The Rest of Our Lives

"This one night determines the rest of our lives."

15 year old Hanna gets caught in the middle of her siblings summer plans with their friends when she's supposed to be at her dads for the final summer before starting her junior year in high school. When she overhears her older brother, Marcus, and older sister, Evelyn, talking to their friends about going to California for 2 weeks, she wants in. After tricking her parents into thinking she'll be staying at a friends house for the 2 weeks while her parents are away, she sneaks away with the group. While in California, she tries to make the best of everything. Doing everything she thinks regular tourists do: see the Hollywood sign, scope out celebrities' houses, find some famous actors walking the streets... But sometimes, things go wrong.


1. I'm Outta Here.

"And that, class, is how ATP molecules are produced. Now, ADP mole-" The bell cut off the teacher, Mr. Jones, and everybody started getting up and walking out.

"Wait! Come back in here and sit down!" Everybody groaned. It was the last day of school, and we were stuck reviewing stupid biology crap. I sat back down in my desk and my knee began bouncing up and down in anticipation. 'This better not take long,' I thought. I have to meet my boyfriend, Austin, in front of the school before he leaves! His mom is giving me a ride home today, since my mom left early this morning for another business trip. My parents are divorced, and I haven't seen or talked to my dad in almost 3 years. I don't really know my mom as well as I probably should, because she's never home. It's usually just me, my dog Spark, my older sister Evelyn, and my older brother, Marcus.

"I dismiss you. You don't leave until I say so," Mr. Jones said, trying to be stern. He sat at his desk and started going through papers, completely ignoring the fact that he was already wasting our summer vacation, and it's barely even started!

"Sir, can we go now?! I have places to be!" one kid, Michael, asked.

"Yeah, you're right. You do, and it's called 'summer school'. Oh, and look, it takes place in this classroom. You're in luck, Michael." The class "Oooh'd" and I silently laughed to myself. Michael and I were good friends.. You know the kids in your classes that really just don't care? Well, that's me and Michael.

"Okay, get out of here. And have a good summer!" He released us and I started speed walking toward the door. I sat in the back of the room, so I was usually one of the last ones out.

"Ms. Jennings, can you come here please?" I mentally screamed in frustration.

"Yes, sir?"

"There seems to be a situation involving your grades, Ms. Jennings. You have a 58 percent in my class."

"Look, sir, not that I don't love the little conversations we always have, but biology isn't really my thing, and I'm supposed to be somewhere right about... Uh, like, 10 minuets ago!" I said in annoyance.

"Hanna, your grades are a problem. I want the best for my students; I don't want them to have to waste their summer sitting in a hot, smelly classroom for 2 weeks. So, I'll give you two options. One: I'll give you a packet of every missing assignment you have in this class, and you finish them and turn them into me in two weeks; before summer school starts, and I'll raise your grade so you're passing. Or, you can come to summer school and I'll reteach everything we learned to you and Michael. Your choice." He showed me the packet of missing assignments, and I stared at it with a bored look on my face.

"Give me the packet..." I said.

He handed the papers to me and we stayed there for a few more minuets until I finally said, "Can I go now?"

"Yes, Ms. Jennings, you can leave. Have a good summer."

"Yup," I said, popping the 'p' sound.

'Finally,' I thought. I'm outta here.




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