Searching (Niall Horan Fanfiction)

"One look, one night, one simple silent glance and that was all it took. I had to find her. And somehow, some way, I would find her, even if that meant searching the entire world to see her eyes again." ~Niall Horan


19. Chapter 19

Liam's POV:
"That was great! Think everything went okay?" Zayn asked.
I shrugged, "I hope so."
"Let's to find the others." Harry said.
It was silent as we started off stage, away from the crowd, waving goodbye. They gave a scream as I lifted a fist into the air. I smiled to myself. I was standing closer to the doorway and even with the screaming fans, it was almost impossible to hear. But I heard it.
I jumped at the sound of my name and felt something click in my head. My microphone screeched as it hit the stage and the crowd went silent.
"MARISSA!" I shouted, shoving past Zayn and Josh, who had been walking to grab water. Josh nearly fell and watched after me. I looked around in a panic. "Marissa?! Marissa, where are you?!"
I heard the boys running after me. "Liam?! Liam, whats wrong? Whats going on?" Louis asked.
"I have no idea... MARISSA!" I called again running down the hallway by the stage.
"Liam! Help!"
"Shut up." I heard from just around the corner.
I rounded the corner and saw Marissa struggling against the three big security guards that had her. "Let her go!" I snapped rushing over, grabbing at one and shoving him away. Marissa watched me with scared eyes. The one man stumbled away. One holding Marissa let go and shoved me, crashing me into Louis, who had just rounded the corner. Zayn and Harry rushed around the corner.
"Hey, let her go. She's with me." Harry said walking over. The guards exchanged a look before shoving her away. She gave a gasp tumbling forward. I reached out to steady he quickly before pulling her into a hug.
She hugged me back fast. "Are you alright?"
"F-Fine." She gasped.
"Can you walk?" I asked gesturing to her ankle.
"Hardly." She frowned. I took her arm and placed it around my neck, wrapping an arm around her waist.
"Come on, let's find the others and get that taken care of." She nodded.
Zayn cleared his throat. "I'll check on Anna."
"I'll find Eric." Louis said.
"We will." Harry corrected.
"Let's see if we can find Niall." Marissa said leaning into me.
I nodded. "Or Lola," I added in and helped Marissa walk along.

Lola's POV:
I stood in the platforms high above the stage that ran along back stage for the light crew as I snickered. I glanced down to my bucket full of water balloons. Time to rain hell. With a smirk, I grabbed a handfull and let them drop. The men below shouted and jumped around trying to avoid the balloons. I took the whole bucket and emptied it. One looked up.
"Hey!" And with that they ran toward the beam to bring them up to me.
"Crap!" I dropped the bucket, watching it fall to the ground. I ran across the platform feeling it shake and sway. Soon it would be swinging. I tried to focus on my feet instead of the swaying but I was feeling sick. I heard feet behind me and threw myself into overdrive. The platform felt more like a swing now. I jumped onto the next one which stood over the high stage where the crowd still stood, listening to a closing act; I think they were also the opening act for the concert. I think they were called 5 Seconds of Summer. I glanced behind me to see them gaining. I took a deep breathe- and jumped. I grabbed onto the rope like it was gym class and slid down. I felt my boots hit the stage and looked around. I turned around to find the band performing staring at me as they stopped playing. "Oh, you guys sound great, dont stop for me!"
I heard security yelling and the one called Ashton looked up. A security guard slipped from my water balloons water and the blonde one broke out laughing. I gave the dark haired one a smile before I took off again. I stopped when I was away from the stage as the pain in my hands registered. They were red and blistered. Rope burn. I shook my hands and blew on them trying to cool them down. I yelped when someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around to see the dark haired guy. The rest of the band was walking in to join us, laughing at something the pale blonde one had said. What was his name again...?
"Hey are you okay?" The dark haired boy said. Mitchell?
"Im Calum."
Marco? Mark? .... "Michael!" I said recalling. They all turned to look at me in confusion. I looked back to Calum. "Oh sorry. Im Lola." I said. "I was trying to remember that ones name." I said pointing at Michael. Calum gave a chuckle. He grabbed my hands, putting a cold water bottle against my palms and I sighed.
"Feel better?" I nodded.
"You gave us quite a scare, comin down like that!" The other blonde said. Was that one Ashton or Luke? No Ashton was the drummer with the dimples and cute hair. This one had to be Luke. He reminded me a bit of Niall.
I had forgotten all about being chased and looked around. "Shit,where are they?!"
Michael gave a laugh, "Runnin from the po-po?"
"You could say that." I said. I saw security gathering on the stage. "Crap...Look, it was nice talking," I said to Calum and then to the others, "but I gotta jet. Thanks for the help! Bye!"
I turned and took off again, throwing open a door that led to stairs. Dammit, of course. I ran down the stairs, trying to take two at a time as fast as I could. I heard shouting behind me. Hopefully Calum was alright... "Get back here!" I was too slow. They were getting closer.
"Come on..." I said pushing myself harder.
"Hey, leave her alone!" I heard Calum's soft voice yell. I heard boys shouting and wooping and saw 5sos chasing after security. I felt like it was a big game. They probably thought it was. I lost my footing and yelled as I tumbled down the last two steps. "Lola!" I flinched and scrambled back up but it was too late. The two men grabbed me and started down the stairs.
"Ah! Let go!" Three more security guards were waiting at the bottom. I squirmed under their hold. I felt myself almost tumble when a guard tripped and fell down the last ten steps. Or was pushed. Calum was standing behind us, glaring at the man as he tried to stand. The three at the bottom rounded on him. His face dropped and he lookes terrified and turned and crashed right into Ashton.
"Dont run! Lets go!" Ashton grabbed the other gaurd that held me and threw him up against the railing to throw a punch into his jaw. "Its rude to manhandle a woman!" He shouted.
Luke and Michael sprung into action next, shoving at the other guards. That left one more open. He eyed me as he stepped closer and I gulped. I could see 5sos taking on security easily, they didnt want to fight the band. The gaurd rushed toward me and I yelped when he tackled me back against the stairs. I was going to have bruises for sure... Calum yelled out my name again, but was thrown up against a wall. I kicked and scratched at the man, did all I could. Suddenly I saw a big plank of wood come down his head and break. I shoved him off of me and smiled at Rissa.
"Dont ever touch my fucking friend again!" She spat throwing the broken board at him. She ran up and hugged me, and we both giggled. We looked over at Liam who looked around at the scene. Zayn came running down the stairs then and halted for half a second. He grabbed at a security gaurd pulling him from Luke. "Thats enough!"
We all got quiet when someone whistled loudly. We turned to look at Louis. "Get off our opening act ya idiots!" Louis shouted.
The security moved away from the others and Calum came to my side. "Y-You okay?" I nodded.
"Anyone seen Annabell?" Zayn asked. We all looked to him but no one responded.
Eric came tumbling through a door then, a supply closet was my guess. "Ow!! Mother fuckers!!" He looked up when Michael laughed again. "Who called a group meeting and didnt invite me?" Eric asked standing.
"How did you get in there?" Marissa asked.
"Fucking Richard shoved me in there and locked the damn door!"
"Is he back inside?!" Louis gasped.
"...y-you didnt catch him..?" Eric asked shocked.
It was silent for a second before a gunshot rang clear through the air making us jump. Then a girls scream. But it wasnt her... "ANNABELL?!?" Zayn shouted. We all screamed when the power went out.

Yes 5sos is in this chapter, but don't get too excited. They aren't here to stay. Anyways ily

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