Searching (Niall Horan Fanfiction)

"One look, one night, one simple silent glance and that was all it took. I had to find her. And somehow, some way, I would find her, even if that meant searching the entire world to see her eyes again." ~Niall Horan


16. Chapter 16

"Wow this place is huge!" Eric gasped looking about. He flopped down onto the big fluffy bed kicking off his shoes as he layed back and stared at the ceiling. "Like Im laying on a cloud!" Annabell watched him laughing for a second.

"Liam is paying for this room, so dont break anything." I said mostly to Eric.

He was smiling with his eyes closed for a second before he looked up. "Are you talking about me?" Annabell and I broke out in laughter at his face as he pouted. I felt my phone vibrate.

"Hello?" I said putting it to my ear.

"Hey!" Marissa chimed. "What room did you say you were in?"

"Fifth floor, room 419."

"Kay be up in a sec!"

"Don't knock just c'mon in, doors unlocked."

"Alrightie!" She said before hanging up.

I jumped onto the bed excitedly. "Your friends are here?" Annabell guessed as I grinned.

"Yeah, they're my best friends I'm so excited!" I said practically bouncing on the soft comforter.

Eric chuckled and placed a hand on my shoulder. "Whoa there, jumping jellybean."

I smiled to him. "I love Jellybeans. Especially the pinks ones!" He chuckled again.

I heard the door crack open and I flew off my bed and flew into the arms of....Liam? "Liam?" I asked in confusion as I stepped back. I flushed. "S-Sorry, I thought you were my friends..."

"Its fine," he smiled pulling me back into the hug. I flushed even more.

"Ohmygosh, Liam!" Annabell gushed.

"Hello again..." He thought for a second. "Anna?"

"Annabell," she smiled, "but Anna works too."

Eric sat up. "Hi Liam!!"

"Hello." He grinned his squinchy cute smile to him. It was cute when he smiled all big. It made small wrinkles appear by his eyes as he squinted a bit.

The door opened again and suddenly the room errupted in screams, squeals and giggles. "Marissa! Lola!" I said hugging them close. They laughed and hugged me. "I missed you guys so much!" Lola laughed and glanced around at Liam and then to Eric.

"Having a threesome?" I turned a deep red as Eric and Annabell errupted in laughter. Marissa giggled her windchime laugh and Liam flushed a bit too.

"Actually we were waiting for you to see if you wanted to join." I said wiggling my eyebrows at her. This time it was her turn to laugh.

"So, introduce us?" Marissa asked. I looked up to Liam and noticed his eyes on Marissa, drinking her in.

I smiled to myself. "Guys, this is Liam. Annabell, and thats Eric. Eric, Annabell, these are my best friends Marissa and Lola." I said gesturing to each one. Eric sat forward to politely shake each of their hands.

"Hey, is this the kid from the concert?" Lola asked. I nodded. "You're right, he is cute." I felt his eyes land on me and I turned red yet again.

"I never said that."

"Oh so I'm not cute then? Fine!! I see how it is."

I sighed in defeat. "Fine, you're as cute as a button. Happy now?"

"Ecstatic." He grinned from ear to ear.

"So answer me this," Lola suddenly said stepping toward Liam, giving him a nice poke on the chest, "why are YOU here and not Niall? Aren't you like not supposed to be near us or something?"

Liam gave her a smile. "Well, we aren't supposed to be around her actually." He peeked over and gave me an apologetic look.

"So why are you here then?" Marissa added in.

"To help."

"They let you?" Lola asked continuing her whole detective move.

"No," Liam chuckled, somehow finding my friends' crazy funny. "I snuck away. I'm a master at sneaking," he winked over at me with a smile. Somehow I found myself laughing. I never pictured Liam as the sneaky kind.

"So you're sneaking around to see her. Why?"

"I told you already. I'm here to help. Niall is my best mate. I want him to be happy. And they seem to be each others happiness."

Marissa suddenly stepped in front of Lola, looking angry. "Well I'm tired of my best friend being hurt over this! Tell Richard and Niall to get a grip!" Marissa yelled at Liam.

"Do you think I would be here if I could do that?!" He shouted back.

Marissa glowered down at her hands and took a step back. Lola put a hand on her shoulder and looked back to Liam. "Maybe its better if we all just...stop."

Eric sat up in disbelief. "Whoa...what?"

"It seems pointless. Nothing is working." I looked down at my feet. She was right. I felt tears stinging in my eyes. It was time to flip the switch and just end this thing.

"Liam, y-you should go home...and forget about me. Tell Niall to forget about me."

Liam took a step toward me and placed both of his hands on my shoulders. "You cant give up..." He whispered. "Not on Niall. Not on me. We can do it... Just don't give up on Ni...He's waited so long for his princess." I sniffled as the tears fell and leaked down across my cheeks. "Please." He said again.

"I cant, Liam..."

"Are you all crazy?!" Eric suddenly shouted jumping off the bed. He rushed toward me and shoved Liam away before leaning slightly to be on eye level with me. I stared at his blurred form; blurred from the tears, with wide eyes. "You've made it so far! You cant give up! And even if you do, do you really think Niall will? He isn't a quitter and, hell, neither are you! I haven't known you long but I don't have any doubt in my mind that you cant do this! If you dont...who will?" He took a deep breath, gasping for air. It made my heart hurt, seeing all these people. The people I loved. It hurt to see all their effort put to waste.

"Eric...go home." I said flatly and turned away.



"NO!" He was standing with his arms crossed staring at me.

My eyes were blurred again as I looked to them. "Im tired. I just want to go home." I felt my chest jump as a small sob of defeat ripped from me.

"Are you serious? This is bull..." Annabell sighed.

"Why did you say that to her? You crushed her."

"This whole thing was crushing her!" Lola threw her hands up in exasperation and let them fall to her sides. "I hate seeing her hurting! I see it everytime I look into her eyes. I hate seeing her look so sad. It breaks me. And this-" she gestured around, "this isnt fucking helping! We just need to take her home and-"

I cracked. "And what?! Put me back on depression meds? Take my razors? Send me to therapy? Put me into rehab again? Send me away? You think that will make me better?" I shook my head. "You dont understand. Im not going to get better. Im going to get worse. Depression is a mental disorder. The medication never helps. They help!" I shouted pointing to Liam. "I feel some kind of spark when I listen to them. I dont know why. They make me feel something. And I know that Im actually alive. That Im actually here! You think that drugs made me stop cutting? Hell no, it was that idiotic irish blonde!"

Lola stared at me in shock for what felt like an eternity before she came and simply wrapped me in a hug. "Im sorry. I didnt know..." She whispered. She held me as I cried, my sobs filled the silence.

I heard Eric suddenly, "Group hug!" He jumped over and grabbed us all and we nearly fell but I cracked a laugh. Annabell came over and pulled me from Lola, wiping my tears and smiling.

"If you're still up for it, I think I may have an idea." I sniffled and nodded.

"Gather around, my people!" She said turning to look at Marissa, Lola and Eric. Her eyes found Liam. "You too, Liam. You and the boys are a big part of the plan." Liam gave a smile and wandered closer.

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