Yours Truly, Harper♡

Harper Rosier never expected to meet heart-throb Niall Horan at a local drunken nightclub. The two instantly click and their relationship turns unbreakable. But being the girlfriend of a celebrity has it's ups and downs. But that's not the only thing that's keeping them apart. It's their families, who share an old and deep rivalry. Will Harper and Niall be able to push through the hate and drama and focus on what matters?


1. Some Nights

 "Are you ready to go yet?" Stephanie calls from downstairs. I scream a, "Yes! I'll be down in five!" Which us girls always know that means an extra twenty minutes. It's basic logic. I look myself in the mirror one last time. Confident, show-stopper. You are Harper Rosier, I think. Now go drop some jaws.

 I push my curled brown hair behind my ear and grab my black pumps before running down the stairs. If you haven't tried walking and putting on heels at the same time, don't. It takes skill. Thankfully I don't make a fool of myself in front of my friends and stay upright.

 "You look awesome!" one of my entourage chimes in, Kate.


 "Thanks pup. You too," I smirk, not even bothering to look at her. Stephanie hands me my purse and we scurry out the door, awaiting the others piled in the mini-van.

 "Don't you think we could've gotten a better ride?" I ask the designated driver for the night, Mark.

 "Oh shut it Rosier, you're lucky enough you got to sit up front," Mark snickers. I give him a punch on the arm and we peel out of the driveway. My parents are thankfully out of town this weekend, so I actually get to go out late for once.

 We turn on the radio and blast it once we hear Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke.

 "HEY, HEY, HEY!" everyone in the car belts out, including me. I look back at the mountain of people in the backseat and the trunk. All of the boys are being reckless as usual, while the girls are trying to tone them down. We both know us girls are going to be the ones getting the most drunk tonight, so we have to act mature while we still can.

 "MARK, STOP!" someone from the back yells. We skid to a stop at a red light.

 "You're not drunk already, are you?" I remark, causing everyone in the back to laugh. Mark's face just turns red and he keeps a tight grip on the steering wheel and his eyes on the road.

 "Oh loosen up," I say, leaning closer to him. I've never liked Mark in that kind of way, but he's been way too uptight lately.

 He ignores me and continues to drive, so I join in on the singing chaos until we pull into the Axis Nightclub. I've never been here before, but Stephanie says she and her boyfriend came here once and had a great time. That's probably because they were making out the entire night.

 We pay the bouncer at go inside. The lighting is very poor and it smells like B.O in here. I make sure that Stephanie Kate, and the rest of my girls say VERY close to me. I heard that there are a bunch of creeps that hang out around here. We head over to the bar. 

 "Hi, can we please get some Vodka please?" I smile at the bartender. Most people at the bar are completely rude. Either they're wasted or just jerks.

 He seems relived to see someone being nice to him. But he probably knows that we're not going to be so nice when we're sloppy drunk and yelling for another shot. I was a bartender once and it's actually kind of funny to see people stumbling around like zombies. Until they hurl all over the place and YOU have to clean it up. Yes, that happened to me once and NO I don't want to re-live it.

 The bartender puts the shots on the bar and we each grab a couple. Everyone else in our party puts their drinks on the tab and I down my first shot and instantly feel a bit hazy, so I set the second on the bar, which Kate hurriedly grabs.

 "Well thanks!" she laughs. I smile and pull Stephanie out to the dance floor. Stereo Love by Edward Maya and Vika Jigulina is playing. Seriously, it's summer 2013, and they still play songs from 2010?

 Stephanie and I stay on the edge of the dance floor. (again...creepers!) But like usual, a couple of drunken sixteen-year-olds come up and try to dance with us. Seriously, who lets these people in? But to make them happy, we agree to dance with them for a couple of songs. But as soon as the buzzed up boy I'm dancing with whispers something naughty in my ear, I whirl around and give him a good slap in the face. It's not one of those pitiful drunk girl slaps that do nothing, because one Vodka shot can actually help you in these situations. He stumbled backwards and falls into some guy carrying beer bottles. Those, of course, shatter all over the floor.

 "I am not a slut!" I scream into his face. "And I'm definitely not yours." 

 Stephanie shoves off the other guy and we move into the center on the dance floor. It's quite a tight squeeze, but we manage. I dance with nobody in particular, because of all the bodies up against each other. Seriously, they need a bigger dance floor. I look around for someone that's actually decent to dance with. That's when I spot a guy who looks about my age over by the bar. If looks could kill. Dyed blonde hair and the cutest set of blue eyes. But then those eyes look at me.

 Oh crap! I hurry and try and focus on the several guys I'm dancing with at the moment. My Song Know What You Did in the Dark comes on and everyone decides to jump around. Um, hello! This isn't a sixth grade school dance!

 I pull Stephanie out of the crowd, and we make our way to the other side of the bar (so I can get a good look at blondie). Kate and a few other friends named Ashley, Jess, and Riley are downing shots. Ashley passes one to me, so I take a seat next to Riley and drink it in a quick second.

 "Wwwe should go daaaance!" Ashley slurs. She pulls the other drunks on the dance floor.

 "I'll keep them in shape," Stephanie laughs before running after them. Great now I'm alone. Where's Mark? I decide to look over at blondie again, only he's not there. That's when I hear a voice in my ear that sends chills down my spine.


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