why me

When Emily's best friend Niall Horan leaves for the X Factor he forgets her. Will he ever remember her? Will they be friends again?


5. After/ forgiving niall

                *Emily's POV * 

I liked the concert. And I was mostly jumping so I had a cramp. The concert ended and Paul came over and took us back stage. "Emily I'm so sorry. I missed you so much!" Said Niall. I wanted to forgive him but I don't know. "I missed you to nialler!!" I said. " can you PLEASE forgive me Emmy??" Niall asked. '' Yeah I guess so only if..... you buy me nandos for a week." I said. '' deal" he said. I missed him so much. We hugged, exchanged numbers and I went home. 

                  *Nialls POV * Yeah buddy she forgave me!!!!!! I'm soo happy right now!!! I texted her (Emily - E Niall - N)

N- Emmy I just wanted to text you and say goodnight!!!!

E- Night nialler don't forget you owe me Nandos for a week!!! Lol night 

N- night see you in a few day's!! 

E- night can't wait!! 


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