Love Is Like A Violin

Kayla Is a small town girl who always shows her wild side. Billy is a small town boy who seems mild but has a way a showing his own wild side. One day the two cross paths and feel something special for the first time but what happens when Kayla's Ex tries to keep them apart????????


2. When She Walked In

Billy's POV

     The door slammed open just as I was tuning my bass. The most beautiful girl walked in. Her glistening chocolate brown eyes sparkled brightly in the light. She climbed on the stage and started to tune her violin. I thought she was staring at me sometimes but I think I was kidding myself. Why would she like me.

      After rehearsal I decided to introduce myself before she left. I quickly walked towards her and gently tapped her shoulder. "Hi I'm Billy what's your name?" I asked. 

     "I'm Kayla. Pleasure to meet you Billy." She said while shaking my hand. Her touch sent shivers racing down my spine. 

     "Same to you as well." I said. "Say would you like to go to dinner with me tonight I know I would love to go with you." I asked her.

     "Sure I would love to 7 sound good?" She questioned. 

     "perfect." I answered. 

                                                    THAT NIGHT

     I waited at her door for about a minute until Kayla emerged wearing a beautiful red dress. I gawked at her for a minute before smiling at her. "You look beautiful." I complimented her. 

     "Thanks." She blushed. Alright off to a good start so far. We walked to my car and I opened the passenger seat so she could climb in. I jogged around to the other side and climbed in to the driver's side. "So where is dinner?" Kayla asked.

     "I know this great Italian restaurant up town. Serves the best spaghetti I've ever had." I answered her. She gave off a giggle. 

     We arrived at the restaurant soon enough. We sat down and ordered our drinks. I ordered water and Kayla ordered the same. For dinner I had the spaghetti and Kayla ordered the lasagna. 

     "So how do you like playing the violin?" I asked her.

     "It's fine I love it. What's the bass like." She asked me.

     "It's an or sized violin with a deep voice." I answered her. She laughed again.

     When we exited the restaurant and were back in my car I decided to drive her to the place that over looks the town. We arrived on top of a large hill that over looked the town and gave a nice view of the stars. 

      "Oh my!" Kayla gasped. I know how she felt. the sight was very breath taking. I could not believe what happened next though. Kayla kissed me.


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