Everything has changed.

*i thought we were friends " I said. WE are more than just friends.! He said.


1. I......

katies POV:

I just walked in to daddy's to frozen yogurt! I love that place there yogurt is amazing!

but then I noticed a familiar face I thought is was JUSTIN no it can't be . Then he looked 

At me I looke away quickly.

 J:"hi" he said

K: sorry for staring at you. I said looking down.

J: it's fine. I'mJustin

K: JUSTIN! Hi remember me Katie grade school!

J:oh yeah we would hang all the time until u moved!

K:you should come over my parents are away we can "hang out".

J: sure see ya tonight! Bye 

Wow I just wanted to kiss him he is so cute beyond cute he is sexy!

* my house *

Justin's POV

im on way to Katie's house she is so cute I wanted to kiss I want her to be mine!!!!!

Katie's POV

Justin is on his way and my house looks good 


thats Justin

J: hi.

K: hi come in! Want a drink?

J: no. But I want u to sit down.


J: how you been?

K: good! Could have been better

J: oh...

there was a moment of silence till Justin leaned in to kiss me

J: Katie?

K: yes Justin ?.....

J: I know we just found each other today but I've liked you well loved you for a very long time and I've always wanted you to be my girl and well Katie will u be mine?

K: Justin I..........................


Will she say yes or no? 

Does she like him back? 

You'll have to find out in the next chapter I hope u like it COMMENTS if you want MORE!






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