One Shots

This is all just random one-shots. Some may be suitable for children under 13... some may not. These are just original one-shots that pop up in my head, so just a slight warning, I suppose. :) All I can say from here is: enjoy!


2. Jotted Idea for Maximum Ride Fan Fiction

Author's Note: Hello Movellas! If you haven't seen my mumble on it, I plan on writing a Maximum Ride fan fiction that's kind of mixed with just the 1st POV and diary entree type of book. This is a little "test" jotted story of what it might be like. I would much appreciate your input :)


-Maddi B.



       I looked up at the sky as the warm sun began to embrace me with its rays. I blew a sigh as I pulled my black hair into a messy ponytail, letting the mixture of black and light blue strands fall and dance in front of my face.

"Bray!" a voice called. An unfamiliar voice. I jumped up, my wings of black and red unfurling to catch me in the air. I looked around for the caller. No one was around, but my avian ears could never deceive me. They were perfect, as always.

        Suddenly, a man in a white coat appeared from behind a tree. I couldn't find anything really wrong with white lab coats... or men... but something about him sent shivers down my spine. 

"Come down, Braden-Lynn!" he called. With hesitation, I landed on my feet and tucked my wings away. I walked up to the man, curiosity dancing in every part of my body. I didn't say a word; I only tilted my head at him. He smelled like... something that I've smelled before. I just couldn't put my finger on it. All I knew was it was very... antiseptic-like. It burned my nostrils, making me turn away from the lab man with a snort.

"You smell like distrust," I finally said after a moment, my arms folded across my chest as I stared into the horizon.

"What?" he questioned, confusion obvious in his voice. I smirked at how pitiful he was.

"I can't trust you. "The nose knows"... as your kind always says."

      I leaped up into the air, letting my wings catch me again, but this time, I didn't turn back. I just flew away.



Author's Note (again lol): Tell me what you think ^.^ This is my first Maximum Ride fan fiction, so have just a tad bit of mercy? Thanks for reading and I'd love to see your comments :)

-Maddi B.



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