Don't Forget Me

Growing up in a orphanage isnt copletly bad when yo have the best freind ever. but when you get adopted and he runs away, well thats not so fun. So your only choice is to run far away from this horrible family and try to find the one and only person who was ever there for you. Lets just hope he hasn't forgoten.


6. Happy the dragon

Leo's Pov

That moment she said my name it hit me. Straight in the face. I felt sooo bad for leaving her there. I..I loved her and i still do. After she said i didnt forget you i just cried so hard. 

"I think Rachel left out part of the prophecy i found this." Chioron said.

"She shall heal his wounds with her music,

Acquires love she musnt lose it."

"Wait music could that be..." I turned and looked at Kayla who was now sitting on my lap.

"Yes Leo i belive it means Kayla." Chiron says.

Kayla's Pov

So now ik ill have to heal someone with y music. and i will fall in love. Nice.

"You four shall leave on your quest as soon as Leo finishes his last touch-ups on the dragon."

"Um...actually i named him. Festus." Leo said.

"Leo you do realize in latin festus means happy. You want us to fly into battel on happy the dragon?"

Jason asked.

"Why not?" Leo said.

I just laughed.

"and hes ready."

"Ok then you for shal head out on your quest in the morning." Chiron said.

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