Searching (Niall Horan Fanfiction)

"One look, one night, one simple silent glance and that was all it took. I had to find her. And somehow, some way, I would find her, even if that meant searching the entire world to see her eyes again." ~Niall Horan


21. Chapter 21

Niall's POV:

I sighed as I walked to my dressing room. Where was everyone? I had to take the long way because everywhere I went seemed to be chaos. It took my about 15 minutes to actually find my way through the halls to the door. I stayed outside for a second wondering if that girl was okay. I wasn't sure of her name. But she had helped me in a way. She was nice. I hoped she was okay. And where were the boys? In here? They had to be done by now. Luke and the others would be done by now. And it was too quiet. It gave me chills.

I heard something drop on the other side of the door and jumped. Who was in here? Why did that girl tell me to come here? I had goose bumps as I turned the knob. A figure stood near the couch. It was placing a remote back on the table. That must have been what dropped. I watched as the figure picked up something from the couch, my hoodie.

"Who the hell are you?" I snapped. The person gasped and swung around. I felt myself freeze. It was her. Really her. She was standing across the room. Just three strides and I close the distance. And do what? Hug her? Kiss her? I blushed to myself. She dropped the hoodie and I could see my snapback on her head under her hood. We were both silent as we stared in shock.

"I'm sorry, I-" She stopped and looked down. She took a deep breathe and walked toward me. She was standing right in front of me now, smiling up at me with those blue eyes. I couldn't help but smile back. She opened her mouth to speak but we were both silenced by a gun shot that made us both nearly jump out of her skin. Her eyes widen but she was frozen in place. A scream filled the air, a girls scream. She wasn't glued to her spot anymore. She was pushing past me to race toward the door. "ANNABELL!!" She screamed jiggling the door. "GOD DAMMIT OPEN!" She screamed. She pounded her tiny fist against the door and sank down sobbing. I felt tears come to my eyes. He had killed somebody. Richard had actually killed someone... I sank on the floor beside her and took her in my arms, rubbing my hands on her shoulders, shushing her as she sobbed. Soon the room was foggy and smelled...weird. My mind was going numb. I felt her head fall against my shoulder heavily. I looked down and shook her.

"Hey. Wake up. You okay?" My voice sounded a million miles away to me. I swayed a bit and grabbed my head. What the hell...? I shook her again and tried to blink away my grogginess. It was no use. I would just close my eyes for a second. I had her now. It was okay. I laid my head against hers and closed my eyes feeling my enegry rush out like the air out of a balloon....




This was more of a filler chapter, so I'm sorry its so short.


Thank you sooooo much for 1K reads! Ohmygod this means so much to me thank you thank you thank you! ilysm!

So, to celebrate, please comment what's your favorite thing about this fanfiction so far? What was your favorite part so far? What do you really want to happen? Pls comment xx


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