Hi, I'm Your Daughter

"Fourteen years ago, you and someone else had a baby. I am that baby." Rose has always been a foster kid. Because of heart issues when she was born, she was never adopted. That is, until she finds her birth parents. She just never expected them to be Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder.


3. "Um...I forgot?"

A/N: Hey guys! I'm so glad that I've had such positive reviews in such a short amount of time and with so little chapters. Shoutout to Mrs.Horan13, Sereen<3Zayn123, and GabbyMalik for the most interesting and creative comments! They made me laugh! <3 



"Why didn't you tell me we had a daughter?" asked Louis quietly as I saw my mother for the first time. We looked fairly similar. I had my father's hair. But I had my mother's features and eye color.

"I...uh...I..." she stammered. My mother was Eleanor Calder. My father? Louis Tomlinson. Of course the parents who gave me up were at one point the IT couple. One Direction was still popular, even though all the band members were pushing past thirty. Eleanor was still beautiful, and a very popular model. I grew up looking at her pictures in magazines. Wanting to look like her.

I guess I never really realized that I did look like her.

"Well? How could you not tell me something like this?" asked Louis, inviting himself into the house.

"Um...I forgot?" Eleanor said as she moved aside to let him through. At least she finally stopped staring at me like I was some ghost from the past. Although, I guess to her, I was.

"You forgot. You just somehow forgot to tell me that we were having a baby when I broke up with you?" asked Louis, getting worked up. She faced him and rolled her hazel eyes. 

"You can't get mad at me."

"Oh, I can't?"

"No. You can't. You want to know why? BECAUSE YOU WEREN'T THERE--"


"YOU LEFT. I gave you a choice. I said you wanted to leave us?"

"I thought you meant 'us' as in US. As in you and I. Not you and a...a...baby!" Eleanor crossed her arms and looked at him.

"Would it have really made a difference?" asked Eleanor.


"But it wouldn't have fixed what was wrong with US, Louis."

"What was wrong with us? Do you want to know why I broke up with you? Because you were acting distant. You were always trying to pick fights with me. It was as if you WANTED me to break up with you. And now I know why."

"Louis, you cannot come into my house. Show me the daughter you never knew you had. And yell at me for something I did FOURTEEN YEARS AGO." Louis then glanced down at Eleanor's finger, and there was a rock the size of a nickel. Okay, I was over exaggerating. It was just a small diamond.

"You're getting married?" asked Louis looking back up at her.

"I moved on, Louis. I didn't wait for you, if that's what you were expecting," said Eleanor, crossing her arms across her chest. 

"That wasn't... I didn't..." he sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. 

"She...she never got adopted," he finally said, gesturing to me. 

"You never got adopted?" asked Eleanor, her hazel eyes meeting mine that mirrored hers.

"Um... No, I had a lot of health issues growing up and people usually want a baby." 

"Oh," Eleanor looked down at her hands. She didn't seem surprised about the health issues. 

"But you already knew that, didn't you?" I asked quietly. 

"Um... I tried to abort you, a few months after he broke up with me. The...procedure...failed. And you were born prematurely. I left you in the hospital. I figured you would have some health issues..."

I nodded slowly, tears pricking at my eyes. She tried to abort me? She tried to kill me? Louis looked like he was about to yell at Eleanor some more, but stopped when the door started to open.

"Guess who brought some chinese," called a man from the front door. Then he paused and stared at Louis and I. He pursed his lips and then pointed at Louis.

"Have I seen you somewhere before?" he asked.

"Hi, I'm Louis Tomlinson," said Louis, flashing a smile. I rolled my eyes. 

"Yeah, yeah. You're part of that old boy band, aren't you?" said the man. His face eased back into a smile and he turned back to Eleanor.

"Old boy band?" Louis asked under his breath, irritated.

"Hey sweetheart," he said not hearing Louis, kissing Eleanor on her cheek.

"Um, Charlie... Um... This is Louis, my ex boyfriend. And our daughter...Rose..." Charlie's smile faded from his lips as he looked at the both of us. 

"You have a daughter?" 

"I'm so sorry I didn't tell you. I just...I didn't think she would come back and find me," Eleanor apologized. I looked away from her glance. Why wouldn't I come back and find her? She was my mother.

"Yeah, and we were in the middle of talking about what to do with her," said Louis, a little irritated.

"What to do with me? I am in foster care. You don't have to do anything if you don't want to," I snapped. I looked at the both of them and took out a piece of paper out of my pocket. Writing down a number, I gave it to Eleanor.

"This is my case worker's number. If you decide to do anything. But please, don't bother. I know when I'm unwanted," I bit. Eleanor's eyes widened at the tone of my voice, but I didn't look at her for long. I turned around and walked out of the door. Hopefully, I would never see those two again. Especially since they both don't want me. They didn't want me then, why would they want me now? Katie was right. 

I fought the tears as I found my way to the nearest bus station. 




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