Searching (Niall Horan Fanfiction)

"One look, one night, one simple silent glance and that was all it took. I had to find her. And somehow, some way, I would find her, even if that meant searching the entire world to see her eyes again." ~Niall Horan


11. Chapter 11

{Chapter 11}
Harry's POV:
"What do you mean, you cant perform tonight? We cant go on without you, lad." I frowned at Niall. He looked a lot paler than usual. His reply sounded just down right sad. "Im just not feelin well. You will do fine without me. Break a leg." He said wrapping a blanket around him as he shivered. I turned back to the guys. "Should we cancel?" "We cant. The fans are already out there. He said it was okay. If hes sick, he needs rest." Zayn said turning for the stage. I gave Niall as an apologetic smile and followed. 
Louis POV:
Niall looked so much worse and it was thanks to me. I had to fix this.
"Goodnight everyone!" Liam shouted as well all trotted off stage. Niall was typing away at his phone. He had dark shadows under his eyes now and he looked like he had been crying. I gulped in a large amount of air into my lungs. "I have to tell you guys something." Liam, Zayn and Harry looked over at me. "Ni, you need to listen too." Niall glanced up curiously and placed his phone in his lap to watch me. "Listen, I was put up to it. Richard-" "Richard what?" I heard his voice say behind me. I froze. Harry looked from me to Richard and frowned. "Rich, let 'im speak then." "Fine, go ahead, Louis. Tell more of your lies. Place the blame on me." I flinched, and silently begged them with my eyes to believe in me over him. Zayn gave Richard a look. "Louis would never lie to us. You're the only one here who would lie to any of us." "Go ahead, Lou. We're listening." Liam said. Niall nodded in agreement. I cleared my throat. "As you know I was sent to retrieve ... Blackbird," I said with a small smile to Zayn who tried to hide a small smile, "but came back with news that she was going home and didnt want to see Niall." Niall looked down. The boys who were smiling were suddenly not so smiley anymore. "But I was put up to it. Richard sent me to tell her to give up and go home. To lie and tell her Niall didnt want to see her. He wanted me to lie to both of them." I stared at Niall the whole time I spoke. He looked up gaining color back in his face. He looked completely blank. "She cried when I told her that. I dont think shes just doing this for attention. I think she really loves Niall." I turned to look at Richard then. "And I think Niall really loves her." Richard was silent. "Thats it, Im done." I heard Niall say. I saw his shadow move from the spot he was sitting in to walk away. "Me too," Liam said. "Its too much anymore." Zayn spoke next, "If Niall is out, Im out." "One Direction isnt One Direction if we are missing anyone. Especially Niall. Im done too." Harry added. I looked at Richard with sad eyes. "Why cant you just let us be happy?" I backed away and felt Harry's hand brush mine lightly. I shook my head, and with that, we all turned to walk away. "You're forgetting you are all on a contract. You cant quite." "We're people, not animals. We arent toys. You cant make us do anything." Liam shouted. I jumped, Liam hardly ever yelled. "Id rather be with my brothers and know I have lived this as well as I could with my best mates then watch Niall hurt anymore." He finished and turned to go. "What about your fans? They matter to dont they? All those depressed, insecure little girls and boys. The ones who are an inch away from a gun but resist thanks to you boys. What happens when the news hits? All those triggers..." he said slowly. "They'll pull them." I felt a pain in my chest knowing he was right. We were the life line of a lot of people. An inspiration. "We arent quitters lads..."I told them. "We're fighters." I smiled. Harry smiled. "When the going gets tough..." "The tough get going," Zayn finished. I turned to glare at him. "We will stay together. But none of us are going to stop at anything until we get them together." Zayn pat my back and we all exited the room.

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