Hi, I'm Your Daughter

"Fourteen years ago, you and someone else had a baby. I am that baby." Rose has always been a foster kid. Because of heart issues when she was born, she was never adopted. That is, until she finds her birth parents. She just never expected them to be Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder.


12. Let's get out of here

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"Let's get out of here," I said, smiling a little. He looked me up and down and then smiled back, I could tell he was a little surprised. 

"All right," he said nodding, going to his dad's driver. He slipped inside and I followed after him. 

"Take us to the tube," he said, leaning towards the ear of the driver. The driver nodded and we started driving. I watched as Louis' house disappeared behind us. I didn't know where we were going, and frankly, I didn't care.


Alex and Cynthia were laying on the ground on top of a bunch of pillows. The music had long since stopped playing, and the house was eerily quiet, especially after Brenton and Aaron had left. Alex sat up suddenly and Cynthia raised an eyebrow at him as he did.

"I think I should check on Rose..." 

"Rose?" asked Cynthia, her face abnormally still, "Alex, she's fourteen. She can take care of herself."

"I know, but...I don't know," Alex shook his head. He couldn't explain the off feeling he had in the pit of his stomach. Cynthia put a hand on his arm as she looked up at him.

"C'mon, I'm sure she's okay...I mean, she's just up in her room..." Alex looked at the hand on his arm, and nodded slightly. 

"Yeah, you're right," said Alex, laughing a little. She giggled with him and laid back down. Alex laid back as well, but he couldn't shake that off feeling. He frowned as he stared up at the ceiling. 


"Where are we going??" I asked, laughing as Eli grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards him. 

"Somewhere special," he whispered, looking down into my eyes, as if he was staring straight into my soul. I felt myself involuntarily shiver. Gulping slightly, I ducked my head and then whispered, "Okay." 

It was getting dark, and I pulled my jacket around myself tighter. He led me to a hill overlooking a lake. It was twilight now. 

"Aw, darn, we missed the sunset," Eli said, disappointed. A closeted romantic? I would've never pegged him for that. I laughed.

"It's fine. This is cool, too," I said, reassuring him. He smiled at me and then sat down in the grass, resting his elbows on his knees. Unsure of what to do, I sat down next to him. I watched him watch the sky as it got darker and darker.

"I don't really like Stella all that much," Eli finally whispered. He looked over at me, his blue eyes still as blue as they would be if it was light out. I stopped breathing.

"Oh?" I said, looking away nonchalantly. 

"Yeah... You know, Rose, people think they know you inside out, but they really don't. Everyone has me pegged as a bad boy, a player... But none of that was my fault," said Eli, his face contorted in a mixture of sadness and anger.

"I'm sure it wasn't," I reassured, putting a hand on his shoulder. He looked over at me, with the saddest pair of eyes I had ever seen. 

"You know that tree hanging over the lake, next to us?" asked Eli, without even turning around to look at it. I looked over at the tree that was behind Eli's head. Then I nodded slowly. He scoffed and then turned to look back at the lake. 

"A girl died in that tree."

Okaaay, that was a bit morbid. 


Louis came home to find the house seemingly empty. He took the pastries that he bought for Rose, upstairs, and opened her room to find her missing. He narrowed his eyes, setting down the pastries on her bedside table, and then opening Alex's room, but his room was also empty. Feeling confused, he went downstairs into the basement, finding Alex and his friend Cynthia asleep on the floor. But Rose wasn't there. Louis reached down and shook Alex awake, which woke up Cynthia too.

"Oh hey, Louis," she said, rubbing her eyes. Alex looked at him and was slightly confused.

"What is it?" he asked Louis.

"Where's Rose?" Before Alex could answer, Cynthia piped up.

"She said she was tired so she went to her room," she said. Louis didn't even look at Cynthia.

"Rose isn't in her room," he said, staring straight at Alex. Alex could feel that Louis blamed him. 

"What?" Alex asked, in shock. But he knew. He knew she hadn't been in this house for a while. 

"Where is she, Alex?" asked Louis, his voice almost stinging with anger. Alex stood up. 

"I...I don't know..." Louis looked over at Cynthia, who looked extremely worried.

"Cynthia, I suggest you leave, love. Maybe come by another day," Louis said. 

"I'll call Brenton and Aaron. Maybe she left with them?" asked Cynthia. Louis nodded. Cynthia stood there for a few more seconds and then disappeared up the stairs. 

"Can you help me call around?" asked Louis, turning to look at Alex. Louis' face softened as he saw Alex's eyes still wide and pretty much shocked. 

"I'm sure she's okay," Louis said, putting a hand on Alex's back. Alex looked up, almost vulnerable.

"I know in my heart that she is," he said. And then his face hardened, as he turned angry, "I know who we need to call first."


"A girl...died in that tree?" I asked. Eli looked over at me.

"But it wasn't my fault, see? Everyone says it was my fault but it wasn't my fault..." he said. He balled up his fists and hit them on the ground as he looked back out at the lake. 

"That's why I don't like her. But I'm...I'm stuck with her," he whispered. I was silent. I assumed he brought this back to Stella. And knowing her, she was an evil devil spawn. After thinking about it, I wrapped my arms around Eli's shoulders and rested my head on it. 

"It's okay, Eli. It wasn't your fault," I whispered. I felt him stiffen at the sound of my voice, and then slowly, he relaxed. He rested his head ontop of mine.

"Thanks Rose," he said after a while, "Alex is right. You are different..." I felt myself stiffen. Did I hear that right? Alex said I was...different? In a good way? Before I could make an embarrassment of myself, Eli's phone started ringing. I withdrew my arms from around him and lifted my head from his shoulder.

"Hello?" he said as he answered the phone.

"Yeah Dad? ...No yeah, Rose is with me.... I wasn't aware that she didn't have permission to leave her house... She wanted to go somewhere else--No yeah, I know that was.... Well, how was I supposed to know that Alex was there with her? ....I guess Alex should have been watching her more.... Okay... Yeah.... I know he's.... Okay whatever.... I'm sorry, I should've.... Yeah, okay... See you soon....Bye," Eli hung up the phone. Then he looked up at me.

"Your family is going crazy. They thought you were kidnapped or something," said Eli. I felt myself grow hot with embarrassment. 

"I'm so sorry," I said, hiding my face with my hands. He laughed.

"Hey, it's fine," he said pulling my hands away from my face. He smiled at me, "This was still...good."

"This was fun," I said. 

"Really?" he asked, a little insecure. 

"It was, yeah. I'm glad you took me out of the house," I nodded. He smiled at me and we headed back to the tube.


"Why would you leave without telling anyone??" Eleanor shouted at me.

"Alex was right there!!" yelled Louis. 

"Alex was a little busy with Cynthia," I said angrily. 

"That doesn't excuse what you did!!" Eleanor shouted.

"Do you know how worried we were??!"

"We didn't even know where you were!!"

"You could've have been kidnapped!"


"I'm FINE!" I yelled, starting up the stairs.

"Ohhh no you don't, young lady. We're not done with you," said Eleanor, grabbing my arm. I glared at her grip and then ripped my arm away from her.

"You were done with me fourteen years ago, Eleanor," I snapped. Then I turned around and went up towards my room. 

"Excuse me??!" Eleanor shrieked.

"YOU'RE GROUNDED!" she yelled after I didn't answer her.

"It's not like I have any friends ANYWAY SINCE YOU MOVED ME TO A DIFFERENT SCHOOL!" I yelled from my room. And then I slammed the door. 

"Can you believe her? Can you believe her? Aren't you going to do something? DO SOMETHING," I heard Eleanor shriek to Louis. I heard Louis' voice, but he was quiet for once and I didn't hear what was going on. Suddenly my door opened, and standing in the doorway was Alex. He slipped into my room and then closed the door. I groaned and put a pillow on top of my head.

"Go away."

"Are you seriously putting the blame on me? I was hanging out with my friends and you just left? You could've still told me where you were going," Alex said. I lifted the pillow off of my head to see him. He looked annoyed with his arms crossed like that with his lips pursed.

"Why do I need a baby sitter anyway? I'm fourteen," I argued.

"Exactly. You're fourteen," Alex snapped, "And making such a childish decision--"

"You're not my dad, Alex. So you can stop scolding me now," I said, cold. 

"I wasn't--"

"You're only upset because I left with Eli, aren't you? I know you have this problem with him--"

"And rightfully so," interrupted Alex. I glared at him.

"Don't interrupt me." He stayed silent but he was glaring back at me, "You don't know him at all. None of it was his fault."

"Oh, so he told you then?" asked Alex, stepping closer to me, his eyes dark green and full of anger. I stood up off of my bed and stepped up closer to him, looking up into those eyes. 

"Yes." Alex laughed and stepped away from me. 

"No he didn't. If he told you, you wouldn't be defending him right now," Alex said, his voice like stone.

"He told me all I that I needed--"

"He killed someone, Rose." 

"If he killed someone, Alex, he'd be in jail. I'm not an idiot. I know someone died. But it wasn't his fault."

"Is that what he told you? Do you know what he likes to do for fun? He likes to play with the hearts of girls. Last year, it went a little too far...and someone took their own life," Alex was silent. I stayed quiet. 

"Did you know her?" 

"Yeah," Alex said, his eyebrows furrowed together as if he were in pain, looking over at me. He sighed and looked away from me, "Rose, stay away from him. You're next." I scoffed at him.

"You don't even know Eli. If you saw him tonight, you would know that he regrets it. And you obviously don't know the whole story, Alex. It wasn't his fault. And even if it was, he regrets it so much. Are you really going to punish someone for a mistake?" I asked, getting angry. 

"Is this a joke?" asked Alex, his voice steady as he turned to look at me, "You really believe everything this guy says?" 

"I have no reason to not believe what he says," I said, standing up a little bit straighter. Alex laughed, but without feeling. But then he stopped suddenly and stared at me for a long while. 

"Then you deserve whatever's coming for you."


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