Searching (Niall Horan Fanfiction)

"One look, one night, one simple silent glance and that was all it took. I had to find her. And somehow, some way, I would find her, even if that meant searching the entire world to see her eyes again." ~Niall Horan


6. Chapter 6

{Chapter 6} I pulled into the large parking lot and began my search for a parking space. I had gotten lost at least three times in Miami, even with the GPS on my phone. I pulled into the parking spot before anyone else could steal it, it wasnt too far, but still a long walk. I put the truck in park and hopped out and looked around. It was a benefit concert so no tickets were needed, luckily for me. I rushed through the large crowd that stood around chattering and moved toward the front. People gave shouts of protesting at my shoving. I stopped right up front and looked around. The show hadnt started but from the front you could look backstage and see the boys joking around. Harry's eyes met mine for a moment and his eye brows turned down in thought. He stared at me for a long while before Louis waved a hand in his face. Harry blinked and looked to Louis in confusion. He shook his head and I read his lips. Something about, "thought I saw someone." I clutched the hat tightly to my chest and frowned when Harry and the boys turned away. I waited impatiently for the show to start, hoping I could catch Niall's eye from right up front. Niall's POV: "I thought I saw someone I knew." Harry said shaking his head. "Who?" Zayn asked as we all headed toward our changing room. He was flipping through the photos he had just taken of the crowd tonight. "Just one of those girls from that meet and greet in Virginia." Liam froze and glanced to me. My head snapped up to Harry. Zayn looked back and forth at Liam and I, observing our sudden tension. "Zayn, lemme see the picture of tonights crowd." He handed over his phone almost immediatly. I started at the first picture he took and scanned. She wasnt there. I scrolled to the next. I saw a figure shoving her way forward and scrolled to the next. This time she was closer, elbowing a girl out of the way. The last picture I could see her clutching the side of the stage, my snapback in hand. It was her. I tossed Zayn his phone as I took of running toward the stage. I stopped by the side and peeked out at the crowd. But she was gone. The girl she had elbowed was now holding my hat. I moved out onto the stage and the fans screamed. I blinked for a moment at the blindingness of the lights and walked toward the girl. I knelt down in front of her and shouted over the fans, "Where did you get that?" "A girl had it but she, um, dropped it!" "Liar!" Another girl shouted. "She took it from her!" The girl behind her said. Her friends nodded in agreement. "Where did the girl who had this hat go?" "I dont know, she was bleeding. She just ran off-" "Did you hit her?!" I yelled in a mixture of shock and anger. The fans around us quieted and the girl flinched. "I-I didnt-Yes but-Im sorry I didnt mean to!" She stuttered. I held out my hand. "Id like my hat back." I demanded angrily. She obeyed easily and I ran off to look. "Niall, we start in ten!" Harry shouted. I ignored him. I quickly checked the bathrooms before moving onto the parking lot. She couldnt have gotten that far yet. I scanned the parking lot quickly and felt my stomach drop when it came up empty besides the cars. I sighed and sat against the curb for a moment, placing the hat beside me. I felt my phone vibrate and pulled it from my pocket. Louis's name and picture flashed across my screen. I clicked ignore and put my face in my hands feeling tears come to my eyes. I was so close. How could I lose someone I never even had? I cried into my hands another minute before my phone started vibrating again and clicked talk. "Whaddya want Lou?" "We need to be on stage, Niall!" I was silent. "Okay, Im coming. Bye." I hung up quickly and wiped my face and stood. The wind suddenly picked up and the snapback took with the wind. I grabbed for it but it was just out of reach. It flew off with the wind and I knew I didnt have time to chase after it. I shook my head and ran back inside. **** "Is that Niall's hat!?" The girl beside me shouted, bringing my attention from the spot back stage the boys just were. "What? Of course not!" I said holding it close to my heart. "Yes it is!" She grabbed the rim and tugged. "Let me see!" "No! Let go!" "Give me that hat!" I heard whispers and people starting to yell and shove. "Leave her alone!" One voice said. "Stop it you two!" And then I blacked out. **** When I woke up I felt myself rocking smoothly, and felt warmth against my right half. "Watch out! Get out of the way! Excuse me!" I heard a low voice shouting. People moved aside quickly. I felt a pain on the side of my face and reached up only to pull my hand away and find blood. The girl had hit me! I felt around for Niall's hat. Gone. It was gone. I began to squirm in the arms that held me, I had to get it back. "Hey! Dont move, she hit you pretty hard! Im just gunna take you to get you fixed up." I looked up to the voices owner for the first time. He had a darker skin tone, that was obvious even in the darkness the night made. The lights shadowed his face and made it hard to see. I felt to weak to fight back or even say no. For all I knew I was about to be raped. He stopped by a building that was clearly marked for restrooms and walked right intocthe womens room. A few girls stopped to glance at us but didnt say anything when they saw my state. They just moved aside from the sinks. The boy moved quickly to set me on the counter, leaning me back against the mirror so I didnt fall anywhere. I braced my hands against the counters to keep myself balanced. I observed his face now finally as he ripped paper towels from the dispenser and ran water on it. He had high cheek bones and brown eyes with dark brown hair, almost black. His hair was short with just the tiniest flip on the front. If I didnt know better I would have said he was Tyler Posey, but I could see the differences between the two. Tyler had an older look, with redder lips and freckles. This boy was darker and obviously younger. He looked around my age of 17 maybe a year or two younger. He moved back to me and placed the towel to my face, making me flinch away. "Sorry, it'll hurt for a second. She had a ring on, I think." I held still and allowed him to finish what he was doing and then watched curiously as he moved toward the first aid kit that was built into the wall. He pulled out a bandage and moved back to me, pealing off the wrapper. He held my chin still and placed the bandage gently on my face. "Thank you," I said quietly. He backed up to examine his work and throw out the bloodied paper towel and gave a smile. "Its no problem. It was really stupid for that girl to do. We're all supposed to be family." I nodded and looked down sadly feeling lost without the hat. "Sorry I couldnt get your hat back." He said as if he had read my thoughts. I looked up to him and met his eyes. "Was it really Niall's hat?"I nodded and he smiled. "Thats pretty cool, how did you get it?" I sighed and told him the story of the meet and greet and how I was trying to find him. He was silent at the end. "Well," he finally said, "that blows." "Tell me about it," I scoffed. I hopped down off the counter and wabbled just a bit before stumbling. I caught the edge of the counter before I fell. The boy grabbed my elbow and supported me. "Im Eric by the way." I smiled to him and produced my own name. "Nice name," he said with a charming smile. "Thanks." I said pulling myself back up. "Do you want help getting back to the concert? You can hang with me if you want." He offered. I gave him a smile, "That sounds fun but I think Im just gunna go home. No point to find him without the hat." He gave a sad smile, "Need help getting to your car?" "No, Im okay." I said. "Thank you." I pulled the door open and stopped. I turned to face him. "Thanks again, Eric. And have fun." "Thanks." He smiled. "And dont give up. Niall's a cool guy I doubt he will just ignore you." I nodded and made my way to the parking lot. The rush of the cool air around my face made me feel sick and dizzy. I was so dizzy that the blob of red lying by my truck almost made me trip. I pulled back and stared at the blob. My eyes adjusted and I gasped at what the blob actually was. The hat! I grabbed it up with a smile and hugged it to my chest. And with that I hopped in the truck and checked for the next destination.

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