Over Again

Kayla and Harry were best friends until Harry got famous, and Kayla was left alone. Three years later Kayla gets a call from harry for the first time since he joined One Direction. He wants her to sing in the next album. Will Kayla want to see Harry after he left her alone? What will happen to Harry when Kayla starts dating someone else?


5. Morning

The next morning i got up and went to take a shower. I walked into the attached bathroom and saw a huge shower, a tub, a toilet, and a double sink. I stood there groggily before walking back into my room. it was 7:00 am but today was the first day of recording so harry said i needed to be downstairs at 7:45, then a fifteen minute drive to the recording studio, and we would be there by 8:10. I picked out a casual and went back to the bathroom, locked the door and got in the shower. 

*skip shower*

i got out and got out a white towel from the cabinet. I put on my outfit and went back into my bedroom, pulling out my blow drier, and drying my hair. i had a few pimples but not to many. More makeup or less? I went with a more natural look, just some coverup, mascara, a little bit of eye liner, and lip gloss. i brushed my teeth and applied one last layer of lip gloss before pulling on my shoes, grabbing my phone, and heading downstairs. 

"And she's awake!" Louis said as I skipped the last two steps on the big staircase.

"Hey boys." I grabbed a piece of toast off the table and sat down at the kitchen island.

"We thought you would never come down." Harry said exaggerating the never. I shrugged and kept eating my toast. 

"So, you ready to record?" Liam asked. I nodded and took another bite.

"Are you gonna say anything?" Zayn asked. i shook my head no and kept eating the toast. He shrugged.

"Well, lets get going then." Harry said. i grabbed a piece of bacon.

"But i have to finish eating." I said and then bit down on the bacon. yum. 

"Bring it in the car we have to get going." 

"Fine. Can i borrow a plate?" i stood up. Harry grabbed a paper plate from the cupboard and handed it to me.

"Thanks" I grabbed another piece of toast and some scrambled eggs. and a few breakfast sausages. The we walked out the door. 

"Okay i'll bring Liam aand someone else?" Zayn said.

"I'll go." harry said and then looked at me expectingly. oh he wants me to go in that car.

"I-" i was about to say something but niall inturrupted.

"I'll take Kayla and louis" Harry gave him a death stare but agreed. we walked to nialls car. 

"Niall i dont trust you. I'll drive." Louis said

"haha okay."  

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