Searching (Niall Horan Fanfiction)

"One look, one night, one simple silent glance and that was all it took. I had to find her. And somehow, some way, I would find her, even if that meant searching the entire world to see her eyes again." ~Niall Horan


8. Chapter 8

{Chapter 8}
"Wait so the girl punched you??" Marissa gasped. "Yeah. Some guy brought me to the bathroom and helped me." I said, my hand unconsiously touching the bandage on my face. It was quiet for a second. "Shes calling the police tomorrow." Lola said. I sighed, "I know. But I feel like if I keep looking, eventually..." I trailed off. Lola sighed. "What if you dont?" "Dont say that." I said shaking my head. They were silent. "Look I gotta go. Im on my way to Ohio now." Be careful..." Marissa said. "I will. Talk to you later." "Love you," they sang in unison. "You too..." I said clicking the phone off.
"Columbus, Ohio..." I sighe tapping my fingers to my stearing wheel to the songs beat that played in the background. I had my phone plugged in to charge as it played music and my GPS directing me. I was almost to the stadium when my stomach gave a loud growl. I checked the time. I still had two hours before the concert. I could park my car to save a spot and then walk to find somewhere to get a bite to eat. I sighed and stepped into a resturant that was full of red and browns, it was warming to be in after being outside in the sticky humidity. It felt cozy and welcoming. The waitress gave me a great smile before she led me to the bar area where I could sit alone and enjoy the piece. "What can I get you?" She asked. "Um, a slice of pie with some mint hot chocolate sounds really good right now." "Coming right up," she said moving away. I sighed and placed the hat on the counter beside me while I leaned my head down to rest just for a minute. I heard a small thud against the table top and the waitress cleared her throat. "Here you go, miss." I blinked and sat up trying not to seem as exhausted as I felt. "Thank you," I said grabbing my fork. I began to eat the sweet pie, mostly just picking and I heard the waitress talking with one of the cooks. "Im so excited, Im finally going to meet the boys! Im going to meet Zayn! Can you believe it?" "Girl, Im beyond jealous!" The female cook gushed back. My head snapped up. "You're meeting One Direction?" The cook and waitress shared a quick glance before the cook went back to work, but it was obvious she was still listening. "Yeah, Im going to their concert tonight and I have backstage passes." "Wow, me too! Who's your favorite?" I asked trying to get on her good side. "Zayn! You?" "Im a Niall girl." I giggled. She smiled. "Im Annabell." "Nice to meet you, Annabell." I said and quickly told her my name. "Do you think you could help me with something?" She stared at me for a second before she nodded. I smiled and told her the story from the beginning, the meet and greet, my shyness, the fathers words, how I had been late, how he threw the hat. I told her how Id almost seen him and told her about Eric and how I was going to give up until I found the hat again. "So, I need your help. I need to see him." "That was the sweetest thing I done ever heard," the cook sniffled. "You best help that lady!" She nodded before going back to her work. Annabell smiled at me. "So whats the plan?" I gave her a smile and we set into our planning.
Niall's POV:
"You dont know, oh oh! You dont know you're beautiful! Oh oh! THATS WHAT MAKES YOU BEAU-TI-FUL!!" We finished and the fans went wild. I smiled to the boys and made my way toward Harry, patting him on the back. "Thank you guys so much for coming out tonight!" Harry shouted. "You were a right blast, Columbus!!" Liam added. "G'night!" I yelled. Zayn pat my shoulder before we all jogged off stage and startes stripping off our sweaty stage clothes. I changed into sweat pants and one of my white muscle shirts and went to sit with the boys who were talking to some of the fans with backstage passes. One blonde girl was watching me, though she was wearing a Zayn t-shirt. She ran over to me quickly and smiled. "Hi, Niall!" "Ello, whats your name?" I asked and took her poster of me. I leaned it against the wall and pulled the cap of her pen off with my mouth. "Annabell." She said. I scribbled on her poster quickly, "Annabell, stay cool!" Before signing my autograpy quickly under the small message. I capped her pen and handed the poster and pen back. "Thank you!" She chirped. "Oh! Niall!" She said when I started to turn away. I really just wanted to lie down. I turned back slowly and she was going through her phone. "Ya want a picture?" I guessed. "Oh no. I have a picture for you." She said emphasizing the last part. "My friend asked me to show you." "Listen its really nice of your friend of all, but I need to sit down-" "You'll wanna see this, Niall," she said shoving her phone in my face. I blinked and backed up a bit to get a good look. I gasped and took the phone. It was her. She was sitting at the counter of a resurant smiling, holding my red hat. How had she gotten it back. I gave the phone back to Annabell. "Where is that?" She handed me a piece of paper. "Thank you," I whispered. I turned to go, only to crash right into Richard. "Where are you going Niall?" "I have to see her... You arent stopping me." "You're right. Actually. Louis. Why dont you go get her and bring her back here?" Louis looked up in confusion and nodded. "Mission Caged Blackbird, aye?" Zayn chuckled. Annabell smiled toward Zayn. "Niall, you sit down and rest. Maybe freshen up. Louis will bring her here for you, alright?" He gave me a smile. I blinked before I felt myself smile. "Really?" "Of course. Go rest. We'll send her in." "Thanks Rich!!" I said making my way to my dressing room.
Louis's POV:
Richard put an arm around me as he led more toward the door. "Am I really going to get." "Of course not, Tomlinson dont be a fool." I frowned as he gave me my instructions.

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