The Rest of Our Lives

"This one night determines the rest of our lives."

15 year old Hanna gets caught in the middle of her siblings summer plans with their friends when she's supposed to be at her dads for the final summer before starting her junior year in high school. When she overhears her older brother, Marcus, and older sister, Evelyn, talking to their friends about going to California for 2 weeks, she wants in. After tricking her parents into thinking she'll be staying at a friends house for the 2 weeks while her parents are away, she sneaks away with the group. While in California, she tries to make the best of everything. Doing everything she thinks regular tourists do: see the Hollywood sign, scope out celebrities' houses, find some famous actors walking the streets... But sometimes, things go wrong.


2. Ain't Nobody Got Time For That

As I walked out the front doors of the school, I tossed the packet into the nearby trashcan. I pushed open the doors and saw my best friend Hayley leaning against the wall.

"Hey Hay," I giggled.

"Hey," she smiled, "Where've you been?"

"Jones kept me after. Talking about summer school... Ain't nobody got time for that," I shrugged.

"Really? You should probably do it, Hanna... You and I both know that you're grades aren't the best..." Hayley suggested. She's the type of girl that does her work, and has good grades, but at the same time could really care less.

"Eh.. Oh well. What're you still doing here? You're usually home by now."

"I had to stay after to sign up for the volleyball team's field trip to New York. Remember? I thought you were going, too..?"

"Yeah, Hayley, because I can totally afford to pay 1,500 dollars to go to NYC for 5 days," I said sarcastically. I would've liked to go; it would've gotten me away from this town I've lived in my whole life. I don't completely hate it though, because it's where I met my best friends, and my boyfriend, so... Some good things have come out of it.

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and looked to see that Austin had texted me.

'Where are you?!'

'Standing in front of the school. where are you?'

'waiting for you in my car. mom isn't pickin us up today. I had to take my car this morning, so hurry up! :p'

'ooooookayyyy. c: where are you parked?'

'In front of the auditorium.'

'Ohhhkayyy. I'm on my way. byeeeeeee<3'

'see you soon, babe<3'

I smiled at my phone screen and eventually put it back in my pocket. I turned to say goodbye to Hayley, but instead I saw her and her boyfriend, Zach, practically eating each other's faces off.

I laughed to myself and started to walk away, yelling "BYE HAYLEY," when I turned the corner. I heard Zach laugh and she hollered back "Bye! I'll text you!"

While I was walking in the direction of the school that the auditorium was on, I started thinking about what Mr. Jones and Hayley said.... I know my grades aren't the best, and that I should probably get them up... I debated on whether or not I should do it, but decided against it. It's SUMMER school. Ain't nobody got time for that.


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