Over Again

Kayla and Harry were best friends until Harry got famous, and Kayla was left alone. Three years later Kayla gets a call from harry for the first time since he joined One Direction. He wants her to sing in the next album. Will Kayla want to see Harry after he left her alone? What will happen to Harry when Kayla starts dating someone else?


3. Leaving

The next two days I spent adapting my schedule. Sadly i had to cancel my classes from now (May 26th) until the day Harry said I would be back home, September 14th. I packed my bags and took one last trip to Allisons. I sipped my usual coffee and explained where i would be to Allison. I couldn't believe it was just three days ago that i was living my normal life. The ticket had indeed arrived the next day but it said my flight left the next day, so i had alot of work to do. Long story short i called my school, packed my bags, and continued my work out schedule (I was going to be with 5 boys, might as well be skinny) and after my trip to allisons i got on my first class flight and i was off.

*skip plane ride*

As I stepped off my plane I immediately felt something different in the air. No. Wait. Not in the air, it was screaming. Lots of it. Like a bunch of tween girls screaming their heads off. Then I remembered I was being picked up by the biggest boyband in the world. 

"KAYYLLAAA!!!" I heard a familiar voice yell. I turned around and saw a huge sign held by five boys who were jumping up and down and yelling at the top of their lungs. I walked over and Harry ran up and hugged me. I hugged him back, but i was just on a 8 hour flight and it was 1:30 am so i just felt like lying down right there on the airport linoleum and sleeping. Harry got the message and said, "Yeah, lets take you back to my place." In the car Harry drove, Louis sat in the passengers seat, I sat in the back with Niall, and Liam and Zayn took Zayn's car. I was nervous being so close to Niall because, even though i had known Harry for so long and used to have a crush on him, Niall was my favorite in the band in THAT WAY. Harry was of corse my best friend in the band, but i didnt like like him. That was probably really confusing. 

"So... what classes are you taking at NYU?" Niall asked. I scootched my but so i was facing him.

"Uhh physics, creative writing, photography, and architecture." looking down as i spoke i played with the sleeve on my Jack Wills hoodie. My mum got it for me when i was leaving for new york, because it is 'fabulously brittish' and 'i will always be too.' 

"Oh thats cool. So, are you exited to go on tour with us? We are doing 128 shows." I was grateful that he kept the conversation going because it was getting pretty awkward.

"Yeah im really exited. Nervous to perform though. If you dont mind me asking, what songs are we covering?" I asked still fiddling with my hoodie. 

"I believe its Ho Hey, Little Talks, Stay, Just Give Me A Reason, Beautiful and im pretty sure they are making Carry On into a duet version." He counted on his fingers while he listed them.

"Oh. So is everyone staying at Harrys house right now?"

"Yeah. My flat is under construction, Louis apartment building had a fire on his floor so he is staying here until that is figured out, and im pretty sure the other boys just wanted to join the party." He giggled an adorable giggle that i wish i was capable of doing.

"Oh i LOVE this song!" Harry said as he turned the radio up and rolled down the windows. We all started singing along to the One Direction song that i probably knew the lyrics to better than anyone in the car. All windows down, music blasting, and hair flying everywhere. Oh, and having the time of my life. I think i can survive like this for a summer.

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