Don't Forget Me

Growing up in a orphanage isnt copletly bad when yo have the best freind ever. but when you get adopted and he runs away, well thats not so fun. So your only choice is to run far away from this horrible family and try to find the one and only person who was ever there for you. Lets just hope he hasn't forgoten.


1. Fostered


I pulled my self out of my rusty old cot and manged to pull the sheets back and made the bed. I grabed a top and a little skirt and pulled them on.

Then there was banging on my door. "KAYLA!!!!" Ms. Lasey yelled.

"Coming." i muttered.

I walked down to the dinning area and sat next to Leo. 

"Hey Leo." i said.

"whats up puddin cup?"

"Nothi-" i was cut off by Ms. Lasey

"Well my little sugar darlings you two are getting interveiwed for an adoption."  she said. then she muttered, " not like anybody woul want flame boy and his side kick."

Leo stould up. "what did you call me." His hand started flaming.

"Leo calm down! your hand." i told him quickly.

Ms. Lasey grabed us each by the ear and draged us to  the interveiw room. She left us in there alone as she went to get the adults.

"Can i burn her yet?"

" Leo you know thats not right."i scolded him.

*skip to end of interveiw.*

"You two seem like good kids." The man said.

Ms. Lasey snickerd at that.

"We've decided we are going to foster you two for two months to see if its a good idea for adoption." the woman said.

We grabed our bags and headed out to the familys car.

"You two will share room with a bunk bed. Our son Has his room next to yours and our Dauhter has her room on the other side." The man said while driving.

Perfect two 14 year olds sharing a room together. This is going to be fun. Dumb parents.

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