Searching (Niall Horan Fanfiction)

"One look, one night, one simple silent glance and that was all it took. I had to find her. And somehow, some way, I would find her, even if that meant searching the entire world to see her eyes again." ~Niall Horan


10. Chapter 10

{Chapter 10}
The air smelt sweet of roses and the room was bright and wide. I made my way through the big double doors and looked around. The scene was thriving with life and color, it was like a sea of color, swirling and spinning to the music. People danced to the party music, the gowns of the women swaying and fanning out. Men led their partners easily, it looked like a choreographed broadway show. I glanced in the reflective surface of one of the wide golden pillars and felt my eyes widen. The girl looking back was far too beautiful to be me. Though she had the same hair color, eye color, those same awkward freckles and pasty skin. But the dress made her look like a queen. It was a rich purple color with beads that sparkled with every move she made. The purple started as a lighter warm color around her chest and deepened to an almost charcoal color around her bare feet. Bare feet? I wiggled my toes. Yup, bare feet. Her red hair was curled so it bounced when she moved. She held a dark purple mask in her hands which the reflection quickly slipped over her head as I did. I turned toward the party that was still in full swing. I felt a grasp mine and suddenly my body was pulled up against anothers. He wrapped an arm around my waist and held my other high in the air as he spun us. His mask was like mine, only covering his eyes and nose. The man wore purple cat in his blonde hair, a purple stripped mask that looked like a cat. In a way he looked like the cheshire cat. He smiled then, spinning us quickly into the sea of dancers, dipping me low before bringing me back up to him. Our chests were touching and I felt like I was on fire. The spark, the electricity was running through us where our skin touched at our hands was unbearable. He pulled his hand from my waist as our dancing slowed; soon we stood still in the center as the dancers continued to twirl around him, I couldnt take my eyes from his sparkling blue ones. He lifted his hand to lift my mask from my face. He gave a smile and pushed a curl away from my cheek, making the skin there burn. I let my cheek fall into his warm touch and closed my eyes. I heard him chuckle lightly and opened my eyes to look at him. I reached my own hand up to grab for his own mask and lift. Niall was smiling at me as his hand slid his hand from my shoulder to the back of my neck as he leaned down toward me. He pulled me toward him in return. Our lips were just an inch apart-

I woke up gasping for breath in the bed of my truck. I was sitting in the parking lot of the resturant. I sighed to myself and laid my head against the steering wheel. After a moment of collecting myself, I checked my phone. I had a text from Lola. "You are all over the news" it read.


A/N: Im sorry for all the tears last chapter, its going to be an emotional roller coaster. Im going to try to get an so that you can ask me any questions about the fanfic or in general! x

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