Vampire One Direction

Beca meets people she thought she would never meet again


2. Familiar faces

Zayn's POV

      "Where are they?" i asked beginning to worry. "Guys!" i heard Niall yell. "Who the heck is this." Liam said while pointing to Beca. "This is Beca, we found her and some guy in an alley and then harry bit her." I kicked Harry where the sun the don't shine. "Zayn, really." he cried in pain while falling to his knee's. "Liam help me take her to the couch."


Liam's pov

      "What was her name again?" i asked "Beca,why." Niall replied "She was my girlfriend." i responded. "Wait, as in the one who slept with Harry?" "Wait my little sister dated you?" Louis asked me. "Wait my Becky  was your girlfriend and your sister,shes my bffwlm." (best friend forever who loves mirrors)

Beca's POV

       I heard mumbles "guys shes waking up." someone said. I opened my eyes . "Where am-." i was cut off by a huge hug "Uh, Louis can't breath." i said in between breaths." Wait you remember me?" he asked me "Of course i do your my bro." "I bet you don't remember me." Liam said "Of course i do your my boyfriend." "and your my best friend." i said while pointing at Zayn "But i don't k-" i stopped when my eyes met Harry's "Y- You bit me." I studdered 

Harry's POV 

           "And you tasted very good." I said while licking my lips "Common let me see your neck." Liam said. "I don't think that's a good idea with Niall in the room."Zayn said "Uh, Guys, where's Beca and Niall?" I said referring to the two empty seats on the couch


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