and Niall went on the swings then chased each other. Then we went to Nandos and then we went to his place and before you could say doctor who rocks I was asleep. I dreamed that me and Niall were on doctor who. 

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