Searching (Niall Horan Fanfiction)

"One look, one night, one simple silent glance and that was all it took. I had to find her. And somehow, some way, I would find her, even if that meant searching the entire world to see her eyes again." ~Niall Horan


14. Chapter 14

As I walked in through the double doors, I gasped. The scene was familiar. There was no gowns and masks, but this was the same place. The crowd was chattering and laughing and drinking as music played in the background. I looked to my right and saw a man eyeing me. With a closer look, I saw it was a member of Modest! Management. I had seen enough pictures. His eyes were locked on me and he looked mad. He gestured to a guard and gestured to me. I felt my eyes go wide and shoved my way into the crowd, hoping to get lost. "And this goes out to my very special guest tonight! Where are you Elizah?" I heard Liam's familiar soft voice shout. I looked up to see the boys lined up on a staircase, obviously getting ready for a performance. I shoved more until I broke through the opposite side of where the manager stood and stumbled, grapsing onto the pillar. The boys were looking around along with the eyes. Liam caught my eye then and gave me a wink and turned toward the boys. "Ready?" Zayn gave a curt smile and Harry nodded. I listened to them as they preformed One Thing and tried to keep my attention and act natural. But my eyes kept going to the crowd to make sure the security guard didnt find me. "Now Im climbing the walls, but you dont notice at all." Niall sang. I spotted the manager as he spotted me and he yelled to his men. I gasped and pushed back into the crowd. I saw Liam whisper to the other three boys as Niall continued his solo and he nodded at me. "That Im going out of my mind; all day and all night!" "ELIZAH EVERYONE!!" Liam shouted and Niall looked to him in confusion. Liam grabbed him and spun him quickly pointing him to me. Niall's smile spread across his face fast as he started down the steps. I smiled back. People starting shoving and moving around as security flooded into the crowd making them panic. Niall rushed toward me as he saw them, looking terrified. The boys kept singing but cut off when they heard some of the people screaming as they got shoved and pushed by the large men. I felt someone grab me hard and I cried out in pain. "Hey! Let her go!" Harry yelled. Niall was shoving toward me with an angry look now. Zayn and Louis ran into the crowd making their way toward us too and now the crowd was freaking out as a guard grabbed Niall who started yelling and cussing. He struggled to get away, he was so close, only a few feet away. I broke my hand away from the man that held me and reached out to him. "Niall!" He reached his hand out toward me as well and he tried to get a grip. Our fingers just barely brushed as someone moved past us, seperating us. That was enough for the guards to yank us away from each other. "No!" I yelled. "LET ME GO DAMMIT!" Niall shouted. I heard the crowd suddenly gasp and I noticed that the guard who had him suddenly was being yanked off now. Zayn and Louis had a hold on him. Harry and Liam ran off the steps and into the crowd. Liam yelled out, trying to reach us. Niall was on the move again. The guy who had me turned away and moved toward the manager as I struggled. I took a deep breathe and bit into his hand as hard as I could. He yelled out let go, causing me to fall to the floor. "You little shit!" He yelled and kicked me. I cried out and started crawling away, being stepped on and knocked over and hurt as the crowd panicked around the scene. "Hey, someone help her!" "Elizah?!" Louis shouted looking about. I felt hands grab me and screamed. "Hey! Calm down! Its me!" I looked up into the green eyes of Harry who pulled me into an almost hug as he led me away, blocking me with his body protectivly. He stumbled us out the back door into the cold night air and yanked out his phone and clicked Niall's name. The phone began to ring. "Put your phone away, Harry." A hard voice demanded. Harry jumped and stepped in front of me with a hard look. The manager was standing there with two guards flanking either side of him. "Harry?! HARRY!" Niall shouted in the phone. "Where are ya lad?! Harry!!" "Take it." He demanded. "I dare you." "I didnt want to do this the hard way but if you insist, Styles." The man snapped his fingers and the guards moved in sync toward us. They moved on Harry who swung a punch only to get hit in the stomach and have his phone ripped from hid grasp. "Har-" The phone cut off as guard clicked end call. Harry gripped his stomach as they stood aside. "Go back inside Harry." The man demanded. "Fuck you, Richard!" Harry spat as he gasped for breathe. I rushed over quickly and rubbed his back. They must have hit him hard. "And you. Elizah. Thats not your real name is it?" I looked up this so called Richard and glared. "No, its not." "Well, what is it then?" "Like I'd tell you asshole." I said turning back to Harry. I grabbed his arm and wrapped it over my shoulder and started toward where his tour bus sat. The security men stepped in front of me. "He needs to sit down!" I shouted at them. He leaned into my side. He grabbed my hand that had been holding his wrist and squeezed it gently when Richard stepped toward us. "You need to go home." He told me. I just stared at him. "You've let this come to far. You need to just stop." "No, dont stop! Niall needs you!" Harry said. I saw Richard give Harry a hard look. The men grabbed Harry from me and pulled him away. "Harry!" "No stop! Let me go!" Harry protested. I tried to run after him but Richard grabbed my shoulder. I flinched away from him. "Dont touch me," I practically hissed between my teeth. He stared at me. "Give up. You wont win." "What are you so afraid of!" I shouted at him. "This could be good for Niall! Did you ever think of that?" He sighed, "of course I did! But he needs to keep his mind on his career not silly little girls. You'd get hate." He said. "Did you think of that?" "Believe it or not, I did. It would be well worth it." I said looking him in the eyes. He shook his head. "Dont follow us anymore. The next time you come around I'll make sure someone gets hurt. And this time it wont be Harry. It will be Niall." He said before turning to walk inside. I placed a hand over my mouth as tears filled my eyes. He was going to hurt Niall? I looked down and pulled the jacket closer around me as tears filled my eyes. If it was a matter of Niall's safety....I had to give up... I wandered back to where Greg was waiting with the limo. The big smile he was wearing quickly turned upside down. He didnt question me as I climbed into the back and dialed my phone. He climbed in the front and watched me. Marissa answered on the third ring. "Hello?" "Marissa?" I sniffled letting out a sob. "Are you crying? Whats wrong?" "Put her on speaker phone!" I heard Lola say in the background. "I cant do this anymore." I said after a second. "I have to give up. He threatened Niall." I cried into the reciever. It was silent for a second. "Where are you? We're on our way." Lola said in an even tone.

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