Searching (Niall Horan Fanfiction)

"One look, one night, one simple silent glance and that was all it took. I had to find her. And somehow, some way, I would find her, even if that meant searching the entire world to see her eyes again." ~Niall Horan


24. Chapter 24

I read the address and pulled out my phone to enter the address in my navigation. Apparently, it was some kind of hotel. The Pierre Hotel. I thanked Sam before I jumped up. "Niall Horan, if you take one more step..." I heard Richard say. I turned around and held up my hands. "Are ya gunna have me arrested? Tied down? Maybe you'll shoot me?" When he didnt answer, I let my hands fall. "Thats what I thought." I turned to go but his voice stopped me again. "If you take another step...Im going to make you leave One Direction." Could he do that? I took a deep breathe and turned toward him. "Fine. Tell the lads goodbye for me." And with that, I turned to walk away.




I stared at the entrance to The Pierre. This was it. I was finally going to find her. And then I stopped. I didnt even know her name. How would I find her in this huge hotel? I sighed and walked in, pulling out my phone, bringing up her picture. The woman at the desk was typing furiously at her computer. I stopped in front of her and she looked up with a smile. "May I help you?" I held up my phone to her. "Have you seen this girl? Is she staying here?" She stared at the picture for a second before smiling. "Yes shes staying here." "What room?" I said with relief. "Well, she isnt here right now," I felt my smile disappear. No...


"Here. She told me to give you this." She handed me a green post it note. 'Turn around.' It read. I turned around in confusion. I noticed post it notes lined the room. I walked to the one straight in front of me. It was pink. 'Follow my trail!" it said. I began to follow the arrows drawn onto the small papers, collecting them as I went. People watched me as I grabbed them, letting them lead me right out the door and down the street. They led me right past Broadway. A few post its had small messages as well. 'You can do it!' 'Just a little longer.' they said. The next one said 'Almost there!'. Finally I found myself on a road and tue arrows began to end. 'You did it!' The last read, pointing to the doorway of a small cafe.




I held onto my cup of french vanilla in my hands nervously, feeling the warmth running through my veins. I hoped he would really come. That the man had really given him the hat. That my whole trail wasnt a waste. I heard the bell of the cafe door ring and I looked up. I smiled and stood when I saw the familiar head of blonde. He was looking around, his cheeks red, gasping for air as if he'd been running. When his eyes found mine, he smiled and dropped the pile of post it notes. They fluttered to the floor in a colorful mess. He walked quickly to me, pulling me into an unexpected hug. I hugged back fast, holding him tightly, afraid if I let go, I'd lose him again. Niall pulled but kept my hands. He stared at me waiting for me to say something. My mind was blank. What could I even say? Then Lola's voice came back to me. 'You'd figure it out'. And finally, I smiled and said, "Hi, Niall." Niall's smile widened impossibly, "Hi." He said breathlessly. "Ive been looking for you everywhere." He laughed. "Really?" He nodded. "Ive been looking for you too." He placed his hat on my head, "I know, babe." I blushed and smiled down at my feet. "Can you please tell me your name? Ive been dying to hear it." I grinned again. "Caitie. My name is Caitie." He took my hand in his and leaned to kiss it. "Well, its nice to finally meet you properly, Caitie." "Would to have coffee with me?" "I'd love to." He said leading me back to my table.


Niall's POV:


Its been four months since I found Caitie at that cafe. We'd been dating for most of it. We still hadnt kissed, I wanted to take it slow, make it count. This one was special. She was my princess. She was my forever.


The boys had talked Richard into letting me back in and for about two weeks he held it off. Until the fans finally got into it. Then he called and offered me my job back, which I took gladly. I remember Caitie was so excited to hear the news. We ended up renting a bouncy house to celebrate.


Caitie was fine with the tour. I saw her on breaks and called her all the time. She even joined us over her summer vacation. I got to meet her friends Marissa, the girl from under the stage, Lola, Eric and Annabell. They were cool and really supportive. The lads really loved Caitie. She fit right in and became part of the family, if you will. Even the fans loved her. It seemed like everything was falling in our favors.


Caitie's POV:


Everything was perfect now.


Ohmygod yes that was the end of the story and Im so so so sorry but if you like stuff like this go on my page and rea dsome of my other fanfics. Lost Shadows and Tattooed Heart are my most recent. Im going to be adding a new fanfiction soon that is a Luke Hemmings fanfiction(aka 5SOS) if you like them so yay check that out maybe I really hope you liked the end, please comment and tell me what you thought of the story! I may or may not be posting Searching 2??!


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