One Shots

This is all just random one-shots. Some may be suitable for children under 13... some may not. These are just original one-shots that pop up in my head, so just a slight warning, I suppose. :) All I can say from here is: enjoy!


1. Crash

       Emma smiled at her fiance, Adam, as the two drove around the city of Hollywood, the lights dazzling around them. Adam managed to give her a smile, not wanting to be distracted from the road as he drove his car.

"I love being with you," Emma sighed, resting her head on Adam's shoulder. Adam smirked and kissed her head.

"I love you, most of all," he said, holding Emma's hand.

       The couple have been dating ever since ninth grade, and have been engaged for two years. And not too long ago, the two discovered that Emma was pregnant. Adam drifted his hand to Emma's stomach, which still remained flat. They had just found out last month.

"What should we name him?" he asked, beaming at her.

"Him?" she giggled. "What if he's a girl?"

"Nah, I'm sure we're having a boy. Let's name him something difficult." he joked. Emma laughed.

"If it's a girl, I was thinking of naming her... Jennifer."

"Why that name?"

"You don't like it?" Emma growled jokingly, giggling. Adam shook his head as he laughed.

"No, don't get me wrong, baby. I do love it. But how are we gonna change it to a masculine name."

      As the two talked, they didn't notice the wrong-way driver that was headed towards them, until the two of them collided. The two jolted around the car as it toppled over multiple times, windows breaking all around them, metal and slivers cutting and jabbing at them. After what seemed to be forever, the car stopped. Emma managed to open her eyes only to find a bloody, unconscious Adam in front of her. She slowly lost conscious as well after seeing such a horrid sight.


(Emma's POV)

**Moments later**


        I jolted up, finding myself in a room of white. My eyesight was blurry for a few moments, making it hard to find my surroundings. After everything cleared, I discovered I was in the hospital. Then, everything rushed into my memory. The crash. Adam... Was he okay? Did he somehow escape? My mind began to race as I jumped out of the bed and detached the wires connected to me as I ran out the room.

"Adam?" I called, looking through the rooms' doors. I couldn't find him anywhere. I began to panic as tears flooded my eyes. "Adam! Adam, where are you?!" I sobbed.

       A few nurses rushed to me as I fell to the floor, quaking in sobs. They all helped me up and took me back to the room I escaped from. Then, a doctor entered the room.

"Emma?" she said, staring at me with sorry eyes. She tore her gaze with a broken voice. "I'm so sorry..."

"W-what do you mean? Wha-what happened?" I stammered.

"In the car accident... you're fiance, Adam... didn't make it. Along with your child. The movements of the car as it tumbled made you miscarry. I am terribly sorry, Emma."

      Right then, everything fell apart. I managed to look up at the doctor with anger and hurt in my eyes as tears continued to spill down my face. There was no more reasons to live any longer. This was the end of everything I ever wanted and needed. I had no other reason to live on. As soon as they left, just as everything fell apart... everything ended as well. Including me.

-The End-


Author's Note: I know, sad story. Just tell me what you think. This is the first thing I have ever posted on here. I need all the input I can get lol.


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