Searching (Niall Horan Fanfiction)

"One look, one night, one simple silent glance and that was all it took. I had to find her. And somehow, some way, I would find her, even if that meant searching the entire world to see her eyes again." ~Niall Horan


9. Chapter 9

{Chapter 9}
Louis POV:
I walked into the resturant and looked around carefully. She was sitting at the counter, the hat held gently in her fingers. I let out a long breathe before I manouvered around the tables and people. I stopped next to her. I cleared my throat and she jumped and looked up in fright. She looked nervous. "This seat taken?" I asked quietly. She shook her head. I climbed up on the stool beside her silently. "May I buy you a drink? Coffee? Milk? Tea?" She thought for a second and went to decline but stopped herself. "Water is fine, if thats okay." She smiled sheepishly. I nodded and called over a waitress to order tea for myself and water. "And a plate if some of those sugar cookies to, please." I added at the end. The waitress nodded and off she went. I slowly turned. She was smiling at me. I felt horrible for what I had to do. I held my breath for a second. We stared at each other in silence until the waitress brought the cookies and our drinks. She took a sip of water and set it down, concentrating on the condensation running down the side of the class. I added sugar and just a bit of milk to my tea before I stirred it. I put down the spoon and spoke each word carefully and slowly. "You need to stop following us around. You need to stop chasing Niall." She looked up at me with her blue eyes; I noticed she had freckles on her cheeks and around her nose though she was pale. She didnt respond. I tried again, "Listen, we dont have the time to deal with a girl following us around like a lost puppy. Not to mention you have better things to do. You're family is probably worried sick." "I left a note," she said blinking, obviously lying. "A note? Do you think that will really ease a troubled mind? If it was one of my sisters, I dont know what I'd do." I said honestly. "You need to go home and stop bothering Niall." "You dont understand," she whispered brokenly. "No, I do. I understand that you have some weird fantasy about Niall that wont happen. Just give up." I snatched a cookie off the small plate, dipped it in my tea and chewed the sweet cookie before I stood. "Check please?" I smiled as the waitress walked past. She smiles and reached into her apron. I quickly tucked a 20 into the small pocket and handed it back. "Keep the change," I said with a wink. When I turned to leave I noticed tears streaming down her cheeks as she stared at the hat. I turned away quickly, leaving her alone in the resturant.
"I made her cry! I hope you're happy! I've never made a woman cry! I feel like a total asshole!" I shouted at Richard as he smiled widely. "It was the only thing we could do," he said. "The only thing?-No things could have been different. Niall would have been happy, I know the lads would love her. She was a sweet girl. And now things are just going to shit!" He was quiet for a second. "Shes all over the news Louis, it makes us look bad. We are going to have the cops after us if she doesnt return home." "She wont give up. I know she wont." "Did she say that?" "No. But she had such determination in her eyes." I sighed. "I guess I better go talk to Niall." I said turning away from Richard, feeling sick just looking at him. "Lou-" "I know. Lie. Thats all I ever seem to do anymore..." I whispered pushing the door open.
"Niall?" I asked knocking on his door. "Come on in, mate!" He called out. I opened the door and slipped in. He turned in his chair to look at me. The long row of chairs where the rest of us would sit for our hair styling and concert preperation were empty. I sat in the chair beside him turning on my acting skills. "Did ya see her?" He asked smiling brightly. I nodded. "Was she as beautiful in person? Did you bring her back? What did she say?" Niall threw the questions at me and each one stung like a quick cut by a rusty knife. I held up my hand. "Shes going home. She doesnt want to see you Niall." I saw his smile disappear and he went pale, paler than usual. "Wh-what?" "Im sorry, Ni..." I said standing up to leave him alone with his thoughts. I walked outside to sit alone. Sometimes I felt like I was the one holding the knife to my own throat.

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