Making Up Our Minds ~A Niall Horan fanfiction~

Meeting "Him" could've been the worst mistake of her life. Or was it the best? When 18 year old Elouise meets Niall Horan he flips her world around. Will she be able to figure out how to put her life back together again when Niall suddenly vanishes from her life? Will she EVER see him again?


1. Prologue~Elouise~



My feet were planted and my arms were wrapped tightly around his neck. My fingers playing with the light blonde hairs on the back of his neck. I was standing in the middle of an airport, tears were flowing from my eyes. Why was I crying? I felt no sadness, in fact I felt nothing.

Suddenly my mouth went dry and my hearing started fading to the point where I could no longer hear. My whole body began to shake uncontrollably. I was gently pushed back away from the hug. The blonde boy's blue eyes full of worry and fear. He said something, but I was unable to hear him. His large hands gripped my shoulders, trying to steady me.

I was still shaking when my knees gave way beneath me, and I began sinking toward the ground. I looked up hopelessly to see the blue eyed boy extending his hand to try and reach me, but I was just out of his reach. I was being sucked into a world of darkness and I couldn't get away. My body was covered in darkness and my hand was extended, still trying to reach the blonde boys. I cried out as the blackness began to engulf my head. I had suddenly stopped shaking and my hearing began to come back, but I was still sinking. I had full hearing just in time to hear myself screaming as I was totally engulfed in darkness.

There I was, my heart was racing, and cold sweat was plastered to my forehead. I took a deep breath and wiped the sweat from my face. My body was shaking from the freaky experience. It was just a nightmare. But, who was the blonde boy with the blue eyes? I could still picture his face, his scared expression, his fear, his confusion. Where was he going? Or was I going somewhere? Why was I crying? All these questions buzzed in my mind. I turned over to look at my clock, 11:30 am.

"CRAP!" I'm going to be late for class! I leapt out of bed and scrambled to gather all my English books. I threw my hair up into a messy bun and grabbed a plain yellow t-shirt and blue jeans with holes at the knees. I was pulling on my shirt as I unplugged my iPhone an dashed out of my dorm.

I scrambled into my English class just before the bell rings, giving me enough time to find a seat in the back of the class, away from all of the jocks and popular girls. Ms. Laski, my English teacher gives me a sympathetic smile, and I pull my books out of my backpack. The bell rings and Ms. Laski walks up to the front of the classroom.

"So today class," she begins. "We have a new student." 

I don't really care, so I put my head down onto the desk and just listen. I hear the classroom door open and footsteps walking toward the front of the room. 

"Everybody, this is Niall Horan," Ms. Laski continues. "Niall, you can sit right there next to Elouise," I groan to myself. Why next to me? Whatever. He's just like the others anyway. I hear the class snickering and I just want to tell them to shut up, but I stay quiet.

My head stays down on the desk as I hear Niall slide I to the seat next to mine. Ms. Laski begins her lecture and I hear Niall whispering to me. I lift my head up from my desk and look him straight in the eyes. My face stays emotionless as he speaks. I didn't take in his features either, I just simply looked at his eyes. His crystal blue eyes.

"Hey," was all he said. I just looked at him, I wasn't in the mood. 

"Okay...." He said awkwardly. I'm Niall." 

"Elouise," I stated. He sighed quietly and went back to listening. I however opened my notebook and began to sketch the blonde boy from my dream.

Not less than 45 minutes had passed, when I noticed the curious blue eyed boy peaking over my shoulder. 

"Can I help you?" I scoffed. 

"Uh-um no, I was just watching you.... You're a really good drawer," I closed my purple covered notebook loudly, causing everyone to jump. Niall jumped back, his expression showing hurt and pain, yet at the same time curiosity.

Ms. Laski and the class studied the situation. My face was flushed with frustration, and my hand was placed firmly on my notebook. Niall was surrendering, his hands raised in the air, palms facing me.

A piece of Niall's blonde hair had fallen into his face, and that's when I actually took a good look at him. Blonde hair, blue eyes, kind yet loving expression, he had the perfect smile and he looked like he worked out often. I had to admit he was very attractive. 

"Is there an issue Elouise? Niall?" Ms. Laski questioned us. I threw Niall a "don't-you-say-a-word" look. 

"Not at all," I answered and Niall nodded his head in agreement. 

"Alright! Back to work everyone!"

After Niall settled back into working I quietly opened my notebook, taking in the finished drawing.....of.......The blonde headed, blue eyed lad,


The boy from my dreams.....was...Niall Horan.

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