A very Harry Summer

At such an early stage of writing, the story is set to develop over time depending if anyone is interested in it :)

Phillipa Oakley and Harry meet when Pippa, a model, is doing a shoot with teen boy band One Direction. We join the story when Phillipa, a girl of natural beauty is forced to hide under thick coats of makeup after been severely beaten up by the night before by her dominate ex boyfriend. Harry, who's mood mirrors Phillipa's of emotional exhausation when he finds out his girlfriend has been cheating on him, notices a sadness in Phillipa and finds himself engrossed by her. Can the two act as a distraction from their problems or does their past make it hard for them to love again?


3. Numero 3

I lay back in the water, letting the hot water engulf me and the bubbles happily tickle my skin. The water felt good, a sort of healer that made my skin happy. I closed my eyes and thought about the events of the day hadn’t gone as planned. I felt ashamed thinking about her so out of character I behaved in front of Harry, how weak I put myself across as. I kept remembering how his hand would gently rub my hair and how he’d shush me when I cried. It drove me mad to admit this, but all I could think about since leaving the shoot was Harry. How strong his hands were when they grabbed mine to stop pushing me away, how his body felt so safe and warm as he held me up.

I sat up in the water and examined my bruisers, how they lay scattered and messy across my body, a painful reminder of the previous day. I can’t help but wonder what Harry thinks of today and me? Eventually I broke away from Harry’s embrace, realising how pathetic and childish I was behaving and told him to leave. This time he didn’t stay. He didn’t say anything at all, he just turned around and left, and that’s the last I saw of him. I wonder if he’ll ever think what happened to me. If he wished he’d stuck around to ask some more questions.

As promised, Frankie came home with me that night, and despite him being a bigger girl than I am, I felt safer with him around and the fact was, I didn’t want to be alone. He ran me my bath and ordered us a take away and said he’d choose us a good film. Frank is the only one that knows what went on the other night between me and him, and I wanted to keep it that way.


The smell of greasy Chinese aroma consumed the room, and I quickly got dressed into my pyjamas and made my way downstairs.

‘Fancy watching Perks of Being a Wallflower Pip’

‘Hmm not really, bit depressing don’t you think, what about Finding Nemo’

If you want to watch Finding Nemo, that’s what we’ll bloody well watch’, Frankie said. I loved Frankie I really did. He always wore a pout on his face and tons of mascara because according to him it ‘brings out the best in my eyes’.

Lying back on the seatee, I propped my Chinese on my knee and pulled out my phone.

‘Oscar Messages (22), Missed calls (14).

 Shit. My heart sank and my stomach tensed, realisation hitting me that I hadn’t heard the last of Oscar, he was still trying t hound me. Ignoring his texts, I went straight onto twitter and scrolled through my feed, desperate for a distraction. Scrolling through something caught my eye, a video link and the words ‘Harrys girlfriend’. Slightly intrigued and curious, I scrolled back up in hunt for this tweet.

‘Harry Styles girlfriend caught on camera kissing mystery man in nightclub’. I hesitated before clicking on the video, somehow thinking I was sort of betraying his private life. I shut him out completely when he asked me about mine and thought myself a hypocrite if I watched the video. I took a deep breath and clicked the video, too took over by curiosity. Although the lighting and pixilation was bad, you could just about see two people standing in the back of a crowded room, a girl with dark brown hair leaning into a tanned boy, kissing him passionately.

Stunned I got google up on my phone and typed in ‘Harry Styles Girlfriend’, and was overwhelmed by articles like ‘Cassie Winters caught cheating on boy band member Harry Styles’, ‘Harry Styles and Cassie Waters split after 13 months when Cassie gets caught with mystery boy.

 ‘Frankie, did you know Harry’s girlfriend had cheated on him’, I said, trying to hide the concern in my voice.

‘Oh yeah it’s all over twitter. Poor sod was going out with her for a year. Apparently she’s been cheating on him for the past 3 month with a boy they met at the Brits earlier on in the year’

‘What, when did all this happen? Who did she cheat on him with?’

‘He found out yesterday when some papz caught them kissing in a nightclub in Ibiza, but the boy who it as hasn’t been confirmed. She must be stupid he’s gorgeous’


‘He urm, he came up to me before he left. He looked pretty wiped out and nervous, I thought he was going to ask for my number. Instead he, he asked about you’ my head twitched up at Frankie’s words.


‘He asked if you were okay. The he said to make sure you were okay’. Ii stared at Frankie, in disbelief of what he was saying. I felt the corner of my mouth prick up slightly, a muscle movement I enjoyed.

‘He did, did he?’ Frankie raised his eyebrows and smiled suggestively.

‘There she goes, a smile!’

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