Hi, I'm Your Daughter

"Fourteen years ago, you and someone else had a baby. I am that baby." Rose has always been a foster kid. Because of heart issues when she was born, she was never adopted. That is, until she finds her birth parents. She just never expected them to be Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder.


13. Jessica

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Alex left for the weekend. I didn't know where he was going. He just sort of packed up and left without a word to me. Just one day he was here, and the next he was gone. He's being overly dramatic, I thought when I saw him leave the house. I yelled out, "Where are you going?" and he didn't even look at me, or acknowledge my existence. When Monday came around, he still hadn't come back. 

"Where's Alex?" I asked Monday morning as I sat down at the table, pouring cereal into a bowl of milk. 

"Alex?" asked Louis, looking over at the, I assumed, hungover Harry. Harry just waved his hand dismissively as he lowered his head back onto the table, groaning in protest. Louis looked over at me and shrugged. 

At least he was still talking to me. 

Eleanor, on the other hand was being a drama queen. She had not spoken to me since our argument, and she continued not to. With Charlie gone, no one was here to talk some sense into her, and it was so frustrating. She was being premature. Like Alex, now that I thought about it. 

"Well, he's been gone since Friday, and it's Monday. He has to be in school today, right?" I asked, putting some cereal into my mouth, chewing slowly so I could hear Harry's response. He lifted his head slightly.

"Sweetheart, I don't know. I wouldn't count on him being there," he said before putting his head back on the table. I couldn't help but sigh at hearing his response. 

"I'm gonna whip something up for you for that headache, mate," said my dad, getting up from the table and starting to put some really weird stuff into the blender. 

"Yeaaah, I'm gonna go..." I said quickly backing out of the kitchen, as I saw Harry start to retch from smelling the concoction my dad was making. 


"Has she gone yet?" asked Eleanor, sticking her head into the kitchen in time to see Harry spit out the drink Louis made for him back into the cup, and then glare up at Louis.

"It's like you like torturing me," Harry muttered. Louis smiled and patted his back as his blue eyes looked up to see Eleanor. She couldn't explain the sudden pounding in her ears as he smiled at her. Stop, Eleanor. This isn't fifteen years ago. We're not 22 anymore, thought Eleanor. 

"Yeah, she's gone. Though, El," her heart pounded at his use of her nickname, "This is a bit childish. You shouldn't avoid your own daughter. It's just...you're being dramatic." Aaand any attraction she felt for that little daughter-siding jerk was gone. Vanished. Eleanor furrowed her eyebrows together angrily and crossed her arms.

"Oh. I'm being dramatic. She did something wrong, and you didn't do anything about it. I said she was grounded. And what do you do? You lift the punishment. You lift it. As parents, we're supposed to be punishing her. And you didn't. So I'm protesting."

"You're protesting? Only teenage girls should be protesting like that, Eleanor. And last time I checked, you were in your late thirties," jabbed Louis. Eleanor scoffed.

"I'm only 37, Louis. That's hardly late thirties."

"Well, it's pushing mid-thirties." Eleanor glared at him and was about to start yelling when Harry lifted his hand.

"Can we not yell, just for today? Please?" Eleanor looked over at Harry and realized he looked awful.

"What happened to you?" she asked, sitting down next to him, rubbing his back. She could feel Louis glaring at her. 

"He went to a bar last night with Niall," said Louis, sitting down across from Eleanor. Eleanor glared back at him.

"I didn't ask you," she said, and then turned back to Harry, her expression softening. He looked between Eleanor and Louis, both looking at him with soft expressions but glancing at each other to glare. 

"Um...well...actually that's true..." he said slowly.

"Aw! You poor baby!" exclaimed Eleanor, hugging him suddenly. She then hugged his head as she continued, "You shouldn't drink like that. Not at your age." He pulled his head from her grip and glared at her.

"I'm younger than you," he stated. 

"Shhhh," she said, grabbing his head again. 

"Anyway," Louis interjected, "Don't you want to know why he was drinking so much last night? And all weekend?"

"What was that last part?" asked Eleanor, letting Harry's head go. Louis cleared his throat.

"And all weekend..." Eleanor whipped her head back to look at Harry.


"I have a perfectly good reason!" Harry exclaimed.

"And that is...?"

"She came back..."

"Who came back?" asked Eleanor confused. When she saw Louis and Harry's faces, she automatically knew.

"Oh no..."


"Hey, is this seat taken?" asked a girl with soft blonde hair, falling over her blazer-covered shoulder. I shook my head, my sandwich still in my mouth. She sat down and then took her food out. She glanced over at me, still frozen with shock, and smiled a little.

"My name's Mackenzie, but everyone calls me Kenzie. You're Rose, yeah?" she asked. I finally took a bite out of my sandwich and nodded. 

"Are you new?" I blurted out. Her eyes widened and then she laughed.

"Oh, oh no. I'm not new. But you've been kind of eating by yourself, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to sit with you. Because you're new," she said. There was an awkward silence.


"Besides, Stella loathes you, which makes you ten times more interesting," she said, smiling as she looked behind her shoulder, glancing at Stella sitting next to Eli, trying to get his attention. Eli, on the other hand, was staring straight at me. I turned back around really quickly. 

"Yeah, she hates me all right," I muttered. Then my eyes widened and I looked over at Kenzie. Her eyes widened and she leaned away as I leaned in close.

"How long have you said you've been going to this school?" I asked, almost excited. 

"My whole life?" she squeaked. 

"Then tell me something," I said sitting up. She cautiously sat back up too. 


"Tell me what happened to a girl named Jessica," I said. Her eyes darkened at that name. 


"Do you know what happened?" I asked.

"Yeah, I mean... well, bits and pieces..." Kenzie said quickly. 

"Can you please tell me what happened?" I asked, almost begging. 

"Um... Well... Eli and her kind of had a thing... And Stella wasn't too happy about it. So Stella bullied her a lot. Said some mean things. Had a couple of people beat her up, you know, that kind of stuff. And then...you have to know that Eli likes to play games, and she kind of...he kind of... Stella and Eli took it too far. To the point where Jessica.... Jessica..." she couldn't say it. 

"I know what happened to Jessica..." I said slowly. I looked over at Eli and then back at Kenzie, "Are you sure it was Eli and Stella and not just Stella that pushed her over the edge?" Kenzie laughed a little.

"You don't know Eli. Eli likes to play with girls. He thinks it's fun. Have them worship him for a little while and then dump their sorry asses. But he only does that after he's drained everything out of them, and I mean everything," my eyebrows shot up at that, "No not that. I mean, he drains them emotionally. I don't know how he does it, but they practically can't breathe without him there. He brainwashes them or something... Stella doesn't help, obviously. But I don't think it's completely her." My eyebrows furrowed together at that. That wasn't what Eli seemed to have been saying... But was he just playing me? 

"You know, it's funny. He doesn't do that to everyone he dates. Only girls that Alex Styles likes to hang around," said Kenzie, shrugging as she began to eat her lunch. My eyes widened at that and I twisted her around so she was facing me.

"What was that?"

"What was what?"

"He doesn't do that to every girl he dates?" I asked, frantically. She narrowed her eyes at me and tightened her lips, confused and weirded out.

"No.... Only to girls that Alex Styles--"

"Are you sure?" I asked, interrupting her. She nodded her head.

"Wait, but who was Jessica to Alex?"

"Oh, he was dating her at the time," said Kenzie as if it was the most obvious fact in the world. I felt like my head was going to explode.

"So... So Jessica was sixteen and Eli was--"

"Fourteen, yeah. Crazy right? He's that smooth I guess," said Kenzie, "I mean, if I had a guy like Alex Styles, I wouldn't trade him up for a fourteen year old, you know what I'm saying? But Eli, he just has that effect on people."

"So, Jessica, Cynthia... And there's been more?" I asked. Kenzie whipped her head around and looked at me.

"I didn't say anything about Cynthia."

"Oh, no, yeah. I overheard Eli and Alex talking... Do you know why Eli does that? I mean, I'm sure it's just a coincidence that Alex is fond of those girls..." Kenzie looked at me and cocked her head to the side. And then realization flooded her face. She clicked her tongue.

"You and Alex are close, huh?" she asked.

"No, no not like that. Not at all," I said, laughing a bit. 

"But he's fond of you," she said.

"No, not like--"

"And Eli is going for you, huh?" she asked, interrupting me. 

"No... I was just...wondering," I said. She stared at me with narrowed eyes for a long while. 

"Be careful, Rose. I'd be really careful," she said. Then she got up as the bell rang, indicating lunch was over. I slowly packed up my lunch. 

"Hey," someone said behind me, causing me to jump and scream. When I saw who it was, my body was still in danger mode, but I relaxed a little.

"Eli! God, you scared me," I said, putting my hand over my heart. He laughed a little. 

"Sorry... Hey, you and Kenzie friends?" he asked. He knows Kenzie? 

"Um, no not really. We were just eating lunch together," I said. His face seemed to relax some. 

"Okay, good," he said. Good? I didn't question it as we walked to our next class together.


When I got home, I jumped on my bed and ripped a piece of paper from my notebook. I immediately started scribbling.

Dear Alex, 

Please come back. I don't know what I'm supposed to do. Please come back soon....

I'm scared...

~Rose Tomlinson


A/N: Okaaay, well things are getting weird. But I think we've all met someone like Eli Malik. Can't resist him. And ruins your life. Yup. There's one in every high school. And one for every girl. So no one go and say that it's unrealistic. This is totally realistic. (Okay maybe.) 

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Innocently Beautiful


Kenzie is based off of the user KenzieeLeighhh and she has written a book, so you guys should go read it! Let's be a supporting community!! <3 <3 







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